One Piece Episode 352 Recap

Original Airdate: 5/4/2008

Toonami Airdate: 7/9/2016

It has been two weeks since the last One Piece episode hit, and there was alot that happened. To recap:

  • Oars woke up, via Luffy’s zombie
  • The Scared Trio escaped, but Nami got taken afterwards by Absalom
  • Usopp and Chopper were saved by Robin and Franky.
  • The latter know the zombie’s weakness

There, isn’t that better than just sitting through 6 minutes of long recaps like on the anime? Anyway, let start the recap of “A Belief Worth Begging to Live For!! Brook Defends His Afro”

We start with Ryuma, the samurai zombie that has Brook’s shadow, humming away while drinking tea, as Brook runs up the stairs towards him. Brook, even though he failed before, won’t quit in getting his shadow back. Back downstairs, the zombies are freaking out that some of the Straw Hats know their weakness now. As for them, they’re going down the stairs cause that is the route the zombies took the people who had their shadows taken. Usopp is worried about Nami, but the others ensure him they will beat up the zombies and get her back. Robin and Franky tell the two of how they learned the zombie’s secret weakness from Brook, and asks them what that loud roar was earlier. Usopp says it was Luffy, but will tell the rest of it later.

Most of the zombies are bringing all the food to Oars, because since he has Luffy’s shadow, it means he has a big ass appetite (And probably cause he’s a fucking giant of a giant too), so he eats up the islands’ entire food supply. Perona still wants to know why Kumacy had the Scared Trio in him. Just without having him talk yet again. Oars thanks the “onion guy” for the food, even if the food is crap. The other zombies are pissed Oars is taking back to their Master, but one glare shuts them up/causes them to snitch on others. As Oars wants more food, Cindry tells him they have emergency food in a store room, which Moria tells the 3 small zombies to fetch. They, with other zombies, head out to get the food. They get there and return with all the food for Oars, who likes the second serving better. I guess Oars could be a judge on Food Wars. Be a really critical one too. The 3 little zombies are relieved that he’s satisfied, until Cindry mentions that there is salted fish in the food too. Because it’s the weakness, the 3 zombies try to find the fish, and do locate it. But Oars sees it and wants it, and proceeds to eat it AND the little zombies. Before they’re swallowed up though, they recover and take the fish out of Oars’s mouth. They offer him dry meat instead, which he does like. Of course, another zombie is hungry and eats some of the fish and dies.

Moria now wants Oars to be his underling, but Oars ain’t having that, for he has a dream. He wants to go outside now and maybe out to sea. The other zombies diss him for this again, and tell him he can’t go outside cause of the mansions’ walls strong defenses. But Oars uses a familiar move: Gum-Gum Pistol, and easily destroys the wall. He gets outside, while wondering why his arm didn’t stretch. And with a mighty roar, he says he will be King of the Pirates.

EP 352

Back with Brook and Ryuma, the samurai zombie is making fun of Brook and his obsession with his afro. The show flashes back then to 5 years ago, with Brook on the island. He’s trying to find the zombie’s weakness since he keeps cutting them down, but they keep getting back up. He sees a group of zombies near a dead colleague, who had a bite of salted fish. Brook thinks he found the weakness, and finds Dr. Hogback. He wants his shadow back, or he’ll scattered fish around the island. Hogback thinks this is absurd, till Brook gets wise that it wasn’t the fish that was the zombie’s weakness, but actually the salt. Which Hogback accidentally spills out too. He gets back in the graveyard, but is getting freaked out by crickets and other things since he is still scared of zombies. Even if, again, he’s a skeleton himself. So to calm himself down, he decides to hum his song while getting the zombies. His humming freaks the zombies out, and Brook proceeds to cut each and every one of them down humming, while chasing them as well (They both get freaked out at each other.) The zombies are scared of getting purify, so they alert Absalom of this “Humming Swordsman”, with word making its way to the other leaders.

Eventually, Ryuma finally shows himself to Brook, and the showdown begins. After a long stare down, Brook engages the samurai, only to be cut down immediately. The samurai, unlike the other zombies, is too strong, even if their swordsmanship is equal.


EP 352 2

EP 352 3

Ryuma thinks Brook’s afro is slowing him down, and wants to cuts it off. But Brook knows how important it is too him, and if his body is gone, the afro can’t grow. Since his shadow was a part of him, Ryuma should know how important the afro is to both. But Ryuma doesn’t care and decides to cut it off himself. Brook tries to dodge all his attacks, and defend with his sword, but the samurai zombie is too much. Still, he can’t lose the fight, and tries a sneak attack. But to no avail. Ryuma knocks Brook’s sword away, and wins the battle. Brook begs to let him live, and he’ll leave the island, which Ryuma has to cause if Brook dies, then his body dies too. Back to the present, Brook starts the re-match with Ryuma. All he’s been thinking about is getting stronger, and this time he’s ready.

EP 352 4

We end the episode with Absalom bringing Nami, who is unconscious now, to a zombie tailor and a picture zombie in another room. He wants him to measure her up, so she can be ready in time for their wedding.

Well, this episode basically had hi-jinks aplenty. Be it Oars’ food adventure, and him breaking down the wall. To Brook and his past where he chases zombies and is still scared of them, even though he is technically dead himself. We are really close also to finding out why Brook has his afro, and why it is so important to him. There’s a reason for it, and so much so, it does tie into another story from past episodes of One Piece. I know most One Piece fans know what it is by now, but for any newcomers who haven’t seen it, or to anyone who have only been watching One Piece on only just Toonami, trust me, it’s a real fun callback. But that’s not till next week and the week after. So till then, I’ll let you guys wait. Overall, this episode gets 4.5 Important Afros/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami





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