One Piece Episode 356 Recap: “Usopp’s The Strongest? Leave Anything Negative To Him”

Original Airdate: 6/1/2008

Toonami Airdate: 8/6/2016

Welcome to the 150th episode of One Piece on Toonami!! At least, on the new Toonami. Yes, One Piece has been on here for that long. Over 3 years since we started the Silver Fox Foxy arc, which led into the Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs. I still remembered when it first aired in May of 2013. It really does feel like it was yesterday. And yet, for with all the gripes about One Piece being on here from some, and all the schedule changes, and even the one short time it was shown at 8:30 PM for a time (Which I believe was still longer than Chriller’s anime block), One Piece is still here, along with Toonami. To which I say to everyone still watching, we all did it!! And to all the haters, the door’s open. Exit your way on out. Since this is kinda a party, we must have uninvited guests. And that uninvited guest last week was Oars, who literally came crashing down from above. The others now see who Luffy’s shadows inhibits. Let’s start this 150th Toonami episode recap.

In the mansion, we have Luffy, Robin, and Chopper all running. They’re there to kick the butt of the “Big Onion” and kick it fast to get their shadows back. Chopper tells Luffy to keep going to the Dance Hall that has a big fridge and enter it to make it to Moria. They enter the Dance Hall, only to encounter Hogback and Cindry. Luffy knows him from his encounter earlier, and Chopper hates to see his face again, only for Hogback to not recognize Chopper in a different form. Chopper says he will fight the two so Luffy can go on ahead. Luffy starts to run, but Hogback orders Cindry to stop him. She starts to throw plates at Luffy. Robin stops this attack with her Devil Fruit Powers, and Luffy runs on ahead. Hogback sees now that Robin has Devil Fruit powers, as does Chopper, as he transforms back into the form Hogback saw before. Chopper is really pissed at how Hogback made all the zombies. How pissed is he?

Okay, that’s more adorable than angry. But anyway, he lost all respect for Hogback. Hogback doesn’t care for that. In fact, instead of taking his shadow, he wants Chopper to become a new zombie puppet. So he calls on two zombies to take care of him and Robin: The dog-pen and the other samurai zombie. AKA, the zombies with Sanji and Zoro’s shadows. Chopper recognizes dog-pen, but seeing Zoro’s zombies make him remember what Luffy said about the zombie and Zoro looking alike. Which he can plainly see, they don’t. Hogback orders the two to attack them, and they decide to attack Chopper first.

Luffy is running through the cold hallway, and finally makes it to the end, and encounters Moria just sitting there still. Moria just mehs at Luffy’s arrival. The others outside see Oars and how big he is, and all his features, including his horns. They wonder if this is really a zombie. Oars then sees them, and his hand comes down. He picks up a giant boulder nearby and lifts it over his head. The others (except Usopp, who freaks as usual thinking it’s the end) prepare for an attack. Oars takes the boulder … and puts it on his head like a hat. He says he now has an awesome hat to be King of the Pirates. Oars actually didn’t see the 4 of them, and they see how tough of a fight it’s gonna be since it has Luffy’s personality in tow. Usopp wants to leave cause of Oars, just to incur the wrath of his crew for his cowardliness, forgetting they still need to save Nami. The only problem is that the stairs are broken from Oars, and so is the bridge up above them. But have no fear, Franky is here to help, as he got all the wooden scraps from around and builds a nice bridge within the span of 30 seconds. Don’t ask how he did it. He just did.

The 4 make their way inside the mansion, and make it inside a room that looks like it was built for a princess. Ghost appear everywhere, and there they meet up with Perona. She’s not happy since she was gonna have the zombies grab them by the stairs, but Oars ruined that plan. The group sees she is controlling the ghost and remembers the last time they encounter them.

EP 356 2

The ghosts come from her hands, as she can summon them with the power of the Hollow-Hollow Fruit. The only thing to do is run from the spirit-crushers, but Perona uses “Negative Hollow”, releasing 4 ghosts, and it gets all 4 of the guys. They become depressed, as Sanji says he’s dumber than a mackerel, Franky wants a stray dog to step on him, Zoro just wants to crawl on the ground like a worm, and Usopp says he’s done for. Perona orders her animal zombies to capture the group, but as soon as it looks like it’s over, an attack is called: Gatling Salt Star. Salt goes in the mouths of a bunch animal zombies, purifying them. Usopp is the one who did it, shocking Perona. She believes he acted like he got hit, and with a second Negative Hollow, hits him directly with a ghost.

EP 356 4

However, Usopp gets up and is totally fine, for he is the brave Captain Usopp. Perona wonders what powers he has to withstand her attack. But Usopp doesn’t have any powers. The reason why he isn’t affected is simple: He has a negative personality. Perona, how do you feel about this?

EP 356 3

Exactly. Usopp is, as the animal zombies say, “More negative than the negative ghost.” This brings Perona to tears, since she has never encountered a human who can stand up to her ghosts’ negativity. But, she then tells Usopp to not give up. With the zombies joining in too, they tell him also to do his best, just pissing him off. Usopp tells the others to go get Nami and their shadows back, for he is the only one to handle the ghosts, making Usopp have a moment of being cool for once. He wants them to also finish the animal zombies off first, but the 3 run off before that. Since the ghost don’t affect him, Perona will have the zombies pound him to death.

As the wedding is underway, the zombie priest ask if Absalom will be Nami’s husband, which he replies with a “Damn Straight!!” He then asks Nami if she will be Absalom’s wife, and a zombie talks for her saying she will, since she is still unconscious. Absalom can now kiss the bride, and he goes crazy over this. Sanji and the others are trying to make their way to the wedding as fast as they can, as the episode ends with Absalom puckering up, getting ever so close to kissing Nami.

EP 356

This episode was another good one for me, since we saw both sides of Usopp we know. We saw the usually cowardly side of him, not wanting to fight. But when his friends are in danger, he steps up and becomes pretty brave, taking the ghost head on. Yeah, his negative thing might be a plot twist some will call BS on, but come on. It’s Usopp. He’s always been like this, so it kinda makes sense. Also, the reaction shots from Chopper and Perona were great, and Absalom trying to kiss Nami, while really weird, was a bit funny too. Plus, if there’s anything we can take from this episode, it’s this:

This was the 150th episode of One Piece on Toonami. Let’s continue watching and hope for another 150 episodes and even more in the future. 4 Negative Personalities/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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