One Piece Episode 357 Recap

Original Airdate: 6/8/2008

Toonami Airdate: 8/13/2016

Another week, another One Piece recap for you all to digest. As we saw last week, Usopp was actually very useful for a change, instead of running in fear. Sure, he still ran in fear, but when faced with a challenge the others couldn’t handle, he stepped up big time. He’s the only person to handle Perona’s depression-making ghosts. Only because he is a negative person in nature. Also, Nami is still not awake, and Absalom is about to kiss her. Can anyone save her in time? Here’s the recap of “The General Zombies Are Down In A Flash!! Oars Feels Like An Adventure!!”

In the room where we left Usopp and Perona, we see him surrounded by animal zombies and her making more ghosts from her hands. The animal zombies are still in shock of what happened, and Perona can’t believe it either, thinking it’s a trick. Usopp is still peeve that his crew left him and wouldn’t deal with the animal zombies. He thinks he is done for now. Perona makes more ghosts and calls out a finishing attack: Quadruple Negative Attack: Negative Hollow. All 4 ghosts hit Usopp, and he gets up in a daze.

EP 357 3

The animal zombies think it worked. However, Usopp’s own negativity made all the ghosts dispirited. It even has Perona apologizing to Kumacy for her actions to him. It turns out no one can beat Usopp in negativity. He laughs this off, but it’s only a way for him to try to escape. The zombies catch on to this ploy, and try to get him, only for some to fall to Usopp’s Salt Stars. As Perona recovers, he tries to get them again. This time the zombies are ready. By just covering their mouths. They start to chase Usopp.

Outside, Franky and Zoro do thank Usopp for taking on the Ghost Girl. Sanji tells the two he’s going on ahead to rescue Nami on his own, and they let him as he sets ablaze again and yells for his “NAMI-SWANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!” (Note: I love when the dub leaves in stuff like this from the sub. It makes it even better.) Sure, Sanji jumped from a high place, but the two say he’ll be fine. They’re more worried about Brook. At the top of the mansion, Brook is still fighting Ryuma, and losing the battle. After a short draw with each other swords, Brook gets hit and looks done. He’s breathing very hard, signaling he is out of breathe. Which is weird, since Brook has no lungs. I could go into this, but that would take forever, so I’ll just settle on the answer that is “One Piece Logic.”

Brook still gets up, showing he still has some fight in him, rising like one of the zombies. Ryuma wants Brook to tell him which body part he will cut off first with the Arrow Notch Slash. Brook doesn’t want the samurai to speak of that attack, since he doesn’t remember where it came from. Brook got it when he served in the Raider’s Squad back then, and it had a different name. He and his mates re-named it to the 3-Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash after a while. Ryuma says he has one shot to take out the “fake one” with it. The 2 swordsman get set, walk towards each other with their swords drawn, and as they pass, call out 3-Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash. Brook gets hit by it. He flashes back to Laboon again, wanting to apologize from the depths of his misery. He’s been drifting for 50 years and led a very lonely life without him.

Ryuma is about to cut off Brook’s afro, but as he is about to do it, the whole mansion rocks. Franky and Zoro feel it too, wondering if it was an earthquake. The two make it to the mansion in time, as Franky makes it to Brook’s side. Ryuma hates that he’s interfering with the fight, and attacks, but Zoro stops his attack. He asks the zombie if he is the legendary samurai who slayed a dragon so long ago. Cause Zoro’s been wanting to meet him.

Back to where Luffy and Moria is, they feel the place rockin’ too. Moria says the ship has been caught in a big current, and blames Luffy for it. But Moria doesn’t care for that. He wants to know why Luffy is here. It’s simple: Luffy’s here to kick his ass. Moria just laughs this off in his weird-ass laugh.

EP 357 2

The wedding is also feeling the effects of the ship in the current. Cause of this, Absalom’s attempts at kissing Nami keep failing as her body moves all over the place, making it seem like she’s dodging the kisses. Absalom is pissed, wondering what is happening. He gets word of who is making this happen.

EP 357

Yup, it’s Oars, pulling on the chain connected to the rudder, that is making the ship go into the big current. He’s just having fun as his big goofy self. Absalom orders the Zombie Generals to stop Oars, and they meet up with him. They tell him they’ll bring him down, but as soon as they do, Oars vanishes like that. They wonder where the big guy went. He jumped in the air, and is about to Gum-Gum Gatling them, even if his arms don’t stretch. Like Luffy, multiple punches hit, and with a lot of damage too. The Zombie Generals are taken out instantly as Oars wants them to stop interrupting his fun. Absalom thinks Oars isn’t on their side, and might have to stop him themselves or he’ll sink the island. Just then, Sanji finally arrives to the reception to rescue Nami.

Zoro, happy for the challenge, starts to fight with Ryuma. Brook is amazed at how strong Zoro is. He’s there to get Brook’s shadow back, which Brook is very thankful for. But, Zoro also sees Ryuma’s katana. He knew he would have a nice sword, and nice it is. It’s one of the 21 Legendary Blades. The “Clear, Autumn Wind”, Legendary Black Blade Shusui. Zoro declares he will take that sword and make it his own.

A very misleading episode title (not the first and last time with these titles Toei has made up) as this one was mostly centered around Usopp and Brook, and not Oars. He only had 2 minutes of screen time, but it was worth seeing how powerful he is with Luffy’s moves. As for Usopp, he brought the comedy as usual, and Brook brought the feelings again, before Zoro came with all the determination. Yeah, Brook also had determination too. I’m haven’t forgotten. And anime/natural logic aside, I say it was an overall good episode, as next week we see Absalom and Sanji start their fight over Nami. 4 Rudder-Pulling Giants/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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