One Piece Episode 355 Recap: “Food, Nami, And Shadows!! Luffy’s Enraged Counterattack”

Original Airdate: 5/25/2008

Toonami Airdate: 7/30/2016

As last week was just a mostly big recap of some earlier episodes of One Piece, that also delivered some heartfelt backstory of Brook and Laboon at the end, this week we got back to the plot of this arc as the Straw Hats are ready to fight themselves. For their kidnapped crewmate, for their shadows, and for (in Luffy’s case) their stolen food. Let’s get on with it.

Oars, the massive red monster who was resurrected by Luffy’s own shadow, is still showing it has Luffy’s personality in toll, and is curious about what a big pole, or the mast of the ship, is doing. He wants to get to the top, and tries to stretch his arms to reach. But Oars can’t, even though he thought he could. He tries his legs then, causing him to jump up and down, creating a ruckus below where Moria and the others are. Some, like Hogback, are impressed with Oars. Others, like the worker zombies, are pissed at this. Oars decides to just climb the mast himself. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are getting ready to head out and face their foes, even Oars himself. Even if the usual suspects think it’s a bad idea, they don’t got a choice since they need to get their shadows back. Luffy doesn’t just want to see his giant red counterpart, cause he has an idea that he got from the Old Man with Serious Injuries for getting their shadows back. All they have to do is kick the butt of the guy who controls them. AKA Moria. Since Moria will be waiting for him, it should be easy.

Luffy gives an order to Sanji to go and rescue Nami, which all but pleases him, and makes him fired up. Literally. He wants to kick the invisible guy’s ass badly for taking her/wanting to marry her. Usopp only adds fuel to the fire (pun definitely intended) by telling him that the invisible guy peeped on Nami when she was taking a bath. Guess how that made Sanji feel?

EP 355 3

EP 355 2

Yeah, he basically turned into that one thing most do on that other Toei show (Hell, if you listened carefully, it even had the sound effects to go with it.) Usopp, blaming himself for Nami’s abduction, will go with Sanji. Mostly to not meet up with Moria. Franky, still feeling guilty about the question he asked, will go find Brook, with Zoro tagging along with him. Robin is worried about Nami, so she’ll go with Sanji and Usopp. And Luffy will join them to hunt for Moria, even if Chopper is worried for him because Moria is a powerful Warlord. (Also, he’s tagging with them too.) Luffy couldn’t care if he is one, as he still says he’ll kick his ass. Usopp hands the group some salt packets, and tells them they got to hopefully get this done before the sun rises, cause of some of the crew’s shadows being gone. So the timeline is set. Get all of this done before dawn. Hildon watches this all, and flies off to tell Moria.

EP 355

Oars get to the top of the mast, and sees that it’s a big ship he is on. He wants to use this ship to become King of the Pirates. The zombies below tell Moria they don’t want to work with Oars since he’s too dangerous. But Moria confirms to them that Oars will be under his command very soon, and they will have a powerful zombie army. Hildon arrives, and tells Hogback that the 3 Straw Hats who got their shadows taken are awake now, and are coming their way. He also tells him they might be with “The Humming Swordsman” since they now know the zombie’s weakness. The setting goes back to the zombies, who are running away from Luffy. He’s angrily beating them down by himself. Hogback wants Absalom and the Zombie Generals to handle this, but they’re too busy with Absalom’s wedding, and since Hildon is one of Absalom’s men, he can’t stop him (Also, Absalom wants to use the dance hall for the wedding. Cause priorities.) Perona decides she will stop the Straw Hats herself with her ghosts. Hogback says she is very useful, only for Cindry to say Hogback isn’t and wishes he’d “shut up like Kumacy.” Ouch. As for Moria? He couldn’t give a shit. In fact, he’s bored as hell and will wait for Oars. Hogback does request that he become 2nd-in-command of Absaloms’ zombies, and has an eye on two zombies in particular: Sanji and Zoro’s zombies.

Luffy, along with Sanji, are still rampaging through the poor zombie hoard. So much so, that the others think they don’t need any salt for this. Franky and Zoro are also getting through the zombies, as Zoro is pissed these weak zombies captured him. He’s mad at Franky too cause he wants him to call him “bro” for rescuing him. Back to Luffy, Perona’s ghosts show up, and they get both Luffy and Sanji. It turns them depressed again, making Luffy wanting to be a mosquito, and Sanji having a soul “as bad as his curly eyebrows.” The crew sees the ghosts suck the spirits all of them. The zombies capture the two, but Usopp uses a Lead Star on them, and they get the two bozos and run. The zombies and ghost chase after them, having the crew think it’s all over from there. Until someone literally comes crashing down from above. Oars, having fun, lands on top of the building they’re all in, destroying it instantly.

EP 355 4

He gets the zombies and ghosts, along with Usopp and Sanji, who all fall to the ground below. Luffy wakes from his depressed state to see the building destroyed, as the others wonder what just happened. Franky and Zoro find Usopp and Sanji stuck in the ground, but since their legs are twitching still, they’re alright. They notice something blocking the way, as a weird wall (*Insert Donald Trump joke here*) appeared out of nowhere. Zoro stabs at it, and Franky shoots it, but nothing works. As Sanji and Usopp get up, Usopp notices what the weird wall is and tells the others to stop. The wall isn’t a wall at all. It’s Luffy’s zombie. Sanji and the others finally see why Usopp was so freaked out about Oars to begin with.

Last week we got hit with emotions. This week, not so much. Well, fine, humor is an emotion, and this one had some. Along with a ton of zombie ass-kicking. Oh, those poor, poor zombies. They never stood a damn chance. The arrival of Oars is a big factor too, as he shows just what the Straw Hats are gonna have to deal with later on in the arc. Hell, even Moria’s boredom is a factor, cause he’s super confident no one can beat his massive beast. A fun episode that welcomes back the antics of the series from the recap we saw last week. I give it 4 Building-crushing Monsters/5. Also, I don’t know if this is important to most, but next week is the 150th episode of One Piece being shown on the new Toonami. Yes, it’s been that long since One Piece has been on here, so I just wanted to give y’all a heads up.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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