One Punch Man Episode 5 Recap “The Ultimate Master”

Original Airdate : November 1, 2015

Toonami Airdate : August 13, 2016

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome back to another recap of One Punch Man with the fifth episode. I can’t believe we are already in the fifth episode. Now let’s start this recap with our episode “The Ultimate Master”

The episode begins in the Hero Association headquarters where a meeting is taking place. The Association people are discussing the hero certification exams and find out that a person of interest, Genos, will be taking the exam. 

Meanwhile at a Hero Test Location, the hero exams are taking place with a written and physical test in order for Saitama and Genos to become registered heroes. Saitama easily passes his physical test that his strength even broke the punching machine and surprises everyone that is taking the test.

One hour later, Saitama and Genos receive their results. Genos got a Class S Hero rank as he passed both tests. Saitama at first thinks he also got a S rank but he actually got a C Hero rank because he failed the written test and passes the physical test.

 Genos also mentions to Saitama that during his interview with the association they asked if he was the one that destroyed the House of Evolution headquarters which he said yes.
Meanwhile a blue haired man is taking on the phone with the association being told about Genos passing the exam with a S rank.

Saitama and Genos are now attending a class since they are the only ones out of all applicants to be in class by a teacher named Sneak, a class A hero. He thinks he is better than them even though he like a goofball by trying to show his skills and moves.

While Saitama is walking back home, Sneak comes out of nowhere and tries to use one of his moves on Saitama to teach him a lesson, but he easily gets taken out.

The next day, Saitama and Genos are about to have a practice fight in order to practice their skills and strength. Genos uses all of his strength but Saitama is avoiding all of his attacks. Genos tells Saitama that he wants him to use all of his strength and to fight until he is weak to fight. Genos also still doesn’t believe the truth about Saitama’s power and thinks there’s more to it. 

Doing what he said, Saitama unleashes his full power and almost punches Genos, but then stops and wants to eat udon for lunch.

At the udon shop, Saitama and Genos decide to do a udon eating contest with Saitama passing out and Genos eating udon with no problem at the end. 

A blue haired Class A hero named Sweet Man arrives at the shop and wants to talk with Genos, which he accepts. When he comes back, Genos tells Saitama that Sweet Man wanted to welcome him and that he expects a lot of great things from him.

After the end credits, Genos asks Saitama if he can move in to his apartment. At first Saitama declines, but after seeing the rent money Genos offers he agrees. 

As for the episode, I thought it was decent. I liked the practice fight scene and it was a surprise to me that Genos still didn’t believe Saitama’s secret. I’ll give this episode 7.5 punches/10
One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami at 12:00 AM Saturday 


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