The Eric Andre Show 4 x 3 Recap: “Howie Mandel; Malaysia Pargo”

Yo, you know the drill. Let’s get this Eric Andre Show recap started.

Opening: The set gets destroyed, which Eric farts away. And he gets beheaded by an ISIS member as he shreds his tie. Hannibal enters on an “invisible” hoverboard. Eric talks of clinical depression, and then they get visited by Snakey. He’s a cool snake, who follows all the rules, as Eric is all “snake ears” listening. Snakey does a guitar solo, and gives us an important lesson: Don’t be a dweeb. AKA, don’t be like Hannibal, who is one. And please, don’t beat up Snakey, like Hannibal also did.

Robocop:  Just an average day at a computer store, until Robocop Eric shows up to arrest a woman for cyber bullying. Don’t cyber bully, people. Just go on YouJizz, and take your frustration out on there.

Howie Mandel Interview: Howie Mandel of America’s Got Talent fame comes out, and hates the chair he is given, cause it looks like something from one of those “neighborhoods”. Thanks for that comment, George Zimmerman. Anyway, Eric asks if AGT is entitlement, and why he doesn’t do a “Rwanda’s Got Talent” show, which remember that movie about the war-torn African country that Don Cheadle was in? Anyway, Eric has talent too. He shows it by putting celery in his garbage disposal cup. There’s talk of violinist and nerd cousins, and Howie having a talk show with a “bitch-ass sidekick” too. Eric digs under his desk and finds a squid to end the interview.

Kraft Punk: Kraft Punk shows up during the interview and shows his own show, “Kraft Dunk’d”, where he dunks Mac n’ cheese on random street ball players.

Mike Penis: Mike Penis, named after his dad’s penis, tries to get into every club, cause he is well known. This doesn’t work well. Just check out the Red Bull Network for more.

Malaysia Pargo Interview: From the series Basketball Wives, Malaysia Pargo comes out, and yes, she’s a woman, not a girl. And no, she wasn’t named after the ill-fated airliner that crashed into the ocean. OR WAS SHE?!?! Anyway, a set piece from above falls off, scaring her. But it’s okay. Once it happens, it doesn’t happen again. Maybe. The set she and Eric is on goes up, and the Asian Dude in the back shoots a gun. Hannibal’s brother comes out and he does some jumping jacks. He’s pretty angry, and calls Malaysia a nigga, which he says he has to stop doing. Also, Snakey!

Organic Milk: Who wants some milk? It’s totally organic, and comes straight from a man’s nipples, since he’s has so much estrogen.

To close, we have rapper Flying Lotus checking his email, which Eric, Hannibal, and Snakey are amazed by and jam too. Hannibal’s brother comes out again, and calls him a nigga.


This was kinda a normal episode by Eric Andre Show standards. The street sketches were a bit weak this time, but overall, still a good episode. Hopefully, we see more Snakey in the future. Now go check your emails and be on the lookout for Hannibal’s bro.


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim


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