Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio Episode 1 Recap: For Streep

This is 0215MADman here to recap last night’s, or rather, tonight’s episode of the new [adult swim] show “Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio”, which from this point forward I will be calling HNSP.  So before I start this recap you might want to know what I think of Brad Neely’s other show China, IL. It was good. I don’t think it was cancelled too soon or anything. I think 3 seasons was just about the perfect length that type of show should’ve lasted.
I will be using the format KrisSimsters used for her Robot Chicken recaps because since both shows are skit comedies, it only feels natural to recap it the same way.
Also before I go on I think it’s important to note that the entire first episode was put on Vine a couple weeks ago. Because of that I was able to get this out…pretty fucking early as you can tell. The episode hasn’t even be Is that a new record? Anyways, let’s get started!

  1. Cute Corner

A narrator describes all the animals and we’re supposed to imagine what they look like. It’s actually way less disturbing than what they actually animate.

  1. The Doo Doo Man

A football player by the name of Brian has some inner thoughts before he plays his game.

  1. Jamba Jews

A bunch of teenage Jews sing for all them tweenage girls out there.

2016-07-08 (3)
I would never trust this man with my daughter.
  1. Big Dumb Siren

An advertisement for the newest in annoyance technology: a big dumb siren that goes on top of your bitch ass head.

  1. Lil’ Perf

He ain’t gonna hit that.

  1. The Lord of the Things

An emotional epic about a man who has to do a thing.

  1. The Most Real Man in the World

The most real man in the world is here to give you some very helpful life advice.

  1. Bitches and Dicks

A woman with insanely black eyelashes talks about how we know that there ain’t nothin but bitches and dicks.

2016-07-08 (4)
I refuse to believe those eyelashes are natural.
  1. Thanksgiving Dinner Gone Wrong

A mother of 3 children forgets to kill a turkey and the whole family has the appropriate reaction.

  1. Dog

A dog does dog things.

  1. Swamp Hag

The local swamp hag is sick of this shit.

  1. Dog Dog

No relation to the dog two sketches ago that did dog things.

  1. Fruit Blood: Cocks

The next big music sensation have cocks.

  1. Cool Girl: Geology

A cool girl’s best friend gets owned with geology.

  1. Donald Sutherland Potato Chips

An advertisement for Lay’s new flavor of potato chips.

2016-07-08 (5)
Personally, I’ve always liked the Martin Scorsese flavor more.
  1. Brother and Sister

Two siblings talk about what they’re currently thinking about.

17. 30 Pack

They’ve got a 30 pack in a plastic sack.

So what did I personally think of the episode? It was hit or miss. Mostly hit. My favorites were the Doo Doo Man and Donald Sutherland Potato Chips. My least favorites were probably Dog (not Dog Dog, just Dog) and Lil’ Perf. There just wasn’t any joke. I don’t really know what Perf is, but I don’t think I would like the joke either way. Even still, with the exception of Doo Doo Man, there weren’t any jokes I was rolling on the floor laughing about. Overall, I liked it, and I’m looking forward to what Brad Neely brings us next time. I hate judging shows by their first episode, especially on [adult swim]. There are many shows on the network that have OKAY first episodes compared to the rest of the series.

Final Rating: 7 Martin Scorsese Flavored chips out of 10.

This is usually the part where I link where you can find this episode (at the point of this writing, at least), but given the gimmick of posting this incredibly early, all there is is the Vine, which I’m not even sure will be up after this week. The site is open at the very least, so it might be over here:



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