Cedric_alpha’s Top 15 Adult Swim Shows List

Yo, Cedric_alpha here again, and it’s the 1-year anniversary of Swim Squad forming. Congrats, Swim Squad! You’re old enough to still be wearing diapers. Anyway, our plans for this is to make a Top list of our favorite Adult Swim shows, and these are my own favorite shows. I have been a fan of Adult Swim since I was a kid and been watching basically since it came on the air. Yeah, that should tell ya how messed up I’ve become. But, before I get on with my list, I do have some stuff I want to get over first.

  1. This list for me will NOT include any Toonami shows. I know that some of my colleagues will have Toonami shows on here. I won’t. I personally wanted to make this just for Adult Swim shows only. Although, if we’re being fair, Space Dandy would be a perfect Adult Swim show, and not just Toonami.
  2. I’m also not gonna do anything that involves anime. Personally, I wanted to stay away from anime for a change. I know Shin-Chan, Bleach, Evangelion, and Bebop all had their run on Adult Swim/ASA. But maybe if there’s another list later on, I’ll do it for the anime portion.
  3. I’m not including any Fox shows on here. Sure, they may have been what made Adult Swim so popular/saved the asses of the shows themselves (And in the case of Futurama, got new episodes on a different network other than Adult Swim, because it made alot of sense.) Besides, do you really want to see Fox shows on here? We mostly bitch about them anyways, even if they still pull in the ratings.
  4. I was gonna make this a top 10 list. But damn, there are so many shows I liked on here, that I actually made it to 15. There are many more that I liked that I wanted to be on here, but screw it. 15 is enough.

So, there you have it. Before I get to my top lists, let me make some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Mike Tyson Mysteries: This show became a fast favorite of mine, as MTM is a fun show about the famous boxer solving mysteries Scooby-Doo style. Plus, I absolutely love Pigeon. I wish this made the list, but honorable mention is pretty good too. Can’t wait for more episodes.

SquidbilliesI might be one of the few who still love this show. Yes, it’s a stupid ass show about hillbilly squids in Georgia. But damnit, this show still gets laughs from me a plenty. Plus, Granny Squid is Best Squid. Sorry, Splatoon peeps.

The Venture Bros.: This show should be on my list, but for some reason, it isn’t. It’s a good series, as it is still a honorable mention, and I love the characters and the action/comedy. But hey, I have other favorites. Still, GO TEAM VENTURE!!

Superjail!: This gore-infested, murder-every-prisoner-in-every-way-possible, bloodfest is still a visual of how Adult Swim could not give a fuck if the show has a story or plot. Just throw something in for a story, kill everyone, then repeat the process. Fun times

Okay, now that I got those out of the way, time for my picks. Let’s go.

15. Rick and Morty

This crazy, fun, and very dark show has become a fast fav of not only me, but mostly everyone I associate with. From Rick and his smartassed asshole-ness, to Morty getting involved in the crazy shit Rick does, to making fun of Jerry for being a fucking failure at everything, this show is good. It should be higher up on this list, and it probably will be later on as time goes in the newer season(s). But for now, 15 is good.

14. Home Movies

Home Movies

This show was a fun show to watch back in High School. I would always watch it whenever it was on. The story of 3 kids making home movies, and the life around them. It’s has some good comedy in it, and it is basically what made me love H. Jon Benjamin. He as Coach Mcguirk is one of his best roles.

13. Loiter Squad 

Yes, this show is not to everyone’s liking. But damnit, I liked it. I was a big Odd Future/Tyler the Creator fan back when it air, and this show basically showed all their wacky antics, and even some of their music. I t was basically the black version of Jackass. Also, we can’t forget this.

12. Metalocalspye 

I’m NOWHERE near being a metalhead. Hell, I could barely name 3 heavy metal bands myself (I’m sorry Rob. Don’t hurt me!) And yet, this show with bandmates Nathan Explosion, Pickles, Murderface, Skwisgaar, and Toki and their world-changing/fan killing metal is still a fun show. Like Superjail!, so much death rules this show, while also keeping some of comedy elements alive too. And I can’t go on without mentioning one of the greatest characters ever in Dr. Rockso, The Rock n’ Roll Clown. Fuck yeah I love him and his cocaine addiction! (Btw, don’t do cocaine. It’s a hellva a drug. … HEHEHEHE!!)

11. Sealab 2021

Have you ever seen the old Hanna-Barbara cartoons from when your parents (or maybe grandparents?) were kids? Well, Adult Swim did, and decided to re-do them with all the weed involve. I know alot will say Space Ghost Coast-To-Coast is the better show, and while I won’t disagree with them, I love Sealab so much more. It’s basically an acid trip of a show, and shows you how not to run an underwater laboratory. The morons make for some great moments throughout.

10. 12 Oz. Mouse

This show most of the time made no fucking sense. This show had very bad animation. This show had a cutout squirrel just jumping around. It was like someone just copy-and-pasted the thoughts of a weird ass dream they had, and said “That’s a show!!” And it was still one of the best things ever. Which included one of the best themes songs ever. Rock on, Fitz. Rock on, steal all the drinks without paying them, and drink your liver out.

9. China, IL

You know what college is like, right? All the studying, partying, fitting in, and hoping to get through the 4+ years without being completely in debt (Good luck with that.) Well, China, IL is all that, only it takes place in a crappy town with a bunch of crazy locals, with the teachers there who are cool (Well, most. Sorry Frank), but also just as bad. The students are basically the same as them as well. It all makes up for a bunch of weird shit that involves the strain of college life, making it look like fun. For the audience, at least.

