One Punch Man Episode 3 Recap “The Obsessive Scientist”

Original Airdate: October 18, 2015

Toonami Airdate : July 30, 2016

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome back to another recap of One Punch Man with the third episode. The episode that will be recapped is “The Obsessive Scientist” 

The episode starts with a narration from Armored Gorilla telling the backstory of Dr. Genus. We learn that he was an intelligent scientist that made contributions to human knowledge, however as time went his accomplishments made him disillusioned with the world. His ideas and theories were given little to no support. His goal was to make humanity evolve. He would then spend his many years on research until the age of 70 after finding the results he needed. Thanks to the research he was able to make himself look young again, make clones of himself, and named his laboratory “House of Evolution” where he conducts experiments with animals to create new species. 
Now impatient of hearing too much of a long backstory, Saitama tells Armored Gorilla to make the story shorter. To make the story short, Armored Gorilla tells Saitama that Dr. Genus wants his body for experiments. Genos suggests that they should find him and attack him and Saitama agrees. Before they leave, Genos asks Armored Gorilla if he knows anything about cyborgs that were created four years ago and if any destroyed any towns before. Armored Gorilla says that he knows nothing about that. 

Meanwhile in the House of Evolution facility, Dr. Genus and the clones find out that Saitama and Genos are coming. To stop them, they decide to release Carnage Kabuto and to step up traps. 

Saitama and Genos arrive in the facility. Just before they could enter inside, Genos destroys the facility as he thought it was best to destroy everyone in the facility fast. They then find a underground entrance and enter. 

We then see Carnage Kabuto, who is a huge beetle creature created by Dr. Genus, taking out many of the clones. He has been locked in prison for being mentally unstable and that Dr. Genus couldn’t find a way to properly control him. Dr. Genus asks Carnage Kabuto if he can take out Saitama so he can use his body for experiments and he agrees to. 

Carnage Kabuto finds Saitama and Genos and challenges Saitama to a fight. Before Kabuto and Saitama start their fight, Genos tries to stop and fight against Kabuto. But none of his attacks are doing no damage to Kabuto. Kabuto then attacks Genos and does severe damage to him. Genos tries to do a flamethrower attack on Kubuto, but he counters the attack and sends the flames to Genos.

Now with Genos nearly taken out, Kabuto and Saitama start their fight. Just before Kabuto makes an attack on Saitama, he backs away after sensing how powerful Saitama is. He then asks to Saitama on why he is so strong. 

Saitama decides to reveal his secret of his power to Kabuto, Genos, and Dr. Genus. His secret is that he went through three years of daily training with 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, 10 kilometers of running every day. He worked his body off so hard even when it was tired he never stop. The daily training is also the reason why he is bald. Genos doesn’t believe Saitama’s story and thinks he has a true secret, but Saitama says that is all he has done to get strong.

Now mad, Kabuto goes into carnage mode and says to Saitama that aonce he kills him, he will go to the town on a killing spree until the next Saturday. While Kabuto is attacking him, Saitama realizes that today is Saturday which is the day of a bargain day at the supermarket. He then kills Kabuto with one punch after finding out this. After being by Genos that there is still time, Saitama and Genos then go run to the supermarket quickly before the day ends. 

After seeing everything that has happened, Dr. Genus decides that he is done with evolution and will now change himself.

After the end credits, we see investigators inspecting the destroyed facility of House of Evolution.

As for the episode, I thought it was really good. I always thought that Saitama gained his powers for a incident or something like that but to know it was just for a training was a surprise. I’ll give this episode 8 punches/10

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami at 12:00 AM Saturday 


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