Kris’ Top Five Favorite [AS] Shows (Of All Time)

Choosing Five  Makes You Think

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and Swim Squad is turning 1!! It’s honestly exciting and weird known that I’ve been on this site, writing for you guys for a whole year. I haven’t been consistent on a lot of stuff lately, so its nice to know that I have at least one thing I can be consistent with. Speaking off, as part of our anniversary, we’re going to give you a list of our favorite shows of all time. Some of them are ten, some of them are twenty, and some of them are five. I’m doing five because I want to really think hard on this. What are my favorite Adult Swim shows? Will my list collide with the others? Hopefully not. Anyway, I don’t want to keep you all waiting, so let’s get this list started shall we?

Kris’ Top Five Favorite Adult Swim Shows (Of All Time):

Soul Eater

5). Soul Eater (2013-2014): Man I loved this anime when it was airing, Adult Swim was on longer on Saturday nights and you get to see  the anime air twice, its original airing and then its backup airing before it left TV for good. The VA for the English Dub of this anime was honestly spot one and one of the few animes I honestly like. If I had to see repeats of Soul Eater vs. repeats of Dragon Ball Z (Kai) for the millionth time, then I would choose Soul Eater. Honestly, Soul Eater is one of the funniest animes that aired in a while and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Or I could watch the English sub…whichever way works for me.

Home Movies

4). Home Movies (1999-2004): My very first article I wrote about on the site (besides my intro) was about Home Movies. The animation wasn’t the best and the actual home movies–filmed by three grade-schoolers–weren’t the best, but there was something nostalgic about watching this show. There’s something nostalgic about walking downstairs later at night when your supposed to be sleep or turning on your TV and making sure the volume was really low on the weekends and watching these shows. The jokes were good enough that got me to laugh without getting caught. I do miss this show and hopefully a night on [AS] can be filled with nothing but Home Movies and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. And yes, I know that they actually aired Space Ghost as an April Fool’s joke a few years back.

China, IL

3). China, IL (2008-2015): Why did this show end? There is one unanswered question with this show, but that’s only because of my shipping. Either way, China, IL was good, it was worth watching. Every character was likable in their own way, even Frank…but only because his voice was awesome. Brad Neely did a great job with this show, I hate how he let something as great as this get cancelled for Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio. For redemption, I hope that show gets cancelled as well.

Robot Chicken

2). Robot Chicken (2005-): In my opinion, Robot Chicken was one of the greatest shows that has ever aired on Adult Swim. I am a fan of stop-motion animation and Robot Chicken does it right. Honestly, stop-motion animation is like animation porn to me, I mean I watch a show about Barbie Dolls declaring war because somebody went in the cheerleader’s bathroom, yes, I like stop-motion. I also like the skits, they are funny and most of them are classics by now. I have a Top 20s List dedicated to it…and Senpai even noticed me. It’s nice to get noticed.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Baby Blues: I used to love this show, this was probably the only show my Mom would let me watch back when Adult Swim just started. The jokes were funny, but not too inappropriate and the characters were entertaining. I wish a more adult version of For Better or For Worse aired around the same time.
  • The Boondocks: I love The Boondocks, the first three seasons were fantastic. The first three seasons had memorable episodes and memorable lines. If I chose ten, I would put this series on the list, but honestly five is better.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Man I love this show. Who wouldn’t love a show about some fries, a ball of meat, and a (presumably) strawberry milkshake. It’s sad that this show ended, but all good things come to an end and this was a good show. Yeah it did have some misses, but it was an overall good show.
Rick and Morty

1). Rick and Morty (2013-): I love Rick and Morty and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I didn’t expect to like Rick and Morty but I do. I like it because of a lot of reasons, it’s just that almost every episode is exciting and gross and I’m a sucker for abnormal shows. And season’s two cliffhanger, I cannot get over that still. I would totally recommend anybody who hasn’t this show yet to go and watch it, its worth it. One of the best recent shows that came on Adult Swim besides Mike Tyson Mysteries.


Final Thoughts:

There were so many more shows I wanted to include such as Space Dandy and Mike Tyson Mysteries, but I honestly wanted to keep it at five, five shows felt more honest to me and again, it really made me think about this list.

Also, I’m pretty sure that some of these favorites won’t be on just my list, but I hope you enjoy reading all of them. Until next time, though my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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