Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio Episode 6 Recap: For Winona

This is 0215MADman here to bring you (yes, you) a HNSP recap. And here it is!

  1. Jabber Honkey
    The hit new HBO miniseries.
  2. TV Guidance Counselor #1
    Hey, look what’s on TV!
  3. Art School Self-Portrait
    A beautiful story of a man’s drawing. Oscar-worthy material right here.
  4. Polygamists of the Trees
    The live in the trees, you know.
  5. Nerf Dad
2016-08-19 (2)
  1. This is porn for someone
    I don’t know if I’m ALLOWED to show this on the site. I think I am, but I don’t wanna risk it.
  2. Stripper with a Booger
    Also not 100% sure if I should show this.
  1. Favorite comedians.
    So her favorite comedian is AND THAT’S HOW FAST THIS SKIT ENDS.
  2. Two Girls Talking about what they would shove up guys asses.
    What? You got a better name for that skit? If you do, comment below. I actually wanna know.

    How many pencils are on screen? Because I refuse to believe it’s 88.
  3. Girthy Egg
  4. Man Things
    A song about man things.
  5. Shrimp Juice
    It’s free? HOLY SHIT BRO!!!!
  6. That’s Not How We Did It
    This girl again?
  7. New Barbies
    More shit I don’t think I can put on this website.
2016-08-19 (1)
My brother would want that.
  1. Paulie
    Look it up to get the reference.
  2. MY SHIT
    This doesn’t work as well with all the bleeps.
  3. More Man Things
    This guy is me at this point.
  4. Mackew Turtle
    That turtle was admittedly pretty jazzy.
  5. Fruit Blood: Haircuts and Titties.
    I just got a haircut. Do I get titties?


This is it. This is the episode that made me crack. It’s not that I don’t like the jokes, it’s just that there are NO JOKES. AT LEAST HAVE A FUCKING JOKE!
To be honest, waiting all this time to make this becomes worth it once I made this tweet:

Final Rating: 5 Nerf Dads out of 10.

I’m not even gonna bother with the links this week. I’m so bored right now. Sorry.


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