One Piece Episode 353 Recap

Original Airdate: 5/11/2008

Toonami Airdate: 7/16/2016

I am back with another One Piece recap, and this one is a near and dear episode to me, because we are re-introduced back to a very old friend of the show. As you can see from the image featured on the article, most of you know who this character is. For the newbies who only been around for Toonami, you probably do know or it has been too long since you seen this guy, so it could be a good memory refresher for you. And for those who grew up with 4Shitz One Piece, well this brings back bad, BAD editing memories because 4Shitz, which I’ll get to at the end. But before that, let me get on to this old character and the rest of it as I recap “A Man’s Promise Never Dies!! To The Friend Waiting Under The Sky”

The episode begins with Usopp, Franky, Chopper, and Robin running down the stairs from the mansion, all outside now. Usopp talks of Luffy’s zombie causing the ruckus earlier, now that it’s in the massive body of Oars. They see the Sunny in sight, and make their way to it. Franky sees how the zombies take the people from their ships to their master to get their shadows taken from the route they traveled. Usopp gets on board first and sees that the zombies caused a big mess, even if they don’t have much of anything important on-board. The crew starts to search for the 3 missing, powerful idiots, and call for them too. Robin believes they had to be put in a cabin on the ship, since they can’t be hit by the sun out on the ocean. They look in the dark places around, until Usopp finds the trio in the dining hall. The others arrive and see that the trio are just all awful looking from the zombies.

EP 353 6

Oh, the nightmare. They’re still knocked out, so Franky decides the best way to wake them up is to beat them the hell up. This ultimately doesn’t work, and as Usopp stops him from bazooka-ing them, he has an idea of his own. All he does is say these magic words:

Not that kind of meat, but point being. The 3 hear all this, and with each hearing their trigger words (Sanji = Lady, Zoro = Swordsman, Luffy = Meat), they finally wake up.

Back to the mansion, the zombie tailor is still measuring Nami up. What are her measurements, to be exact?

Yup, it’s true. Miraculous even. (Just wait till the damn timeskip, and then you’ll see measurements.) The tailor picks out a very beautiful wedding dress for her, and sets it right next to her unconscious body. He gets on top, and is about to do his thing with the painting zombies watching. Only for him to use the measuring tape on them. Absalom would be pissed if they saw them peeking at his “bride”. Speaking of Absalom, he was in the room the whole time, totally invisible, freaking the painting zombies out. He was being a total perv again. A zombie priest is right next to him, and he tells him to get the wedding ready.

EP 353 3

Back at the Sunny, Luffy fully wakes, kinda, to wanting to know where Moria is so he can get his shadow back. Zoro sees it’s not a dream as his shadow is gone too. Luffy declares an emergency, only because the food is all gone, and what’s left is cheese and other stuff that isn’t meat. He’s mad about this, and Zoro’s mad he screwed up. While Sanji wonders where Nami is only for him to get mad when Usopp tells him she’s been taken by the a guy who’s hard to track. He will go out of his way to find her. So now they got 3 things to get back: *In Luffy’s most important list order

  • Food
  • Nami
  • And their shadows
EP 353
“They took all the meat. And also Nami. But more importantly, the meat.”

Sanji’s already mad to begin with, but then Usopp tells him that Absalom is going to marry Nami, which literally turns him into a damn Super Saiyan of pure rage. Luffy’s now a monster, at least his shadow is, as he finds out. Usopp and Chopper become sad when they learn that Moria is one of the Seven Warlords. Then there’s Zoro, who ask what his zombie looks like, who Luffy did see. Luffy said it looked just like him, but was wearing wooden clogs, so it wasn’t him. Because yeah, Zoro and his zombie look exactly alike, Luffy. What goes on in his brain to say they look the same is beyond me.

They now got the details of everything, including the zombie’s weakness, which Franky tells them they learned from Brook. But Franky feels bad about asking Brook that question he asked a couple episodes ago. Because of Brook’s appearance, he didn’t look human compared to the rest. But, after he learned of Brook’s story, Brook has more backbone (no Skull Joke intended) than he realized and is “a real man”. As we go back to that time, Franky talks with Brook before he leaves. He knows if he got his shadow back and went in public, the crowd’s reaction won’t be the same as with the Straw Hats, since they would all freak out over a walking skeleton. It would just lead to more suffering. Franky said he would’ve given up a while ago. But Brook made a promise to a friend. They left him behind and him and his old crew had a promise be unfulfilled since they got killed. He is the only one left, so he has to make it happen, even though it’s been 50 years. That was alot of time, and even though that friend might be dead, Brook believes in him, and says if he is waiting, his loneliness would be worse than Brook’s was. The name of this friend? Laboon, who is a whale, and was a child when they met. (We do see a tiny flashback of Brook’s old crew, no faces, having fun.) Laboon is probably waiting for them to sing and dance on returning, and even if he won’t forgive them for waiting, he will still fulfill his promise, cause a man has to when he makes one.

Luffy, along with Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp, know of Laboon, confusing Robin, Franky, and Chopper. Another flashback is shown of the group way, way back to an earlier episode before they met those 3, entering the Grand Line and encountering Laboon as the giant whale is blocking the way. Luffy does Luffy things, Laboon goes nuts, and the two ultimately fight, with Luffy becoming friends/wanting a re-match with Laboon after they make their way around the Grand Line (with his shitty paint job left on Laboon too.) They met the whale before. And they do know of Brook’s promise.

Before I get into my little rant, my thoughts on this episode: It was very funny throughout, and then it hit you when the feels and the nostalgia. And that is what One Piece does best. At one moment, it could be just Luffy and others being idiots, and thinking of food over crew, or thinking of their crew and getting so fired up they might burn the ship down. And then the next moment, BOOM!! A sad tale that will get shown later with Brook and Laboon and how they interacted in the past. It brought all the laughs, the joy, and the sadness and depths of this brilliant show. 5/Big Whale Friends Returning/5. 

Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you about 4Shitz. Again, this is my wording for 4Kids Entertainment, or the old studio that dubbed/edited One Piece and many others before. Yes, we mostly know of how bad 4Shitz can be. And there is no exception to their stupidity. But there is a special type of stupidity that came when it was doing One Piece. I showed an example in an earlier recap with the gun/hammer. But here’s another example. I bring you 4Shitz attempt at Laboon.

Yes, that is not a whale. That is a FUCKING ICEBERG!!! HOW?!?! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EDIT IT LIKE THAT, 4SHITZ?!?!!! Laboon is a character know throughout the One Piece universe, and you turn him into a goddamn iceberg?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!!! How do you go from this?

EP 353 4

To this?!!!

EP 353 5

Who’s the idiot who thought THIS would be a good idea? WHO?! This is some of the worst editing in the history of editing, especially considering that Laboon moves around alot and does go on a rampage. Hell, I don’t want to know what they have done with Brook and his skeleton self. Actually, I got a good fix on what they do.

And don’t even get me started on Sanji’s voice actor on that dub. Oh man. It makes Eric Vale sound like the greatest voice actor in the world. That is a voice I will never unhear, no matter how hard I try. In short, you fucking suck 4Shitz. You nearly killed One Piece here in America, and you deserve all the shit that gets thrown your way. Thanks alot, you assholes. 


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami





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