Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio Episodes 4-5 Double Recap Extravaganza: For Blanchet AND For the Jenners

You might be wondering where the hell I’ve been. Well, I didn’t have my laptop last week so I couldn’t type out the Episode 4 recap. Why this is still late, don’t judge. The point is is that today, for being so patient, you get TWO recaps for the price of one! So, after a week and a half, let’s dive in to some sclops. OH YEAH! HIGH FIVE!

Episode 4

  1. Baby Sleuths
    A triple homicide? Only one team can figure this out: the Baby Sleuths.
  2. Poompf
    Come on, let’s start the show. To be honest, I don’t like how this overstays it’s welcome to the point where it’s almost 2 minutes long.
  1. The Beast Vs. 5 Hungry Dogs
    Yeah, I’m not spoiling who the beast is.
  2. On and On
    Semen is a demon.
  3. Ilanda Glazer Does Accents
    Ilanda Glazer makes fun of British people by making them drool.
  4. Preteen with a Predator Head
    My favorite 90s sitcom.

    2016-08-10 (8)
    How do you say no to that face?
  5. Coked Up Paddle Boarder
    He’s in peace.
  6. Anniversary Gift
    A woman explains to her husband why she can’t go swimming with dolphins.
  7. Preteen with a Predator Head
    Tonight, Tabatha goes through some troubling dilemmas.
  8. TV Guidance Councilor
    Time to talk about TV sex.
  9. Ugly Villains
    This guy’s not a big fan of ugly villains.

    2016-08-10 (4)
    Do you know all 12 baddies? Because I only know 8 of them.
  10. Stinky Carrot
    That carrot’s got that stank on.
  11. You see something?
    Say something.
  12. Fruit Blood: This is how we screw
    Another classic Fruit Blood performance.
  13. Happy Birthday Jimmy Fallon
    Didn’t know it was his birthday.
  14. Ugly Dog
    Why does no one want to pay attention to the talking dog? He just wants to have fun.
    Simple email.

    2016-08-10 (5)
    This scene was animated less than a year ago, as proven by the Google logo. Also, this anonymous person likes to watch Filthy Frank apparently.


It was definitely better than the last episode, which I wasn’t amused by. I still can’t say that this episode is as good as the first two though. It definitely belongs somewhere in the middle.
Final Rating: 6 Hungry Dogs out of 10. Even though there were 5, I don’t care. Let’s move on the Episode 5.


Episode 5

  1. Spy on Your Lover
    We see how much Brad Neely doesn’t want a TV-MA-L rating.
  2. What your dad dreams about, BUT…

    2016-08-10 (6)
    I don’t really have anything to say about this one. Make up your own conclusions.
  3. Bangs
    Proof that everything is cuter with a bang.
  4. Wrong Face
    The wrong face to make.
  5. Humpington
    Like Paddington, but with Colin Firth and Colin Farrell.

    2016-08-10 (10)
    Just look at that 98% on Rotten Tomatoes!
  6. The Host
    A song about the host of the party.
  7. Wrong Face 2
    But this time, it’s a leg face.
  8. Baby Cakes in…My Dog is a Ghost
    Baby Cakes is here to talk about his Ghost Dog. It’s kinda like Ghost Dad, but 100% more Dog and 100% less Bill Cosby.
  9. Hot Pockets
    The good Hot Pockets ad campaign.
  10. Black and White Mad Libs
    They could’ve gone more far out with what they chose.
  11. Wrong Face 3: Revenge of the Wrong Face
    A man shows the truth in this twist ending.
  12. I Always See Kanye West
    Kanye’s the mayor, yo.
  1. Hamster Band
    The new hit single from the Hamster Band.
  2. …What Your Mom Dreams About.
    Ok, now it makes sense.
  3. Today’s Special
    A deal for a new Cast Iron Skillet.

    2016-08-10 (7)
    93% off? I’ll take it!
  4. “Something I Read” with Chelsea Peretti
    A tale of Lewis Carroll clones.
  5. Fruit Blood: #27
    He has never ever ever ever ever washed his hands. Gross.


If I made a list from Best to Worst for this series so far it’d have to go 2, 5, 1, 4, 3. Like I’ve said before, this show is pretty much like a button. You push the button, you get a sketch. Whether or not the sketch will be good is completely fucking random. This episode hit a lot of goods.

Final Rating: 8 shits out of 10.

Next week we’ll see if I can actually upload a recap on time! Probably not!


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