8. Moral Orel


This show was clearly something when I saw it back when it first made waves on Adult Swim, and going back and reviewing it earlier this year, I still loved Moral Orel and all of its Glory. This claymation piece set in a God-fearing Midwestern town is still one of the darkest shows you will see in anything, but it’s still as good as ever. Take in God and all that he teaches, and hopefully, you won’t get spank by your alcoholic dad.

7. Robot Chicken 


I know. The last few seasons of Seth Green and co. infinite toy-mation imagination hasn’t been the best, since they been mostly just dick, fart and BJ jokes (At least there’s still Bitch Pudding to help out.) But still, I been with this show since the beginning. I love how every toy/cartoon/series each generation could love as a child, can be destroy  by having some of them get in an orgy and shit. I like the Nerd, Humping Robot, the actual Chicken fighting, and everything. Even if it gone down in quality like Family Guy and others, it’s still hard to leave this show. Yes, I still love you Robot Chicken.

6. Perfect Hair Forever

I said I wasn’t gonna put any anime on here. I still haven’t, but Perfect Hair Forever might be as close to anime as it gets. (Unless you count 2 other shows I have on this list later. Which you might.) As I showed in one of my earlier reviews, this short show was basically a spoof of all that is anime, with everything that doesn’t make sense at times, colorful hair, cat people, and sexy chicks getting hit on by old men. Still wish this show got more episodes than it did. Still wish it would get another season. But even then, it’s still Perfect as it is.

Now to the top 5 list.

5. The Eric Andre Show

Bird Up gif

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Destroys set, runs into one of the band players, be naked on occasion, sit in chair, set up set again, and start the show* It’s been that way for 4 years now, and it still never gets old. With our crazy host and Hannibal Buress doing weird shit. All the street skits that frighten/confuse/piss off everyone around him. To every interview who seems they want to leave immediately, or beat the hell outta him, Eric Andre has turn this 11 minute show into a glorious brilliance of insanity. We need to let Congress Legalize Ranch right now!

4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force series

You can’t have an Adult Swim Top whatever list without the original crew who basically made Adult Swim’s identity. The food group of Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, along with their human neighbor Carl, and all the wacky people/aliens/monsters/etc. they meet are still great to watch. From “Rabbot”, to the last episode ever where they become immortal, ATHF has made an impact on this generation. For better, and for worse. Let’s run that infamous theme.

3. The Mighty Boosh

Was this an Adult Swim original? No. Was it even an American TV original? Nope. Did this show feel like an acid trip at times with all the settings and characters? Most definitely. Was this wacky British show the best goddamn live-action show that Adult Swim has ever show? In my honest opinion, HELL. FUCKING. YES!!! I will always think this no matter what. I don’t care how many fucking Emmy’s you won, Children’s Hospital. I don’t care if you make another Greatest Thing Ever, Adam Scott. I don’t care if you accidentally nuke all of San Diego if you ever come back on air, NTSF:SD:SUV. You will never get me to laugh as hard as I did COMBINED!! as all 3 seasons of The Mighty Boosh did. And in the case of Children’s Hospital, you never made me laugh in the first place. I wasted 4 seasons on that shitty show, and I should’ve dropped it earlier. Sorry, everyone else who likes it. That’s how I feel.

2. Black Dynamite

The live-action movie that spoofs blaxploitation films is great itself. The cartoon it is based off of took it to a whole new level. Michael Jai White and co. return to voice their characters from the movie, with Carl Jones making this cartoon basically a goldmine of greatness. And seeing this before Toonami a couple years back made it better. Whether fighting tiny Micheal Jackson, big dicked, stuttering puppets, the racist ass President, ninja, sharks, anything, Black Dynamite is gonna be there to kick their asses, and fuck all the hoes after it. Can you jive mothafuckas dig it?

1. The Boondocks

Boondocks title sequence

Come on, did you really think I would put anything else number 1? The ultimate Adult Swim show that is still as great as it is today as it was 11 years ago. (Well, except Season 4. Let’s forget Season 4 was ever a thing, like Dragonball GT or Akame ga Kill!) The Freeman family of Huey, Riley, and Robert, and how they live in a rich, white neighborhood, with all the colorful (no pun intended) characters that surround them, to the pop-cultural events that take place, be it hip-hop, racism, or even a court case that didn’t happen until 2 years after the episode aired. To the Stinkmeaner fights and “Nigga Moments”, to having a closeted gay rapper influence others without them knowing, to just spreading fear in a goddamn fake flu from fried chicken, or just even kidnapping Oprah. To Ed Wuncler III and Uncle Ruckus, no relation, to Thugnificent. It’s still amazing some of the shit that this show got away with. Hell, some of them couldn’t even make it on Adult Swim itself, it was so bad. Plus, the animation feels like it comes from an anime more than a cartoon (And so does Black Dynamite too.) The Boondocks was a culture celebration of what is looked at with black and white culture, and all that is wrong with both. And it still can be seen in today’s culture. Aaron McGruder made a masterpiece from his comic to this. If you ever saw this show, you know how influential it was in some way, shape or form. The Boondocks will always be number 1 to me on here, no matter if it did close out with a damn thud. And hey, we will always have the theme to get us hyped for this magnificent show.

Those are my picks. I hope you enjoyed them. If not, enjoy whatever you like on Adult Swim. Happy 1-year anniversary, Swim Squad!


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