Naruto Shippuden Episode 124 Recap: “Art”

Original Airdate: 8/27/2009

Toonami Airdate: 8/20/2016

Last time on here, we saw Deridara and Sasuke fight, in what was a good fight, but with very, very poor animation. Also, it had ITACHI IS FUCKING JESUS!! implications. This is Part 2 of their fight, as we left off with Deidara making a Clay Titan Bomb of himself. Who will win this fight? Continue on with the recap to find out.

As the Clay Titan is formed (it being the C4 Kakura, which I definitely misspelled last recap. Apologizes to this) Sasuke wonders what would happens if it goes off and the damage it would do. But he starts to run as the big bomb starts to move.

NS 124
On that day, Sasuke was given a grim reminder of his fate.

Deidara starts to make it go off, as the Clay Titan starts to get bigger and rounder. Sasuke sees it, but then it just pops like a balloon, and disappears. There are animals around the area, and Sasuke wonders if it misfired. But then the effects of the explosion start to take place. The animals around start to vaporize, and so does Sasuke’s body, for “Art is an explosion!”

NS 124 4
*In old guy from State Farm ad voice* “Oh, it’s happening, sweetheart!”

As Deidara loves what his masterpiece has done, Tobi explains what happened. The bombs was actually all micro-nano explosives. Meaning, when the shock wave went off, all the micro-nano bombs went into whatever living person or animal was nearby, and cause them to explode from the inside out. So yeah, Sasuke is vaporized and dead, right? Wrong! The Sharingan is over Deidara, and in his Curse Mark form, Sasuke gets behind Deidara and stabs him in the back. Cause of how his Sharingan can see chakra in color, Sasuke could see the micro-bombs, and saw all this happening. What Deidara saw was just a genjutsu of Sasuke dying. Now Sasuke wants info on where Itachi is, thinking it’s over. But this is a shonen, so it’s never over that easily. The Deidara Sasuke stabbed was a clay clone, and Deidara knew something like this would happen.

NS 124 2

After this, Deidara reflects on how he knew this was coming … by showing his Itachi encounter flashback from last episode. Are you fucking serious? We just saw this last episode. Why do we need to see ITACHI IS FUCKING JESUS!!! yet again?! Why why WHY?!?!!! Studio Pierott really has to fill in enough time out of this, don’t they? Anyway, he stops this pointless flashback and tells him how he trained to left eye to counter the Sharingan. (Which, btw, Guy-Sensei did in the first series too. By closing both his eyes. This isn’t new, Deidara.) To make another direct C4 attack, Deidara literally pukes out another Kakura, and gets Sasuke trapped inside. The micro-nano bombs get in Sasuke, as he can see them in his bloodstream with his Sharingan. Deidara makes a bird bomb to explode it, but Sasuke escapes with his Chidori. It’s the last of his chakra, and he attacks Deidara who calls and tries to finish him with the Kakura attack.

Deidara wakes up from this, and sees a snake head disappearing, thinking his “art has triumphed.” LOL Nope. More Sharingan shenanigans, and there’s the emo again. He then tries to unleash his inner Saitama and punches Deidara in the face. He still has a face, so Sasuke fails at being the caped baldy. Deidara realizes he’s not in a genjutsu, and wonders how Sasuke disarmed the C4. As we see with electricity in his body coming out, Sasuke found this out earlier. His Sharingan saw the signs Deidara made, which were Earth-Style. Chidori is Lightning-Style, so because of this, he use the Chidori on himself to disfuse the micro-bombs in him, because Earth-Style is weak to Lightning-Style. I’m sorry, I know this was shown in a previous episode, but let’s do it again.

Seriously, my inner Pokémon fan is enraged by this bullshit. And I seen Pikachu beat Brock’s Geodude and Onix using Electric attacks. Which, too, is also bullshit. But enough of this, let’s go on. Sasuke knew something was up after the landmines went off, so he made a plan/hypothesis. Basically, Sasuke was being Sasuke and knew all this shit and could use the Chidori on the landmines. By the way, that whole sword in the ground thing from last episode he used to avoid the landmines? Yeah, that wasn’t an avoidance. That was his hypothesis. He saw the landmines with his Sharingan, stabbed one of them, and then defused it with his Chidori. So yeah, he was a step ahead of Deidara. Deiadara has lost, and Sasuke wants Itachi info. Deidara tries a clay snake surprise, which kinda works?

Now they’re both almost out of chakra, but Sasuke is still so calm. His eyes make Deidara finally lose his mind, and makes him hate seeing those eyes. (Note: This sequence just brings back terrible memories to me of that bad anime Chaos;Head.) He also hates how Sasuke ignores his art, but Sasuke doesn’t care for it, just the info on Itachi, as he lets his Sharingan fade away. But Deidara isn’t done. He has one more trick left. He rips his shirt off, revealing something on his chest. He starts to pull the strings off, and takes out some clay. There’s a mouth there that eats the clay, and lines start to form all over his body. His body starts to become nothing but lines and outlines, as it turns into just a chest face. His ultimate art is about to come, as he will be “art himself” and be admired all over for it. The explosion will cover 10 km, and the little face ball is all that’s left finally goes off, taking out the forest and everything else around.

NS 124 6

NS 124 3

We got more action. We got more BS type attacks schemes. And we got more explosions to boot. We had more ITACHI IS JESUS!!! crap and Deidara basically became Jimmy’s outline like in that Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy alternate reality episode. There was so much happening, and you know what? It still bored me. I know others were satisfied with this episode, but all the explanations and all the stuff in-between the fights just weren’t good to me. The action on here went stale from last week. Even if the animation was better, it just didn’t do me any good. And then there’s Sasuke himself.

It only makes since since they’re both OP as hell, and boring as hell too. This episode was a no for me. Sorry Deidara. You’re death just didn’t do any justice, and won’t be admire by me. And mostly everyone watching. And yes, he is dead. At least for now. 1.5 Artful Explosions/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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