Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here. It’s been quite awhile since I made a review due to stuff in life happening, but now that I’m finally in summer break time to review another game . The game I’ll be reviewing is Star Wars Battlefront from EVERYONE’s FAVORITE COMPANY Electronic Arts. This game is considered a reboot to the previous Battlefront games and this one is developed by none other than EA DICE, The studio that is known for the Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge franchises. With that all said, let’s get this review started.

Also I won’t be also discussing any of the DLC since I don’t have any of them. I’ll be just reviewing the game as its base form. Now the story of Battlefront is…. Oh wait, there is no story as there is no single player campaign in the game. Instead, the game focuses more on the multiplayer and missions, so let’s discuss the missions.


The Missions:

Battlefront has three modes for missions. The first is Training mode and that’s the closet thing to a story or campaign there is in the game. The training mode is basically just a mode where you have to stop the Empire or Rebellion from doing this with a pseudo mini not really story. To talk more about them, let’s talk about each of the training missions.

Beggar’s Canyon: It’s a mission where you fly an X-Wing over Tatoonie canyons and to make the Empire exit the planet. It’s pretty much just a shoot all the Tie-Fighters to win mission. It’s generic and nothing special if you ask me.

Endor Chase: A mission where you play as a Stormtrooper on a speeder bike trying to stop the Rebels from stealing the bikes of the Empire and escaping with them. It’s pretty basic as a mission but I will say that the mission did reminded me of the Endor chase scene in Return of The Jedi which was one of my favorite scenes in the original trilogy.

Overpower: A mission where you take control of an AT-ST to get rid of a Rebel controlled base. It’s basically just a “get rid of every single enemy” mission with an AT-ST. Again, it’s generic and nothing special. Although it’s really cool that Darth Vader appears in a mini cutscene at the end of the mission.

The Dark Side: A mission where you control Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine with the help of Stormtroopers to destroy the Rebels from a base. This is my favorite mission because controlling Darth Vader with his special abilities is awesome. Palpatine though is a different story which I’ll get into later.

Invasion: A mission where you control an Airspeeder to stop the Empire walkers. The idea of controlling an Airspeeder along with taking down walkers with a tow cable attack is neat and there are times where the mission does kinda remind of the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

The training missions are a mixed of good, meh, and generic/basic. There’s also the other modes of Training called Battles and Survival modes, but I feel the Battles are just bland and offer nothing where you just take down the Rebels or Empire that kinda feels like offline multiplayer and the Survival missions are just your typical “survive each danger on a certain maps up to 15 waves/rounds”. So pretty much the single player modes are very lackluster. Honestly, while I like some of the missions in Training, the missions just offer really nothing for a $60 priced game. After that, you’re left with nothing else but the online multiplayer. That’s a big problem I have with this game, the strong lack of content in the offline modes just has nothing new to offer with no campaign and most of that seems to be locked up in a $50 season pass because apparently nowadays spending $60 on the base game isn’t enough for companies to milk you dry. Another thing is that because of the little single player content it has, it makes the game feel really boring if you are someone who prefers playing a single payer mode than multiplayer, so Battlefront is definitely not the best shooter if you want a good singer player game. Even if DICE makes updates to add in more to the single player modes, it still doesn’t really make up anything as they should’ve included those in the first place.


Online Multiplayer and Heroes:

Now this is the biggest reason why people play Battlefront and that is the online multiplayer. There are so many modes in the online multiplayer so to keep this review from dragging on too long, I will talk about the three I like the most.

Fighter Squadron: It’s a mode where you go in a sky battle with the Rebels on X-Wings and Empire on Tie Fighters and you fight with either side. This mode is really fun as it’s really cool to fight in the sky with vehicles and if you are lucky enough to find the Hero vehicles tokens, you can play on the Millennium Falcon if you are on the Rebels or Slave 1 if you are on the Empire which is neat.

Heroes Vs Villains: A mode where you’re in a six vs six battle where on both sides, half of the six are the Heroes. If you are on the Rebel side, you or someone else are randomly picked to play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia while the other half are the Rebel soldiers who are meant to protect the Heroes. The same goes for the Empire side but this time with Villains where the three half is randomly picked to play as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Feet. You have to defeat the three heroes of either side, win 4 rounds, and you win. It’s actually pretty fun especially as a hero or villain where you can destroy the non-heroes or villains and the heroes or villains as well.

