Hunter x Hunter Episode 12 Recap: “Final x Test of x Resolve”

Original Airdate: December 18th, 2011

Toonami Airdate: July 16th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Hunter x Hunter recap! Today is the last episode of the Trick Tower arc and next week, we’re moving on to the fourth phas-oh shit I forgot they’re airing the recap episode. Guess we’ll have to wait a little bit to get to that arc, but until then, here’s what happened on this week’s episode!

After getting a 50 hour penalty due to Leorio’s incompetence, the gang has to spend that time in a room until those 50 hours are up. While they’re in the room, they try to find some way to keep them occupied until the penalty is over. Leorio and Tonpa then get into an argument about the mistakes they made during this phase that caused their team to get screwed over in the first place. The argument is then interrupted by Gon falling off Killua’s skateboard and causing it to fly across the room. Ten hours pass, and everyone except for Killua is asleep. Killua then decides to throw a pillow at Gon to wake him up just in time for the morning, but he manages to block the attack while he’s pretending to sleep. Gon then wakes up to continue throwing the pillow back and forth at Killua, which wakes up the rest of the applicants. More time flies by, and Gon starts teaching Killua how to properly fish, which he then tries out on Leorio, which of course makes him angry at Gon and Killua. More time passes, and Leorio lays awake at night thinking about what Tonpa said earlier about him costing his team 50 hours.

Aren’t they just so pwechious?

Even more time passes from that point on, and we’re finally at the end of the 50 hour penalty, and the gang can finally move on and finish this phase. Well, not before they get past all the traps that were set for them on their way to the end. After they get through the traps, the group has to decide whether they should open the door or not. Everyone decides to open the door, but Gon accidentally pressed the wrong button, which causes Leorio to think Tonpa did it, given his previous attempts to sabotage the group for his own amusement. After the door opens, the two stop their bickering and move on to the final majority rules decision they’ll have to make. O for the long and hard path, which will take them 45 hours to complete and can fit all 5 group members, or X for the short and easy path, which will only take 3 minutes, but can only fit three applicants at a time. This obviously causes conflict amongst the team, which leads Tonpa to start fighting Leorio using the weapons that were hung up in the room. After seeing that the weapons can break trough wall, Gon gets the idea to enter through the long and hard path, and then dig their way into the short and easy path. This plan ends up being a success, with all 5 of the applicants making it to the end. Oh, and another guy dies at the end, so we’re down another applicant. 24 candidates remain at the end of the third phase and get to move on to the fourth phase of the exam.

Despite being the least eventful episode thus far, it manages to be more entertaining than last week’s episode. It was actually pretty nice seeing these characters trying to preoccupy themselves before they move on to the next phase, and I got a chuckle out of Killua trying to fish for Leorio. Also, yay for winning through the power of cheating! I give this episode 7 fishing rods out of 10

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 1:00 AM!


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