Naruto Shippuden Episode 122 Recap: “The Hunt”

Original Airdate: 8/13/2009

Toonami Airdate: 8/6/2016

Last week was terrible. Nothing got done at all on here, just them getting ready to face Itachi. If there was some action, it would be at least fine for Shippuden standards. But because of it, all we got were kitty cats as the best thing to happen on there. Also, a Tailed Beast Jinchuuriki died or something. Anyway, this week we have doggies. Lot of them. But do we have a great episode? Do I have to bring up Combine Harvester again? Let the recap commence.

At a random building with a big bird statue, the Leaf Ninja arrive, and Kakashi gives out the plans. He tells them the Akatsuki are rounding up the Tailed Beasts, including the 3-Tails, and could be in the Land of Fire, looking for Naruto. Itachi himself could also be heading for the Leaf Village. Meaning that where he is, Sasuke will follow, so they will find both. They make the building they’re at a centerpoint with a 5 km radius. If they don’t find anything around there, they will make another point with the same thing. This of course worries Sakura, but who cares what she feels. Cause Kakashi calls on his doggies. Pakkun and friends will help with the search, and Sakura, Shino, and Sai each get two doggies with them. One of the dogs with Sakura thinks she’s a “loudmouth female”. Twitter, what you think of this doggy?

Yeah, I already like this doggy too. The dogs with Shino annoy him, while Sai tries to be friends with his. As for Naruto, he will be with Yamato and Hinata as a group, making Hinata very happy. And Kiba and Kakashi will be with their own dogs searching. They take off, as Kakashi also tells Naruto not to run off on his own. Good luck with that.

Back with the Sasuke Squad, Suigetsu and Jugo are ready to go and find Itachi, and they set off themselves. This leaves Karin alone with Sasuke, and he becoming wet again for him. He tells her to go too. Deidara and Tobi arrive, and Deidara has a new arm. Deidara is making his decision on who to pick between Sasuke and Naruto and takes off on his bird art.

NS 122

In town, Suigetsu goes to a random place, and offs the bodyguard before entering. Two people are there, and he takes them out (without killing them) and wants them to talk. They were Kakazu’s bookies who did his money stuff. Jugo is in the forest with some animals, asking for their help. And his Curse Mark appears again. That’s really it for him in that scene.

Back with the Leaf Ninja, Kiba and Akamura do their best, the hounds with Shino annoy him still, while the hounds with Sai are annoyed by him. And Naruto still thinks of his emo fucktoy Sasuke. Biscuit, the dog who made fun of Sakura earlier, is still throwing shade at her, saying she can’t get boys and looks ugly doing it. Again, I like this dog. She thinks Sasuke should know how they feel and, “Sasuke should come home because WE LOVE HIM!!” BS we all hear. The doggies decide to sniff out Sasuke, and they catch a faint scent of him. They walk into a nearby town where the scent is. They can’t see him, but the doggies say the scent is getting stronger. They start to walk some more. The dogs stop Sakura because she isn’t being cautious enough. Then they walk some more. And walk some more.

Eventually, something happens, as Karin passes by Sakura. The dogs sense the scent rescinding, meaning it was on Karin the whole time. Karin herself doesn’t sense any bad chakra around, so she returns to her usual getting wet for Sasuke routine.

Deidara is searching still and finds what he wants, even though Tobi still doesn’t know who he found. Naruto’s group is still searching as someone is tailing them. Someone is also tailing Sasuke as well. Both Naruto’s team and Sasuke sense who’s behind them, and they ask who it is to come out. With Naruto’s group, it’s an old annoyance. The FEB is back, AKA Kabuto, and the FEB wants to only chat with Naruto. Naruto asks if the rumors about Sasuke killing Orochimaru are true, which the FEB says are. And he brought a present for him. How nice. Meanwhile, Tobi comes out to meet Sasuke, only to have the emo glare at him, scaring Tobi. But Deidara attacks from above and gets Sasuke.

The FEB has an info book on he Akatsuki he wants to give to Naruto. He’s not helping the Leaf in anyway, so they wonder why he’s helping. Apparently, it’s a gift cause he has a new purpose in life. Cause of Orichimaru’s death, the FEB lost sense of who he is. He didn’t have any parents growing up, and the Leaf itself raised him to be a ninja, so he now wonders who he is. He also wonders who Naruto is. Is he Naruto, the 9-Tails, or Shinichi Izumi? All this is making Yamato and Hinata wonder what he really has in mind. But anyway, because of this, Kabuto knows what he wants to be now. So he reveals what he has. He’s got some of Orochimaru’s power, and says he will be a “better Kabuto”. He only took a piece of Orochimaru that was left from Sasuke killing him, absorbed it, and as Hinata shows us through her Byakugan, it has taken over 1/3rd of his body. He feels it trying to take over him everyday.

NS 122 2
“Do you like my new look?”
NS 122 3
“Fuck no! You’re more hideous than before!”

Naruto doesn’t care for the FEB’s sob story, and attacks him. Yamato tries to grab him with his wood, but the FEB escapes this. He says he will control Orochimaru’s power soon, and will fight Naruto eventually. But first, he’s going after Sasuke. As for Sasuke, he survived Deidara’s attack with a big snake. Tobi can see he’s stronger than before, but Deidara still can’t believe he killed Orichimaru. The two glare at each other, ready to fight.

This was another Shippuden episode where again, it failed at keeping me, and probably you too, entertain for the most part. Again, we have all this stuff happening, and yet, it’s either Sakura walking to the point of no return, or just hearing Kabuto’s story of being powerful now through his stupid means. Congrats Kabuto, you have a not-at-all sad story, and are so power-hungry and loyal to your snake daddy, you’re LITERALLY becoming him. No one cares for you. Also, here’s a tweet for ya to think about.

Yeah, this makes a ton of sense, right? I swear, these ninjas are as stupid as this show can get. This episode would’ve gotten another Combine Harvester again this week, if it wasn’t for the fact that Biscuit was awesome in dissin’ Sakura. Again, if that is the best part of the show, then you’re doing everything wrong. But still, it was good seeing Sakura being brought down a peg or two by a tiny puppy.

I couldn’t agree more. 1.5 Good Doggies/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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