One Punch Man Episode 1 Recap “The Strongest Man”

Original Airdate : October 4, 2015

Toonami Airdate : July 16, 2016

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome to the first recap of One Punch Man. This will be my first show to recap here so I’m gonna give it my best. Let’s get this recap started and the first episode is “The Strongest Man” 

 The episode begins in a city on what it seems to be a normal day until suddenly an explosion happens. It turns out that a purple monster that looks like Piccolo from Dragon Ball, (Should I mention that the monster has the voice actor as him voiced by Christopher Sabat), who is named Vaccine Man and he is trying to destroy the city. 

A girl is then crying for help and Vaccine Man tries to kill her. As he was about to kill the girl, she was saved quickly by a bald superhero named Saitama. He claims to be a hero just for fun while Vaccine Man thinks he has a better motive for being a villain as he claims that humans are nothing but pollution to earth. He then transforms into a giant and tries to kill Saitama, but is then killed by him with just one punch. After he kills Vaccine Man, he then screams out in frustration due to just killing him with just one punch.

We then go to three year earlier where we see an unemployed Saitama with Crabante, a man who ate too much crab and became a huge crab monster. He decides to let go of Saitama as he is not the person he is looking for. 

He is looking for a boy with a huge chin and wants to destroy him. As Saitama was walking, he then sees a boy who has a huge chin shape that looks like a butt cheek. Saitama then thinks it could be the boy that Crabante is looking for. He then asks him if he was messing with a crab monster and the boy claims he saw Crabante and he drew nipples on his chest while he sleeping on the park. 

Crabante suddenly shows up but Saitama saves the boy before he gets him. Saitama mentions that he looks some guy from a kids cartoon he used to watch, (I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s talking about Mr Krabs from Spongebob) and it makes Crabante angry to give him a hard push off. As Crabante tries to kill the chin boy, Saitama kills Crabnate in a Mortal Kombat fatality style way where he pulls through his eye to release all of his organs. 

We then go back to present day where we see Saitama buying crab legs in a grocery store. As he was about to pay, rumbling happens. It turns out a huge giant man that looks like a Titan from Attack on Titan is attacking the city, (Who is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook who also voices Eren from Attack on Titan), and we go to a mini backstory on how he wanted to be the strongest man in the world. 

So his brother made a steroid for him and thanks to it he became this huge giant. As The Giant was attacking the city with his brother on top of his shoulder, Saitama shows up out of nowhere in his shoulder. The brother then commands The Giant to kill Saitama but instead of killing Saitama, the giant accidentally kills his brother. 

This makes the giant enraged so he attacks Saitama but his attacks aren’t doing any damage to him. Even though The Giant thinks he’s the stronger man ever, he also feels empty. Saitama who seems unharmed jumps high to The Giant to kill with just one punch. As he kills him, he says that having too much strength is very boring. The Giant then falls on the city after being punched to death. Thus destroying the city. 

At night of that day, Saitama encounters a car obsessed monster. The monster then makes fun of Saitama’s bald head. This made him mad to kill him with a one punch.  

The next day, he wakes up to see his house destroyed and to see an invasion of the city by creatures know as Subterraneans who claim to invade as they are suffering from overpopulation by humanity, so they claim to have destroyed 70% of the world. Saitama then decides to fight all of the Subterraneans and is able to take out many of them. He then encounters the Subterranean King and as he was about to fight him his alarm bell rings. Thus making all the invading stuff and Subterraneans stuff nothing but a dream. Saitama then sees the real Subterraneanns and the King outside, who look weak and small compared to the dreams ones, and takes out the king. As he was about to fight them all, they suddenly surrender.

After the end credits, we see a cyborg man standing on a farm field of dead cows and goes to walk to the city. 

As for my thoughts on the episode I thought it was really good. I really enjoy the fighting scenes even if they are fast paced with how the main character has the ability to kill a villain with just one punch especially the dream fight, the animation looks really neat, and I really love on how the dub has the ironic casting with Vaccine Man and The Giant. I hope that would stick around for the rest of the series as it is neat. Also Max Mittleman is amazing as the voice of Saitama. Overall, I’ll give this episode 8 punches/10

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami at 12:00 AM Saturday.


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