Naruto Shippuden Episode 121 Recap: “Assemble”

Original Airdate: 8/6/2009

Toonami Airdate 7/30/2016

The last two weeks were all a big flashback to Kakashi’s past as a teen and how he not only lost a friend, but gain the Sharingan he uses. That friend was an Uchiha. And now we are back again with the Uchihas we just can’t get rid of ever all know about. We also meet up with the Akatsuki again and their plans to get all the Tailed Beasts. Oh, and last week was a pretty good episode. In fact, it was the best score I given the show so far on this site. Maybe it kept it up?

We start this the episode with a battle ending. Kisame, the shark guy, is happy the person he fought finally calmed down. And returns to Itachi. He has a bearded ginger guy with him, one of the Jinchuurikis that controls the Tailed Beast. (Since they got the 3-Tails before, even in shitty filler, this guy is the 4-Tails then.) Rain from a big storm starts to fall, and Itachi says their Akatsuki leader called them for the sealing of the old ginger and 3-Tails. But Kisame says he has to wait since it was a pain dealing with the dude. They should take their time, since they still got a few Tailed Beast to go, ending with the 9-Tails. They have to have Naruto be last cause they have to do it in order of “balance” or some shit.

Anyway, they get summoned, and the Leader tells them what has happened since they been gone. Orochimaru has been killed by Sasuke Uchiha, making Kisame happy, even gloating that he’s glad those “two zombie guys” that the Leaf got are dead too. Tobi himself points at Deidara not taking care of the Leaf dudes, and this just makes him angry. Only to get their leader pissed too for their shenanigans. Even though their objective is the remaining Jinchuuriki, they have to be aware of Sasuke and the two new peeps in his group, Suigetsu and Jugo (LOL, no mention of Karen here) since they might come after the Akatsuki themselves. Kisame does point out how Suigetsu was suppose to be the next coming of Zabuza, while Tobi really doesn’t want to get involve in this mess.

NS 121
Random sad-looking Itachi being sad-looking

Back in the Leaf, the team is going with Naruto’s idea of taking down Itachi. But thinking of capturing even one Akatsuki member is out of the question, since they’re too dangerous to capture. They have to be patient till they find Itachi. Then we see Karen and Suigetsu complaining back and forth again, until the group arrives at a random place. It goes back to Kisame and Itachi arriving at the Akatsuki hideout, where they bring the old man and set him next to the Giant Turtle. As their leader summons the big ugly sealing statue, they’re ready to begin to seal the 3-Tails.

As the Sasuke Squad goes into town, their emo leader brings them to a sketchy place. It’s a hideout, but not one of Orochimaru’s. It’s an Uchiha munition store. There, they meet two kitty cats who can talk and know Sasuke.


As Suigetsu learns the hard way, they’re not ordinary cats. They are ninja cats who can kill ya if you’re not careful. Wait, so they’re just like actual cats then? They also like catnip. Again, like regular cats. The group needs weapons, medicine and other supplies for their fight upcoming. While there, Sasuke meets up with the leader of the cat ninjas, the old granny cat.

NS 121 4

As the others get new clothes, Granny Cat still can’t believe Sasuke is going after Itachi, even as they’re the only 2 Uchihas’ left. Also, Jugo can’t fit in any clothes, so he just gets a big sheet. Cause progress.

Back again in the Leaf, the group wonders how to get Itachi, which Kakashi has a plan for. Naruto is sad, but Pervy Sage arrives to cheer him up and invite his student to lunch. They talk of the mission, and how it’s just too big  a mission for Naruto to deal with by himself. And they can’t involve too many ninjas on this mission either, while ordinary methods won’t work on Itachi, cause he’s too good. There’s Sasuke talk, a promise to Sakura, Naruto’s ninja way of never giving up, and all that other stuff that can’t slow this show any further. Just give Naruto some leftover pork to continue on this plot.

Back with the Akatsuki, Deidara is angry still, and wants to deal with not only Sasuke, to give him the final blow to take him out, but he wants revenge on Naruto and Kakashi too. Cause Naruto punched him, and Kakashi took one of his arms with his Sharingan magic portal. As the rain falls where the Sasuke Squad is, it falls in the leaf as both are ready to go. Kakashi brings along Hinata, Kiba and Shino for this mission, as the two teams work fine together/know each other and will look for Itachi as two separate teams. Tsunade authorizes the mission to get Itachi, as the hunt is on.

NS 121 6

NS 121 2

Remember how last week was a good episode, and I gave it a good grade? Yeah, not so much this week. The only good thing was that Tobi was here and the ninja kitties were cute. That’s it. Other than that? TOO. MUCH. TALKING!!! Can this show not talk any more than it could? We were just sitting there and seeing NOTHING!! Sure, it looks like progress with the sealing, and the fact they got a mission to get Itachi. But look. If Iron-Blooded Orphans can get shit for not having any action, why does Shippuden get a pass? It shouldn’t. And it shouldn’t get a pass either since we don’t see any character development, unlike on IBO. “Hey, here’s a random old guy who’s a Jinchuuriki who we just now met. Want to know him a bit? Well, FUCK YOU!! He’s almost dead.” Hell, they barely mention he’s the 4-Tails either, so thanks for that, show. You know, it’s that time. Let’s bring it out again!

This sucked, and it made last week’s episode look spectacular in comparison. Thanks a lot, Shippuden. At least there wasn’t any flashbacks. 1 Cute Ninja Cat/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami









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