One Punch Man Episode 4 Recap “The Morden Ninja” 

Original Airdate : October 25, 2015

Toonami Airdate : August 7, 2016

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome back to another recap of One Punch Man with the fourth episode. The episode that will be recapped is “The Morden Ninja” 

The episode begins with a tall tough looking bald man named Hammerhead and his gang of bald men declaring of being tried of working for money and instead want everything for free but nobody in the city is listening to him. Hammerhead and his gang then go to destroy the apartment building of a rich man called Zeniru. They destroy the building with the battle suits they have stolen, but then they realize it’s the wrong building that they destroyed.

Meanwhile at his apartment, Saitama wakes up from a bad dream. While watching the news, he finds out that with Hammerhead and his gang on the loose, they advise that everyone in the city should stay away from bald people. This angers Saitama as he is bald as well so he goes to find Hammerhead and his gang. 

Meanwhile the city is being attacked by Hammerhead and his gang. A bicycle boy hero named Mumen Rider attempts to stop them from attacking, but is easily taken out.

Meanwhile in a building that has a golden turd on top, Zeniru finds out he is in danger so he decides to send his ninja bodyguard Speed-o-Sound Sonic to destroy Hammerhead and his gang.

Sonic finds the gang just before they could arrived at the building. Sonic warns them that nobody has survived a fight against him, but not scared Hanmerhead’s gang attempt to attack Sonic but he beheads all of his gang members. With all his gang members killed Hammerhead tries to fight Sonic alone, but Sonic is too strong for him. He then runs away in the forest. While running away, Hammerhead encounters Saitama.

Meanwhile Genos is being repaired inDr. Kuseno’s lab from the damages he suffered during his fight with Kabuto in the previous episode. He tells Dr. Kuseno about Saitama and that he saved his life twice. 

Meanwhile back at the forest, Hammerhead punches Saitama with his battle suit, but it does no damage to him. Hammerhead then powers up his suit to destroy Saitama, but Saitama then punches his suit which makes Hammerhead naked. Saitama tells Hammerhead he won’t kill him and to just get lost. Hammerhead then runs away like a loser. 

Sonic finds Saitama and attempts to attack him, but Saitama blocks his attacks and tells Sonic he is not in Hammerhead’s gang. Sonic doesn’t believe him and says that he has never heard of Saitama. Sonic then tries to attack Saitama again, but Saitama accidentally punch his nutsack. Now barley standing, Sonic promises to train to get stronger so he can fight and beat Saitama.

Later in the day at Saitama’s apartment, Saitama tells Genos of what happened earlier and realizes that even after being a hero for three years no one knows who he is despite saving cites from monsters and evil groups. Genos tells Saitama about the Hero Register and they decide to register online. 

Meanwhile in the forest, Hammerhead is attacked by two robots from an organization that created the power suits that Hammerhead stole. Hammerhead gives up and promise to himself to get a job.

After the end credits, Saitama and Genos arrive at the Hero Test Location to take a hero test.

I thought this was a really good episode. Sonic seemed like a cool villain with his speed and ninja skills and the scene where his nuts gets punched by Saitama was hilarious. The city not aware of Saitama’s existence as a hero is surprising. You think after three years of being a hero you would be praised by the public and have fans. I think the first four episodes of this series is like an introduction arc to show us the characters and to know about their personalities and to build up a story. Anyways I give this episode 8.5 punches/10 

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami at 12:00AM Saturday. 


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