The Eric Andre Show 4 x 2 Recap: “Stacey Dash; Jack Mcbrayer”

The second episode of Season 4 of The Eric Andre Show is here. Let’s get on with the good shit.

Opening: It’s back to the usual as Eric opens by destroying the set, and running into one of the old band players and punching him. He gets shot by Abraham Lincoln. Then fucked by him. Yeah. He also rips his arm off and hits himself with a cat. Hannibal comes on set and Eric says he is fine and very happy. Only for Hannibal to question if he’s off his meds. And to call him a bitch too.

Blind Guy: Eric is a blind man, just wanting light bulbs. The store owners (or customers?) try to stop him from destroying every breakable thing around.

Stacey Dash Interview: Fox News personality Stacey Dash comes on, who Eric is 110% on-board with her politics, hoping all the rape-incest babies who are born from not being aborted contribute to society. He shows her a naked pic of President Obama, grossing her out. She’s only more grossed out when the rats appear.

Also, Hannibal breaks out his Drake impersonation.

Ranch Revolution: It’s time to bring the Ranch back. With toilets, farts, “Selfie Vapes”, and people in blackface? (And a reminder to all to go vote this year and Legalize Ranch.)

Jack Mcbrayer Interview: The former Jack and Triumph Show and 30 Rock actor Jack Mcbrayer takes the stage. Eric likes his purple shirt, saying he looks like the Last Dinosaur. He asks the last time Jack has eaten, and has someone bring out a plate of gray food. That’s literally it, gray food. At least it’s healthy, like seal meat. A random dude pops from the desk, freaking Jack out. He wonders what is happening, as Hannibal talks in his “real voice”, fireworks go off, and a band members squeals loudly. Jack’s mic comes loose, and a crewmember helps him fix it. Or just rubs Jack’s nipples.

Eric on the Street: Eric interviews people on the street, but wants the camera person following him to stop filming him. He doesn’t, and it gets him angry and upset. FUCK YOU, TV!! Also, BIRD UP!!!

Jack Mcbrayer Interview (cont.): Eric sees that Jack is tense, and assures no one is watching this. Just do it for Eric, Jack, and don’t sleep. Sleep is for the weak. Plus, Stacey Dash still wants the rats gone.

Chinese Food: Who on the subway wants to buy Chinese food for only 50 cents? You be helping the kid’s basketball team!

To close, the show ends with “Rapper Warrior Ninja”, where 3 rappers (Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Go Dreamer) are each blindfolded and have to complete an obstacle course while rapping. The first to go through it wins! (SPOILER!! No one makes it through.)

Another fun episode of The Eric Andre Show. I like it the best when the interviewers are so fluster as to what is happening to them during the interviews. This one was another great showcase of them not knowing what the hell is going on. See ya next week for another recap. Let the Ranch Revolution commence!!


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim.


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