The Eric Andre Show 04 x 01 Recap: “T.I.; Abby Lee Miller”

Hey, cedric_alpha here again with another recap. But wait, this isn’t a Toonami recap of a good show and a kinda terrible one. That’s right, I’m doing The Eric Andre Show for Swim Squad. I love this freaking show, man. As soon as I saw it premiere a few years back, I knew we would be in for something special. We are up to Season 4 of the Most Twisted “Late-Night talk show” you will ever see, and so it’s time we get going with our favorite insane host, with help from Hannibal Buress as always too. And hopefully, we Legalize Ranch this year.

In the cold opening, we see our host, as usual, break the set apart. Only this time he is getting flung around by a tether. Also, there’s a new band full of old dudes, and a new guy behind the curtain. Other than that, still same old opening. On to the skits/interviews.

Cupcake Challenge: Eric Andre is a delivery boy. And crashing into a cupcake shop on a bike, looking for who ordered.

T.I. interview: Rapper T.I. is the first interview, and it’s a normal interview. With Eric’s boner coming through the desk, and him stroking it. And then wanting to shake T.I.’s hand, and T.I. not having that shit. With a sudden zombie attack too. We have some Irish folk music, an unexpected visit by “Kraft Punk” (Only to be kicked out by Hannibal and Eric). T.I. leaves when a random naked white guy appears.

Sprite Sponsorship: Eric just wants a sponsorship from Sprite, that’s all. Sure, he may have broken a bone or two skating, but he just wants a Sprite sponsorship. Is that too much to ask?

Horsin’ Around: Eric asks people how they’re doing in a horse costume. Then the guy in back fingers him in the asshole. This leads to a giant horse fight.

Abby Lee Miller interview: Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms comes on, with Eric, high on medicine, breaking his desk. Stuff asked includes her being the “Carrot Top” of moms, teaching the monkeys (read: children) on her show to dance , and owning $400,000 to the IRS. Also, Drones being piloted by the new Asian guy with hot dogs attached, Hannibal scaning himself like an airport security guard, leaving, then coming back and dancing. And one of the Seven Deadly Sins is introduced (a guy holding a sloth, while eating a cig). It freaks Abby Lee Miller the hell out.

Suceess: A package is delivered, and out pops the boss (Eric) who wonders he’s doing a good job boasting the morale’s of his employees.

The show closes with the band American Authors performing. As a Human Centipede. As Eric beats them with a stick. With Abby Lee Miller horribly watching this in the background.

The Eric Andre Show is still as great as it was when it premiered back in 2012. The sketches are pure insanity, the guest are in the stages of either 1.) having no idea what is happening, 2.) getting sick of his bullshit after awhile, or 3.) are a part of it and go along for the wild ride. If you’re somehow just tuning into this show for the first time, HEY!! Welcome to the madness! You have no idea what the fuck is happening, do ya? And you probably want to call for help from anybody right now after what you seen. As for the rest of us who are used to this, it’s what we call a normal episode. Still fun, and still full of WTFs throughout. I hope you enjoy these recaps as much as you enjoy the show. 9 Finger Blasts in a Horse Costume/10. 


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight on Fridays on Adult Swim.


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