Assassination Classroom (AssClass?) Anime Review Thing

Hello people  it’s meowth900 here. The Assassination Classroom anime has come to an end after two seasons.

I know I’m shocked too. It’s only like 47 episodes too which is fairly nothing for someone like me who watches a lot of long running anime.

So this anime has gotten fairly popular both here and exploded in popularity in Japan. It’s not as popular here as Naruto or Dragonballs though Viz Media did take a chance by licensing the manga and it has been selling well for them. It’s not heavy on the big battles like popular shonen series but it’s different premise is what drew me to it when Funimation picked up stream rights for season 1. It was also a broadcast dub pioneer series featuring One Piece & DBZ favorite VA Sonny Strait as the lovely alien teacher Koro-Sensei.

The story starts with the moon being blown up, as most shonen manga do and this big yellow smiley face with tentacles shows up in a classroom filled with kids saying he’ll be their teacher and they all have to kill him by spring or else he’ll blow up the Earth.There’s also a promise of a big financial reward for the student who kills this teacher. Can the students in the failure class known as 3-E do it?

Now considering the anime’s popularity exploded in Japan that it got a second season announcement before the first one even finished I thought this series was going to go for a long time like Attack On Titan and that the comedy would get stale. Fortunately when the second season began airing there was news that the manga would end in March of this year (2016) and that the anime would have the manga’s ending. This was very relieving because in some series set in junior high or high schools there is really no room to branch out the setting. Although Koro-sensei being a great teacher, and mentor to the students both in the classroom and assassinating is a pleasant thing to watch every episode.

There are a lot of fun characters in this show but the true main character in this show is named Nagisa Shiota he has blue hair and is often confused for a girl, and that joke gets really old. Another main character is Karma Akabane he’s the evil guy who use to be Nagisa’s friend in middle school, and is also shipped with Nagisa because fangirls. The third main character is Kaede Kayano and she’s the female. You gotta have one of those, but on the brighter side she’s not as annoying as most female characters from popular anime. All three of these characters develop in a marvelous fashion but Nagisa develops the most.

The story starts off with the students all trying to kill Koro-Sensei and failing. “Hey Meowth who is Koro-Sensei and how did he get his name?” Well first he’s an alien that blew up the moon and second Koro in Japanese supposedly means “Can’t be killed, or unkillable” and Sensei in Japanese supposedly means “Teacher” and I say supposedly because I don’t know the Japanese language all that well and I don’t want an angry mob of hardcore anime otakus after my butt. The story progresses with comedy amongst the students attempts at killing Koro-Sensei, and interacting with each other. Now you may be asking “What makes Koro-Sensei hard to kill?” and the answer is because he can move at Mach 20, which is the fastest speed of anything ever. He also has many tentacles that can do many things that benefit students and the other teachers.

Wait there are other teachers!?

Well first we have Bitch-sensei I mean Irina Jelavich which you can see where bitch comes from. She’s the English teacher from a foreign land and also teaches assassination. She’s got a good set of boobs and can be funny sometimes. She’s also a good assassin, mostly from distracting her targets with her feminine body and lips which she often uses on the students.

And we also have this guy named Taodami Karasuma who’s Japanese voice sounds very familiar if you watched a 300+ episode show with a white/gray haired protagonist. He’s the gym teacher and also teaches assassination from the physically fit perspective. He’s very strong, probably the second strongest teacher in the show next to Koro-Sensei. He’s a nice guy, but keeps his distance from the students because of his profession in the Japanese government.

Decent cast of characters alongside them too which is awesome.



So a lot of assumptions like Koro-Sensei being an alien who blew up the moon is actually false when we learn his backstory. Koro-Sensei was known for his gifted ability of being an assassin and had a real lack of the empathy emotion. He was a powerful assassin who murdered political leaders for profit. He gained the nicknamed “God of Death” and use to have an apprentice too. The apprentice betrayed him and he was capture by a mysterious organization hidden in a lab on the moon that did experimentation on his body. While Koro-Sensei was imprisoned and learning empathy through pain he met an intern Aguri Yukimura, who was shockingly the old teacher of Class 3-E. The two of them hung out and eventually fell in love. There was a mouse undergoing the same experiments that Koro-Sensei was and the mouse’s cells became unstable, and blew up the moon. This was the true culprit. Meanwhile Koro-Sensei’s lifespan will end in the Spring and when his cells’s antimatter gets out of control and the planet blows up. Aguri’s last request to Koro-Sensei was to teach her children while he still has life in him. Yeah I know this backstory is a little jarring but in the show it’s really tragic. Bought a few tears to my eyeballs

Koro-Sensei and his students fought against the evil scientist and his evil apprentice and barely made it through. Exhausted and ready to die Koro-Sensei gives Class 3-E it’s final roll call. It felt long, but it also felt really sad considering it’s their last one. It ends with Nagisa stabbing Koro-Sensei and he turns into glowing yellow orbs and floats high into the sky leaving his teacher’s uniform behind. Everybody cries and it’s sad times.

The epilogue was a little bit underwhelming aside from Nagisa, but at least it ended with a closed book. Normally I would have to buy manga to get a real ending from an anime these days.




The show was very solid as a comedy show with some action and cute bonding moments between teacher and student. If you want a shonen anime that doesn’t take a big focus on battles like DBZ or Naruto, but isn’t so Japanese that it’s comedy is hard to follow like Gintama you should definitely check out Assassination Classroom. It’s also dubbed by Funimation so if you’re not a fan of subbed anime because you hate reading you have that option. There’s also the manga series provided by Viz Media only at 10 out of 21 volumes available for purchase. We should be at 13 volumes by the end of this year. I give Assassination Classroom the anime a 4 out of 5. So sad it’s all over but I’m also glad it’s over. I also gave it a 4 because they actually went with killing the teacher instead of having him be magically cured by the love of his students.

Aw don’t cry Koro-Sensei you’re like the third best anime teacher ever. First being Izumi Curtis and second being Onizuka. Anyways go watch this anime it’s good, and then buy the manga so maybe we’ll get more of the stuff Yusei Matsui writes.


Yuseimatsuiannounce vizblog 1200x630

If you already watched the anime or read the manga, no matter how far you’re at on both medias you should go see the author at New York Comic Con this year. I think you gotta sign some papers and follow some strict orders before the con happens in October so better do that soon. And maybe get his autograph and send it to me. That would be a cool super late birthday present.


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