Naruto Shippuden Episode 123 Recap: “Clash!”

Original Airdate: 8/20/2009

Toonami Airdate: 8/13/2016

I’m here again with another Naruto Shippuden recap, and last week sucked. So did the week before. The only difference was that there were cute doggies last week. And those cute doggies ripped on Sakura, making the episode better than the week previous. Not by much, as it was only by a point. This week, we are greeted with Sasuke vs Deidara. An episode that actually has some fighting in it can do better than one without any, right? You’ll find out.

As the battle gets underway, Sasuke wants to know where Itachi is, and will let Deidara and Tobi go if they tell him, as he glares at the duo with his Sharingan. Deidara is pissed, and still thinks Sasuke is lucky being born into the Uchiha cause his magic red eyes is what makes him so strong. Sasuke attacks Tobi very quickly, slicing him as Deidara goes into the trees. Tobi can see the emo’s Teleportation Jutsu is too quick, and Sasuke is surprised Tobi survived his attack. Seeing this, Deidara decides to make some C2 Chakra-level explosions and use them on Sasuke. Tobi is in the way of them, but Deidara really doesn’t care, even if Tobi alerts him to Sasuke being behind him. This causes Deidara to toss a quick art bomb, exploding near the two. Tobi thinks Deidara died from this, but both he and Sasuke are quite alive, as he only used a C1 bomb.

So Deidara decides to go up a notch by puking out clay from his hands and making these abnormal, human-like things.

NS 123 3

Don’t ask what the hell they are, cause I wouldn’t know. They go to Sauske, who thinks they’re easy and tries to cut them with his sword. They absorb the sword though, and even Taijutsu does nothing to them. He does cut them up with his Lightning, but even then, they get back up and move as they’re weird ass clay things. After many get cut down, Deidara explodes them, and Sasuke escapes and goes into the trees. They follow him and attach to him, as he tries to get them off. It’s no use, as they explode. But, Sasuke used the old trick of this series, Substitution Jutsu, to get away. Sasuke is too good, as Tobi says.

NS 123 6
It’s Tobi. He’s on the side of fantasy land.

Deidara resorts to his C2 stuff, and forms his signature piece, the “C2 Dragon”.

NS 123 2
Deidara’s Dragon. Coming to a theater near you

The Akatsuki duo decide to go with THAT plan, as the dragon spits up a ton of tiny balls. As Sasuke attacks, Deidara declares that “Pop is dead” (He’s not a fan of today’s music) and stuff explodes, while Tobi disappears. Sasuke tries to attack the dragon, but it flies away, and Sasuke’s attack hits its limit of 5 meters. Deidara makes more attacks, as the dragons spits up a missile. Sasuke dodges, but lands on the ground where he hits a landmine. He uses his Curse Mark to escape going upward. Tobi put landmines everywhere underground, and with the dragon in the air and the landmines below, Sasuke has nowhere to run. Plus, his leg got injured too. As Sasuke tries to make a break for it, Deidara launches more dragon missiles, and it hits Sasuke. He had to sacrifice a wing of his to protect himself.

It looks like Deidara has won, but Sasuke uses some fancy wires to launch giant shurikens in the air. He then uses his sword as a foothold, finding the area where there wasn’t landmines in the ground, and launches himself up to get the dragon. He uses the wires attached to the shurikens to get back at Deidara, sealing his hands to the dragon, and plummeting him to the ground. All the landmines explode, causing Tobi to think the worst has happened to Deidara. Again. But, he’s still alive, as he kicked the shurikens off in time to escape.

Sasuke stares at him more, just making Deidara angry. It then flashes back to his younger days, when the Akatsuki were recruiting him. He was helping his local government bomb shit as a rogue ninja, which the Akatsuki leader thought could be useful. He talks to Sasori, Itachi, and Kisame about his art, how he loves it, it’s his pride, and how “sublime” it is when it explodes. Cause “True art is an explosion.” The group don’t care, and Itachi decides to handle Deidara. If Itachi wins, Deidara would join the Akatsuki. Deidara gets cocky, not wanting his art mocked, and throws/explodes some art at Itachi, before wrapping him up in a snake art. It looks like it’s over, as Deidara is about to detonate the art, but Itachi reveals that the clay snake is wrapped around Deidara, and has been the whole time. All that happened was a Genjutsu from the Sharingan. Deidara sees Itachi, and … ummm, sees him like he’s Jesus or something. No, really.

This amazes Deidara, for this is true art to him. (It also made him join the Akatsuki, since he lost the fight.) But back to Sasuke, his grudge for this causes him to go the extreme, as he starts to eat his own clay. He tells Tobi to run, which he does, and makes a “C4 Gondola”. He was saving it for Itachi, but he’s fine using this on Sasuke.

NS 123 4
Attack On Titan s2 looks … kinda terrible.

The overall episode of this had some good positives. The first was there was some actual action! About time this happens. While I do love a good doggy tearing about a shitty character bit by bit with insults, we need some action on this show, and this delivered with some “explosive” results! … Yeah, I’m sorry. Anyway, we also got to see more funny Tobi too. Your opinion on Tobi will more than likely differ from mine, but again. I love this Tobi. He’s good relief to Deidara’s serious tone.

But, we mix the good with the bad, and there was some bad. The first and main one? THE. ANIMATION. WAS. HORRIBLE!!!! There is no getting past this. For some reason, especially later on, the animation for alot of the big fight scenes looks really bad. When your a show that has little action at times, this is a bad sign. Look at One Punch Man. That has some sequences that looks almost impossible to animate without screwing up a thing or two, but they do it brilliantly. This show doesn’t have that big of scenes, but when they get to it, it looks really pathetic. Speaking of, that whole thing with Deidara seeing Itachi as “God of Art” was just a big no to me. Especially since he’s using that as a grudge against Sasuke. Sure, we don’t all like the emo female killer. But just holding a stupid grudge like that against the younger one? Really? Overall, Jesus shit and poor Pierrot animation aside, I say this gets a pass as good as Shippuden can get. *In Megumin voice* 2.5 EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSIONSSSS!!!!!!/5


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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