Naruto Shippuden Episode 120 Recap

Original Airdate: 7/30/2009

Toonami Airdate: 7/23/2016

Last week, we saw the the first part of how teen Kakashi’s life was, when he was part of a squad of youngsters that was basically the same as Naruto’s group. There were arguements, there was a new jutsu, there was a teammate kidnapped. And then the old “Those who don’t save their friends are scum” quote Kakashi made before, delivered first by Edward Elric Obito Uchiha. So here’s the next chapter of “Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 2.”

A big explosion starts it off, destroying a big boulder. 4 Leaf Ninjas are getting attacked by 50 Stone Ninjas, but Minato arrives to take out the enemy. He gives the Leaf Ninja his kunai for his jutsu, and the others watch. Back to Kakashi, and he is still hurt from the attack. We see flashbacks of Rin warning him not to head out, Obito and him arguing about saving her after she was taken, and more stuff we saw last episode. Meanwhile, Obito makes it to the cave where the 2 Stone guys took Rin. They sense that he’s there, so Camo guy gets invisible and sneaks up on him. But as he’s about to finish Obito, Kakashi comes in and slashes the dude. He decided to help Obito get Rin back. The guy sees Kakashi’s sword and thinks he’s the White Fang, but it was a gift his father passed on to him, so now Camo guy thinks he’s has nothing to worry about and gets invisible again. They can’t see or smell him, so they have to hear him out carefully. That doesn’t work as the guy gets behind Obito and is about to strike him, only for Kakashi to get in the way and have his left eye get slashed. The guy disappears again, while throwing away his blood-stained weapon. Even with an injury, Kakashi still belittles Obito about getting dust in his eyes again, even though he is wearing googles. Cause of this, Obito knows he needs to step up from being the big loser he is. And after more damn flashbacks from the last episode (I have to point this out. This episode AND the last episode aired on the SAME DAMN DAY!! Why do we need these flashbacks?) and step up he does. The camo guy attacks, coming at them at full speed, but Obito steps in the way. And stabs him.

NS 120

He says he will protect Kakashi now. Kakashi can see why Obito beat the guy. Obito developed his Sharingan at just the right moment and could see the dude’s chakra flow. What a coincidence that isn’t at all a plot set-up. As for Kakashi’s eye? Well it’s done for. He uses Rin’s kit to patch himself up.

As for Rin, she’s not looking so well in the cave. Obito and Kakashi arrive and Obito sees the mess she’s in with his Sharingan, knowing she is in a Genjutsu. The other guy attacks, and is very quick. But Obito and Kakashi display some nice teamwork together, and fights him/dodges his attacks. Kakashi slashes him, and makes his way to Rin, releasing her from the genjutsu. But as they’re about to run, the Stone Ninja uses another trick, “Earth Style: Rock Breaker.” This causes the cave to start collapsing around them. The 3 run, but Kakashi gets hit by some debris. Obito goes to save him, but a big boulder falls down on them both. There’s alot of dust, but as it clear, it’s clear who the boulder landed on.

NS 120 2

Obito tossed Kakashi out of the way, but took the impact of the boulder. Kakashi tries desperately to try to get it off, but Obito already accepted his fate. His right side is crushed, and he can’t feel anything there. Rin and Kakashi both cry for their comrade, as Kakashi wonders why he was made a captain and a jonin for something like this to happened. Because of this, Obito remembers he never gave Kakashi a gift for becoming a captain/jonin. His gift for him now isn’t gonna be anything useless. He’s giving Kakashi his remaining Sharingan to replace his left eye he lost. Obito wants Kakashi to accept it and tells Rin to do use her Medical Ninjutsu to transplant the eye quickly, since he doesn’t have much time left. The eye will be Kakashi’s now, for Obito to see his future. Or something like that.

NS 120 3

An explosion opens the cave up, as the Stone enemy is still there for some reason. He thinks of finishing this fight, but now that Kakashi has his eye Sharingan, he’s totally different. Kakashi attacks with his sword, but the sword breaks. But not to worry. With his new toy, he uses Chidori to see his enemy/finish him off. Rin is still with Obito as Kakashi returns, and Obito tells him to get Rin out of there before enemy re-enforcement arrives. As he says his goodbye, said re-enforcement does come and uses the jutsu “Earth Style: Earthquake Slam” to close the cave up. The duo run, as Obito says his final regrets. He regrets finally getting along with Kakashi, only to have it end like this. He regrets never telling Rin that he loved her. He also regrets not spending more time with them.

The ground closes up on him, and Kakashi and Rin are surrounded by the enemy. Kakashi won’t give up though, as Obito helped Kakashi perfect the Chidori, so he will return his favor by protecting Rin. Rin does want to tell her feeling for Kakashi, but he ain’t having it, cause he is scum (his words.) The enemy attacks them. Kakashi wakes up to find himself next to Minato. Minato got there using his jutsu on the kunai Kakashi had and took out the enemy. Rin is ok too, and she told Minato everything. The bridge gets blown up, and the narrator tells of how the 3rd Great Ninja War ended with legends being left. 2 heroes were born that day, each with a Sharingan. One is dead, while the other became “Kakashi of the Sharingan.”

Overall, this was a great way to show how we all know Kakashi as he is. Why he has the Sharingan, why he says teamwork is best, and why he values his friends so much now for they can be gone like that. Also, yeah I and others bashed on Vic for being Obito. But you know, he did fine as him, especially with Obito’s death scene. Oh, if you think we’re done with this group, we’re not. We will see young Kakashi and Rin again. As well as Minato, for he has a bigger role later on. As for Obito? He is dead and never coming back. That’s it for him. We won’t ever see him again. Nope. …. I should shut up now. By the way, this was Shippuden’s best episode in forever. Maybe even the best since Naruto took out the Akatsuki memeber. I think this might be the first time I give a Shippuden recap on here a grade in the high 3’s. Congrats Shippuden3.5 Crushed Uchiha Members/5. Speaking of the Uchihas, the emo one and his new rag-tag group of misfits are back next week. Joy


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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