Hunter x Hunter Episode 11 Recap: “Trouble x With x The Gamble”

Original Airdate: December 11th, 2011

Toonami Airdate: July 9th, 2016

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Hunter x Hunter recap! We’re nearing the end of the Tricky Tower arc, which is honestly kind of a good thing, because A, we’re actually moving on to more interesting stuff after this, and B, this whole arc really drags when watched on a weekly basis. After the following episode (or the next two episodes, assuming they air the recap episode), it’ll be smooth sailing from here on. Anyway, onto the episode.

As the gambling match between Leorio and Leroute (I just realized that her name was an anagram for roulette) continues, and for this round, she decides to place a bet over her gender. Leorio has to guess whether Leroute is a man or a woman, and if he guesses that (s)he’s a man, he gets to do a body check to see if he’s right. Only thinking with his raging libido instead of actual logic, Leorio guesses that Leroute is a man with the hopes of getting to touch boob. To the surprise of no one, she is actually a woman, and Leorio gets to experience the pleasure of grabbing tits at the expense of his team. Leorio, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, stop thinking with your dick.


After costing the entire team 10 hours after using his dick to make important decisions, it’s Leorio’s turn to come up with the next bet, which he decides will be Rock Paper Scissors. Leroute accepts and then bets 80 of her hours on this game, which leaves Leorio perplexed on why she would bet that much time when she only needs 10 to do the job. Before starting the game, Leroute claims that she can read minds and she already knows what Leorio is going to put down. This causes Leorio to panic, but he shortly regains his composure and convinces himself that she’s lying. Afterwards, both Leorio and Leroute put down rock, which convinces Leorio that Leroute was faking the whole mind reading thing. However, Leroute claims that she let him have that tie on purpose, as to continuously stall until time runs out, causing Leorio to fall under more stress. As stated by Kurapika, the more stressed a person is, the less likely they are to actually open their hands, which will cause Leorio to continuously use rock. After the second round, Leorio uses rock again, causing Leroute to win, thus giving the team a 50 hour penalty.

Last up, it’s Johness, an infamous serial killer, vs Killua. Because of Johness’s violent nature, Leorio strongly advises Killua to step down, but Killua ignores his suggestion and takes him on without any worries. Due to everyone except for Gon not knowing that he comes from a long lineage of assassins, it came as a suprise to most of the team that Killua was able to rip out Johness’s heart rather quickly before he even noticed what was going on. Killua holds onto the heart as Johness slowly dies from having his heart ripped out. It should also be worth noting that in both the 1999 anime and the manga, Killua literally squeezed the man’s heart until it bursts. I mean yeah, I get that this was being aired on Sunday mornings in Japan and there’s a limit to what you can get away with in those timeslots, but still, ripping out a guy’s beating heart isn’t exactly TV-Y7 material either, so you might as well go all the way. Anywho, this allows for the team to win 3-2, which will let them move onto the next part of the tower, but not before they spend the hours that were gambled away in a special room. Will our heroes find their way out of the tower in time? Tune in next week to find out!

You’re as cold as ice!

I’ll be honest, this episode was kind of frustrating and probably the worst episode of this arc. I get that Leorio is supposed to be the comic relief character, but it’s really fustrating to see him screw his team over just for something as frivolous as getting to touch Leroute. This could’ve easily been fixed if they just made it to where Leorio wasn’t exactly sure if she was a man or not and a lot of the evidence pointed to her being male without having his libido take over. And plus, it just seems kind of out of character that Leorio would do something as selfish as that, when most of his actions previously were driven by wanting to see his team members, and by extension himself, succeed. The only reason he was willing to sacrifice a good chunk of his points earlier was so they could move on from the whole “is Majitani dead or passed out” scenario that kept Kurapika from winning the match earlier. I generally don’t mind Leorio as a character, but this episode made me want to knock some common sense into him. If anyone was able to redeem the episode, it was Killua’s badassery. That whole scene was honestly really damn cool, and really freaking creepy. I think what sold the scene for me was Johness’s delivery of his lines after seeing his heart get ripped out. The actor was able to pull off a genuinely eerie tone in that scene, and for that, I applaud the actor. Overall, a pretty weak episode, and not really the best in the series. I give it 6 hearts ripped from the body out of 10

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 1:00 AM!


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