Walker Assault: This is my favorite multiplayer mode because this definitely feels like you’re on the Battle of Hoth style battle. In this mode, you need to destroy the two or one AT-ATs before the match ends to claim victory. When on the Rebel side, you need to stop the Empire from taking over the map before the match ends. The two ways to defeat the Walkers are either to destroy them with a tow cable on T-47 when weakened or destroy them with blaster or grenades when the Walkers are weakened at certain times in the match. When one the Empire side, you need to protect the Walkers and not let them get destroyed. It’s basically the warzone of Battlefront where there’s everything in it like the Heroes and Villains, speeders, and vehicles, which is a perfect combination.

I will say though is that Battlefront at doesn’t feel like a normal shooter like, say, Battlefield. The idea of your blaster not needing ammo and instead overheats is something that is neat. Another thing I really like is how they bring these special tokens in some of the modes. For example in order to fly a Tie Fighter or X Wing, you have to be lucky to find a special token and when you find it you activate it. I also like that some modes besides Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains you can play as the Heroes or Villains to give a feel of you having enough power to have an opportunity to take down as much enemies as you can and to avoid losing health. So yeah I can give the multiplayer some credit for at least trying to be a different from the typical multiplayer shooter.

Now I know there are more modes in online multiplayer like Blast and Hero Hunt but I like those and almost all of those modes are just basic and nothing new. Most of them are just really typical, like take the object to the correct side or capture the flag, with cargo or droids in the case of this game, style type, and some like Hero Hunt feels too focused on luck. Even the new updates the game has given to the modes don’t really feel all that improved and just feel the same. Hero Hunt originally had you kill a hero or villain and you will be the hero or villain facing off alone against other players but I feel like when I play it, I’m rarely as the hero and villain because you need to the person that needs to kill the hero and villain which seems like a form of luck. The new update that made new rules for Hero Hunt still didn’t help things to me but I can go on for days explaining this.

Like most multiplayer shooters, you level up in Battlefront multiplayer up to level 50 and as keep playing the multiplayer, you gain credits which is the multiplayer currency in the game. And I’m sure glad at least you don’t have to pay real money for credits because the gaming industry loves to milk is dry. You use the credits to buy emotes which to me feel dumb and just have no point but just showing your character making weird poses, blasters, and special cards where you can in-game but special blasters, grenades, and traits which are like badges to give your solider abilities depending on which trait you have which can be really useful.

Now let’s talk about the Heroes and Villains are playable in multiplayer and the Hero Battle missions.


Luke Skywalker: Now Luke in this game of course has his lightsaber as his weapon in the game. He has three abilities that he can do. The first one is the Force Push where it can blow enemies that are near Luke to a distance to knock them all which is very useful when you are about to get blasted by Imperial soldiers so if you are near a group of enemies it would be a perfect time to use that ability. The second ability is Saber Rush is where Luke basically makes a fast sword like attack to kill an enemy or damage heavily instantly. The ability can work well if you time it right where you are able to hurt the enemy otherwise the attack can be missed. The third ability is the Heavy Attack is where Luke uses lightsaber in a 360 degree style spin where it can make heavy damage to an enemy if close in rage. There is also another trick where he can block blaster attacks for a limited amount of time. With Luke, I find it a bit hard to handle him because of how fast he is. While speed can be useful to run from enemies, it doesn’t seem to help when trying to attack them as I can miss my attacks.

Han Solo: With Han Solo, his weapon to use is his famous DL-44 blaster which is also useable in multiplayer and missions, but not as strong when using it as a solider. His first ability is Rapid Fire when Han can shoot his blaster without overheating for a limited amount of time which is really neat since the DL-44 is the weapon that overheats very quickly in the game. His second ability is Lucky Shot where Han can shoot a highly explosive shot than take down multiple enemies if timed right and not missed. His third ability is the Shoulder Charge where Han charges himself through enemies. This ability is honestly pretty bad as I feel like when I use ability, Han always goes to the opposite direction of where he is supposed to charge the enemies, but like most abilities the timing has to be right.

