Naruto Shippuden Episode 118 Recap: “Formation!”

Original Airdate: 7/23/2009

Toonami Airdate: 7/9/2016

So, it has been two weeks, as of this writing, since we seen a Shippuden episode grace us with its stupid bullshit own unique flavor. When we last saw it, we met Jugo, who we found out wasn’t a hidden bi-sexual, but a hidden psychopath. And by hidden, I mean hidden on a prison island. Cause his killer intentions were for all to see. He got out and attacked Sasuke, but Sasuke did stop his attack. Let’s continue from there, shall we?

As before, Sasuke still wants to talk to Jugo and get him out of prison, but he is going nuts. All he can think about is Kimimaro, and since he’s not here, he can’t leave. We see a flashback which shows Jugo in Curse Mark form going ape-shit crazy on a tiny village, slaughtering the inhabitants, having it burn, then regretting it. A bit later, he is with a bunch of animals, who I’m assuming are his only friends.

NS 118 3

A tiny dog is following him too. Kimimaro, as I mention before was in the original series (and who I call “bone guy”) is walking on a route nearby, when an old man stops him. He warns Kimimaro of an evil demon named “Bipolar Jugo” who, if you go near, you won’t come back alive. But Kimimaru ignores his warning and goes on ahead. Jugo arrives at a cave, with the doggy still following. He tells the doggy to go leave and not go in the cave. But it’s a dog, so it follows. Jugo’s homicidal side is alive, and throws a rock at the doggy scaring it away. At least it wasn’t JoJo, because, well you know. Kimimaro arrives at the cave, and Jugo tells whoever it is to leave or he’ll kill them.

Back to the present, the fight starts again, with Sasuke dodging Jugo’s attacks, as Karin cheers him on like the horny cheerleader she is. The place is getting messed up by Jugo. Suigetsu arrives on the scene as well, and is pissed at Karin for deceiving him. She’s being a bitch, but Suigetsu knows that she wants to get in the emo’s pants. She does give him the info on what happened, but Suigetsu knows Sasuke can handle it, even if Jugo is stronger now. We learn that Jugo came to Orochimaru to get “fixed”, just to control the impulses he has of killing everyone. Sasuke runs from Jugo as he chases him/levels the place till we go to another flashback. Jugo attacks bone guy, but Kimimaro then … ummm… Well, he does this to stop him.

Yeah, how was this perceived through the Twitter-verse?

After this bone-raising moment (I can make skull jokes too) there’s talk of being outcasts, being alone and not being in control, etc. Kimimaro isn’t afraid of Jugo, and “will be his cage” for now on as Jugo’s Curse Mark fades away.

NS 118 2
“Get your disgusting spine the hell off of me!!”

In another flashback, we see bone guy wanting to take Jugo’s Curse Mark enzyme into himself, so it can slow his disease that he has. Did y’all remember that Kimimaro has a fatal disease? Jugo, in the present, wonders why he died as he still fights Sasuke. Suigetsu comes in and stops Jugo, who remembers who Suigetsu is before. Sasuke is still persistant on Jugo joining, but Suigetsu and Jugo start to fight each other. With Karin being an annoying bitch wanting them both dead.

Sasuke had it with both of them, and stops them, threatening to kill them both. He kinda, sorta, really has white snakes come from his sleeves that are like the one Orochimaru had. The snakes go back in him, and Karin gets all wet as hell. No really, she does.

NS 118

Jugo’s Curse Mark disappears, and he goes back into his cell, all distraught. He just doesn’t want to kill people, and is losing himself cause of these urges to do so. Even as Sasuke tells him of Orochimaru’s death, Jugo really couldn’t care and wants to be left alone. Only for Sasuke to unleash his inner Kimimaro and tell Jugo he will be his cage now. The others reminisce about bone guy, saying he, with Jugo, were Orochimaru’s favorite research subjects, and how Kimimaro died for Sasuke. Another flashback shows Kimimaro talking to Jugo saying how Sasuke was Orochimaru’s replacement vessel since he was dying, and he was gonna fetch him on a mission and sacrifice himself if need be for Sasuke. He thanks Jugo in the process too. This has Jugo know who Sasuke is now, and he joins with the 3.

So now that they’re a “perfect team”, Sasuke reveals his ultimate plan. It is to kill his brother, Itachi. He needs everyone, from Karin and her … whatever she has that doesn’t involve her being Sasuke’s mistress (Who Suigetsu teases her again for. And she responds by punching his watery face off) to Suigetsu and his swords skills (He’ll be there only till he finds Kisame’s Shark Sword) to Jugo and his murderous tendencies (He’s there to see how good a shinobi Sasuke is.) The team will be called “Hebi”. No, not “Heavy” like some of y’all thought on Twitter. They said Hebi on there. Back in the Leaf, Naruto wonders why Sasuke is doing this. Pervy Sage knows why: Revenge. Which Sasuke is obsessed about. So Naruto makes up a plan too: They will find Itachi as well.

Overall, a return from the two week break, and this episode was … really just meh. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible in past episodes. Except for Karin, who I really just want to strangle to death right now. Can she not get fucking horny every time she stares at Sasuke? Come on girl, you’re better than this! … Actually no. No she’s not. But mostly, we did have that spine-ripping moment with Kimimaro, and the Sasuke-Suigetsu vs Jugo fight was just ok. But mostly, it was a boring episode that didn’t do too terribly. I say that’s a pass in my book. 2.5 Now teamed-up freaks/5. So for the next 2 weeks, we take a break from the newly formed Sasuke squad, and go in flashback mode to when Kakashi was a kid. We meet new people, and get to see the 4th Hokage as well. It serves as an important part later on in this series. Part 1 of the Kakashi Chronicles begins.

Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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