Decker: Unclassified, Episode 4 Recap: “Global Hoax”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to recap this week’s episode of Decker: Unclassified, “Global Hoax”. Agent Decker finds himself attempting to uncover a conspiracy in order to stop one of the greatest threats America has ever known: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES!


Global Hoax - Dr. Richards
See, you know he’s evil because of the lightning.

The episode opens with President Davidson Jr. unveiling another one of Decker’s files, one that starts in the year 2017 with agent Decker on a ski vacation. When he gets back to his lodge, he notices the other guests are uncomfortably cold, and he’s informed that the president’s energy regulations have forced the business to rely less on gas and coal to keep the resort properly heated. Decker goes to confront the president about his actions, being introduced to his chief science advisor, Dr. Richards. While the president was presented with overwhelming evidence proving global warming is real and alternative energy sources are a necessity, Decker thinks it’s all just hippie feel-good nonsense and leaves angrily. He meets up with Kington at a strip club and fills him in on what happened, with Kington remarking how similar this sounds to the conspiracy thriller National Treasure and suspects they’ll find more information hidden within the Washington Monument.

The duo make their way to the monument and get inside after fighting past some guards. Noticing a secret vault behind a locked gate, Kington gets to work cracking the code as Decker fights off a couple more guards. Kington manages to break the code and get the two of them into the vault, but Decker’s sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen, forcing them to work fast to find what they’re looking for. Kington instantaneously finds documents that reveal the notion of global warming as a hoax, and the two leave to confront the president and Dr. Richards.

The president has called a conference where he plans to sign an executive order banning the use of coal and gas for energy, but Decker arrives just before he signs it and reveals the truth. Realizing the jig is up, Dr. Richards holds the president up at gunpoint and demands he sign the executive order, but Decker manages to place a bullet in the doctor’s skull just in time to save him. The episode cuts back to 2076 where President Davidson Jr. reveals that global warming’s gone down ever since Decker revealed that global warming was a … hoax. …huh.


My Thoughts

The backbone of the episode’s plot and comedy is built on exploiting Decker’s most notable personality trait: his obnoxious (to the point of satire) patriotism and devotion to conservative values. His love of small business, hatred of government interference, and belief of global warming as a hoax are all naturally expected of the character, and they get played for maximum effect. The episode even goes above and beyond by establishing a website dedicated to disproving the global warming “hoax”, which definitely shows some commitment to the bit. There’s also some really great use of the deliberately terrible acting and editing in place, most evident when Decker fights off the guards to sneak into the Washington Monument, and none of the soldiers look like they’re even trying to put up a fight. A decently entertaining episode, and I’m interested to see what happens next week, but I’d still like to see the overall framing narrative make some progress forward.

Decker: Unclassified airs every Friday at Midnight, only on [adult swim].


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