Decker: Unclassified, Episode 5 Recap: “Band Together”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to recap this week’s episode of Decker: Unclassified, “Band Together”. Decker must prevent a terrorist plot to attack America, and in order to do that he must harness the power… of ROCK AND ROLL!!!


The episode opens with President Davidson Jr. presenting the last Decker case file that he has time to read, which starts with a meeting between President Davidson Sr., Decker, and Kington. It appears terrorists have developed plans to use EMP technology against the United States to dismantle all its power and force societal regression. As the three of them think on a plan to intercept the terrorists, Decker decides to infiltrate their meeting spot under the guise of a performance by his band Dekkar, an alternative rock band in which he sings and plays bass. Decker gets the band together to rehearse as we see them practicing a song titled “Trigger Everything”, which leads to a music video sequence which looks and feels unusually polished and slick given the series’ standard production values.

Band Together - Dekkar PlaneOn the night that Dekkar is flying out for their performance, Decker informs the band of the true nature of their mission, giving his guitarist Axiom and the rest of the band members a chance to back out now, should they choose. The group decides that they’re going to stick behind Decker no matter what, and they manage to halt the terrorist attack and steal the EMP plans. After the mission, Decker and Axiom part ways as they promise to meet back up and complete the Dekkar album soon, but tragedy strikes as the Dekkar plane is shot down by a missile, killing Axiom. Decker, filled with sorrow and rage, sends a letter of resignation to the president as he attempts to commit suicide, but Kington manages to break into the apartment and shows Decker a recording from the plane’s black box. The recording is of Axiom and the other Dekkar members discussing how Decker should stick to his duty of protecting the United States from terrorist threats, and this encourages him to stick with his job. Decker meets with the president who presents him with a strange package, which turns out to be a record industry certification for Dekkar’s full-length album, and the episode ends here with one last bit of music from Dekkar.


My Thoughts

Much like “The Butterfly Effect”, the purpose of “Band Together” is to try humanizing Decker as a “character”, giving him a deep friendship with the guys in his band to make it more painful when they eventually die. Obviously this is delivered with the kind of deliberate awkwardness that characterizes the series, but it does work decently in context, and Dekkar’s actual songs aren’t too bad either. It appears Decker: Unclassified is at its end, or rather near its end since there appears to be one more episode left. If this is the last of the set-in-the-past tales of Decker’s adventures, then it’s likely the next episode will finally elaborate on what’s going on in the present day of 2076 and what the president’s wife’s plan actually is.

Decker: Unclassified airs every Friday at Midnight, only on [adult swim].


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