Baccano Light Novel Volume 1 Review Thing

Hello people it’s meowth900 here doing another review thing for a book that I read. This is Baccano the light novel bought over to America thanks to the people at Yenpress. The anime that recently went out of print adapted both this and the second novel. The cool thinga bout this novel in particular is that it got the hardcover with a clipcover release treatment. The only other series that have the hardcover release with a slipcover is Overlord which I’ve read and it’s actually pretty solid. There’s also the Isolator which is hardcover. I haven’t read that one though. The color pages introducing the cast of characters and important events were great too.

The creator’s writing style doesn’t flow quire as well as it does in Durarara but that could be because there’s a different translator for Baccano. However, like Durarara there is whole lot of different characters in this story and the perspective change happens, and there’s also a lot of violence.

Set in Manhattan, NY in 1930 our story begins with an elderly man carrying a crate full of booze. He gets attacked by the thug Dallas Genoard, and saved by our loveable hero Firo Prochainezoo of the Martillo Camorra family.

Also Firo gets a new hat

The story goes on a wild wind adventure from there, and I must say compared to the way the show introduced the world the novel is way better at the introduction part. I also loved some of the illustrations in this book. It was awesome seeing the setting be in the United States because in most light novels and manga they’re usually set in Japan or in a fantasy land.  I recognized a lot of the names in the book from the names of people in the show. Like Isaac and Miria for one thing, they are awesome in the novel just like they were in the show.

At the end of the big adventure somebody dies, and the person telling the story is Firo himself. I believe the next light novel volume is about the adventure on “The Flying Pussyfoot” which is the part that was in the anime. After that it is completely new stories that I have not heard of. Also I think it’s when Ladd Russo shows up.

So should you still feel sad about the anime’s disappearance read this and feel nostalgic. This is going to be one of my favorite light novel series. I’m looking forward to volume 2 but that doesn’t come out until August 30th. I give this novel a 3 out of 5. I’m hoping the advetentures aboard “The Flying Pussyfoot” is just as good in the book as it is in the show.

While riding a train may be fun they better watch out for dangerous beasts.

Baccano is licensed by Yenpress and is available on Amazon, Rightstuf, Bookwalker, Barnes & Noble, and many bookstores everywhere. Go pick up a copy today. Here’s a link to Yenpress’s website which has links to places where you can buy it. There’s also 4 volumes of Durarara light novels available so you could buy those and support the author.



One thought on “Baccano Light Novel Volume 1 Review Thing

  1. I really loved the anime of this, but it’s nice to know the intro is better in the novel given that was probably the weakest part of the anime. Thanks for sharing.


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