Naruto Shippuden Episode 119 Recap

Original Airdate: 7/30/2009

Toonami Airdate: 7/16/2016

Welcome back again to another Naruto Shippuden recap. The last month and a half have all been Sasuke-involved. I know that can get very annoying to some. And by some, I mean most. So, to spice things up, the show, and more specifically, the manga, decided to take us back on a journey to a young ninja’s life as he grew up, and what shaped up the events that happen on this show much later on. Yes, this is a canon plot. Come, as we go on the journey of Part One of the two-part mini-Kakashi arc, “Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield” 

We start the episode with some kid running through the trees, hoping he makes it on time. Too bad a vine trips him up, and he doesn’t make it. He gets scolded by a young Kakashi, who even though he’s a teen on here, still has his own freakin’ voice like he does as an adult. (Don’t worry, dub lovers. The sub version does this stupid crap too.) The young, goggled boy tries to make lies up. But it doesn’t work. His name is Obito. Even though he broke the rule, and as Kakashi points out they are scum for doing this, their sensei says it’s fine. His name is Minato, and this guy kinda [CENSORED cause big SPOILER!!] They are also joined by a young girl too. Her name is Rin. They are all part of a team.

NS 119 3

NS 119 5

They are also celebrating cause it’s a special day. Kakashi is becoming a Jonin, meaning he is gonna be the captain of the 3-man squad. Rin and Minato give Kakashi gifts, in the forms of a medical case, and a special kunai knife, respectfully. Obito doesn’t have a gift, and couldn’t care less about Kakashi’s special day. It’s revealed that Obito is an Uchiha, but he doesn’t have his Sharingan yet. And he’s not anywhere near the elite Uchihas. Speaking of

Back to the recap, Minato has a mission for all of them. The Hidden Stone is invading, and they have over 1000 ninjas fired up to take over. But, the team has an efficient system they will run. They will infiltrate the Hidden Stone ninja, get behind the enemy, and then destroy a bridge that leads into the village. Then, they will withdraw from there. Minato will act as the diversion as Kakashi leads the team. The team heads out for it.

NS 119
“Fuck You, Kakashi! I’m better than you, even though I’m shit. Because Uchihas rule!”

Kakashi spots the enemy, as the guy notices him and Minato too. There are a bunch of people around, but most are just Shadow Clones. Even though Minato will get the guy, Kakashi insists to do it. Mostly cause he has a new jutsu he wants to try out: The Chidori. He insist on doing it, cause guess why?

I know, crappy meme. But hey, it rings true to this situation. Kakashi attacks fast, as the enemy throws a kunai at him. This gets him to the guy’s location, and he gets him, only for it to be a Shadow Clone. The enemy tries to attack Obito and Rin, but Minato stops it, and then saves Kakashi cause he is too careless with his new jutsu. The enemy thinks he got away, but Minato marked him, and instantly gets behind the guy with his Teleportation Jutsu. The enemy now know who Minato is. He is the “Yellow Flash of the Leaf”. His buddies warned him that if they encountered him, they should flee. Sucks for him, as he gets cuts down. Minato orders a retreat for now, but the others bicker on. Obito screwed up by getting sand in his goggles (And how does this happen?) while Kakashi messed up with his Chidori. There’s more stuff with crying, breaking rules, who’s at fault, and Kakashi not being able to use his new jutsu again cause it’s imperfect. Teamwork is key for them all. Wait, it feels like I’m getting deja vu from all this.

NS 119 6

A bit later, Obito meets up with Minato. He knows of how teamwork is important, but dealing with Kakashi, and failing to meet his high expectations as an Uchiha, kinda hamper this. So Minato tells of Kakashi’s dad, Sakamo Hakate, AKA “The White Fang of the Leaf” and why Kakashi has such high standards for following the rules. The White Fang was a hero to the Leaf Village, and was well respected. To the people, and especially Kakashi. However, a mission 5 years ago changed the village outlook of him. On that mission, his comrades got injured, and, instead of finishing the mission because Leaf rules say so, he decided to help his comrades and returned to the village with said injured people. This cause the village to hate him, and blame him for the mission failure. Hell, even the sorry-assed excuse for friends he saved thought he was trash for doing so. Because of all the stress and pressure of this, Sakamo killed himself. Geez, what a fun village to live in, huh? Kakashi never talks about this, so he tries to live up to the standards of the rules his dad didn’t do.

NS 119 4

The team heads out the next day, knowing they will face a stronger group than previously. As they search, the two people find them, and one of the guys uses Camouflage Jutsu to become invisible. The other guy attacks the 3 teens head-on, who Obito stops with his Fireball Jutsu. But the camo guy sneaks up behind Rin and captures her. They both escape with her. Obito wants to follow, but Kakashi stops him. They have to do the mission, not save Rin. And since she’s a medic, he says they won’t hurt her cause she can be used for medical things. But since she also has the info on them, she might jeopardize the mission. Obito gets really mad, and they both go back and forth on saving Rin or doing the mission, even having Obito punch Kakashi in the face. There’s “I’m the Captain now!” more rules talk, and what not. And Rin caring for Kakashi so much, she made the medical stuff specifically for him, with an amulet in it. But, according to Kakashi, Rin is just a useless burden on them now (The Sakura affect, I like to call it) and as Kakashi remembers his dad and the rules that made him fall, Obito heads out to save Rin, since they won’t agree. Obito might not know the rules, but he believes the White Fang was a hero. And he ends with this old saying we all know:

“Those who break the rules are scum. But those who don’t save their friends are even bigger scum.”

Obito will break said rules to rescue Rin, and he and Kakashi part ways.

Okay, so in case you didn’t know. This is what it is

Yeah. Basically, Team Kakashi 10 years ago (Did I forgot to mention that this takes place 10 years ago? Cause it does) is just Team 7 you know today. With Kakashi being Sasuke, Obito being Naruto, and poor Rin being the Sakura of the group, with Minato as adult Kakashi now. This team is just the original version of the group you know and love/hate. Also, I have to get it out of the bag now. Let me talk about Obito’s voice actor on here.

That’s right, Vic Mignogna of all people voices the goggled Uchiha kid. Which makes it downright hilarious to me for what happens later. Also, seems weird that he would play a kid. But then again, I wasn’t the only one to think this.

With apologizes to Vic, alot of us are in agreement. You were probably the wrong choice for Obito, even if you do a good job voicing him. It’s just, it just doesn’t sound right at all for a young kid, especially if you hear what Obito sounds like in the subs. Then again, Edward Elric was 15 or so, so what the hell do I know? Overall, this episode did get on the “Uchiha clan being elite” thing, had too much “rules aren’t meant to be broken” stuff, and this team just being a prequel of Team 7. Also, the Leaf village is full of assholes with the White Fang story. And again, Vic as Obito. But yet, this was still a not too bad episode considering. It had some nice action, and it showed off Minato and Kakashi. Next week is the conclusion of this story. And it’s gonna be a “hard-hitting” affair that might “crush” a person or two with how it goes. Don’t read too much into the quotations. I give this episode 2.5 Vic-sounding Kids/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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