Princess Leia: With Leia, her blaster is the E-11 Blaster which also playable with a solider in the multiplayer and training mode. Her first ability is to use is Supply Drop where she drops a power up that any player in the field can use. Her second ability is Enhanced Squad Shield where she drops a squad shield to the field but this shield lasts longer and a bit stronger than a normal squad shield and if done correctly can protect your defend points. Her third ability is Trooper Bane where her blaster gets a boost of power to shoot a power blast to instant kill enemies for a limited amount of time. Leia can be a good hero to play if controlled correctly especially with the Supply Drop ability which is very helpful.


Darth Vader: With Dark Vader, his weapon of use is his trademark red lightsaber. Vader is a slower than Luke but stronger with his attacks and like Luke, Vader can block blaster attacks for a limited amount of time. His first ability is Force Choke where if near an enemy Vader can use it to choke the enemy in the air. This is I think is a very useful ability if someone is near blasting you. His second ability is Saber Throw where Vader throws his lightsaber like a boomerang to a distance to take a take down one or more enemies in that distance he throws at. His third ability is Heavy Strike which is pretty much similar to Luke’s so nothing special. I think Vader might be favorite hero as while yes he is slow, I really like how he is more easier to control with his attacks because of this and the Force Choke and Saber Throw are really good to save yourself from being taken out.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett’s weapon of use is his famous EE-3 blaster that’s also available to use as a solider. He also has his famous jetpack where he can fly around the map and can shoot his blaster from the distance for a limited amount of time which is really cool. His first ability is Wrist Rocket where he shoots a rocket and it aimed correctly at a distance it can take down multiple enemies even though I feel like this can miss a lot since the rocket can go to another direction at times. His second ability is where he uses his jetpack where he can fly for a limited amount of time in the air and with this he can shoot in the air. It depends if this can work. If you are far from enemies you can have a good time with it as you will be able to kill them but if you close to them it’s not a good idea then since you will get blasted so badly that you might not fly well. And his third ability is his Flamethrower where he shoots a flame to the enemy that can do a decent amount if the enemy is close. If not then this ability does absolutely as you will just be shooting a flame at nothing of course.

Emperor Palpatine: With Palpatine he uses his trademark force lighting as his way to defeat his enemies. His first ability is Imperial Resources where Palpatine can drop a power up, and yes this can be a great time to pull a COD supply drop joke lol, to the field for him or his soldiers to use. Most of the time it can be a health regain token that he can us but also sometimes other tokens for the soldiers. That to me is a really helpful ability if you are near losing health. His second ability is Chain Lighting where he can release a powerful lighting that can instant kill nearby enemies. His third ability is
Force Dash where he some strange move that he dashes to nearby enemies so he can have a chance to shake them but to me I feel like this move can be dumb as you can sometimes fall to dash onto them correctly and sometimes in the wrong direction.



Graphics and Visuals

Since DICE is the developer of the game, Battlefront uses the Frostbite 3 engine and I gotta say the graphics with the use of that engine look incredible. First the details on background the rocks on Tatoonie and the grass and rain on Endor look realistic and feel like the ones you might see in real life. Another thing is the designs on the characters. With the Heroes and Villains, they actually look like if they are still in the live action form just a bit of CGI in it. The same can go with the soldiers and even the X wings. The only thing I will say that is a con is that I feel like the visuals can be a bit too shiny. I think some people might like it but to meh.

I don’t have anything to say on the music of Battlefront as it’s just music from the Star Wars films so yeah nothing much to say on that.

Final Thoughts

Battlefront at best is a bit of mixed to okay. The single player is really lacking with nothing but missions that can really be boring once in a while even if some can be good and no campaign which makes this game more boring if you’re single player only person and how I feel like some content was cut just for the sake of a stupid $50 season pass, but at least with the multiplayer it can be really fun as you have the feeling of you in a Star Wars battle even though most of the modes can be a bit generic, the graphics looks really gorgeous, and some of the heroes are really fun to play as. If I have to make a recommendation, if you are a multiplayer shooter fan and is a Star Wars fan as well, the. you might enjoy this game a lot. If you are a single player only person then this game is definitely not for you.

Final Score : 6.5/10


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