Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio Episode 3 Recap: For Aretha

This is 0215MADman here for another recap of HNSP. Sorry this one’s a little late, but you know what, shit happens and I wasn’t able to get to see the episode until today so LET’S GET STARTED!

  1. The Ride

A commercial for Vin Diesel’s new movie: The Ride.

  1. Kidney Stone Fairy

The Kidney Stone Fairy arrives, which is never a good sign.


The real law enforcement in this town.

  1. Human History with Andre 3000

You know those documentaries where they get a famous actor to narrate the shit that’s going on? It’s kinda like that, only with more fucking, obviously.

  1. Tick Circus

The audience of popcorn is unsatisfied with the violent antics of the ticks.

  1. Goddamn Yeah, Man

“Goddamn Yeah, Man” Man just chills around with a burger in his hand.

2016-07-28 (4)
  1. The Life and Times of an Old Cab Driver

Shit gets intense for this man. He may die soon, you never know. Part 1/?

  1. Where Tom Hardy At?

That’s an excellent question.

  1. Debates

Two candidates are asked “What is the Perfect America?”

  1. Job Interview

Don’t say the wind is someone’s breath.

2016-07-28 (2)
After all, it’s very rude.
  1. I Know, Right? #1

A girl has a rat problem.

  1. Flute Strike

A bunch of patriots explain why you shouldn’t fuck with flutes.

  1. Things I Like

A guy explains some unpopular opinions.

  1. God Bless America

A battle wages on.

  1. Break Room Chat

A girl talks fast about adoption and shit.

  1. Two Sided Dice

Two guys roll a two sided die in order to settle an argument.

  1. Things that get Stuck in Drawers and Cabinets

A man lives a very painful life.

  1. Selena Gomez Stares at Fire
2016-07-28 (3)
The skit delivers on its promise.


After these 3 episodes, I think the best way I can describe this show is a button. You push the button and you get a random skit. The quality of the skit, whether it be good or bad, is entirely random. Unfortunately, contrary to the last episode, this episode was mostly miss. I was more or less bored with it. Maybe it needed more colors. Or songs. Or Baby Cakes.

Final Rating: 4 Perfect Americas out of 10.

You can watch this episode and more at the official [adult swim] website:
Or if you want, you can watch it on these VOD services.
Google Play:


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