One Piece Episode 358 Recap: “Blazing Knight Sanji!! Kick Down The Fake Wedding”

Orginal Airdate: 6/15/2008

Toonami Airdate: 8/20/2016

We are almost halfway through the Thriller Bark arc. No really, we are. Yes, unlike the last combined arc, this one is relatively short, to say the least. Anyway, Sanji showed up to the wedding last episode, along with Franky and Zoro stopping Ryuma from beating Brook, and Oars pounding the crap outta the Zombie Generals. Also, Usopp is really, REALLY negative. Let’s start this recap.

We start with Moria and Luffy, having a talk of Luffy kicking Moria’s ass. But even if he did, it’s no guarantee all the shadows will return. The shadows follow Moria’s command, and so Luffy needs to beat his ass so hard that Moria orders the shadows to return back. But Moria doubts he could, as Luffy launches a Gum-Gum Pistol at him. He blocks it with his hand. Or his shadow’s hand. It’s Moria’s double, “The Doppel Man”. Moria tells Luffy he was just like him before, but in order to be King of the Pirates, he needed minions to do this job. Yeah, he’s very lazy at this. Luffy of course is gunning for this goal, and Moria tells how Oars roared that too. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, cause Oars will soon not be a Luffy clone and be under Moria’s control. Luffy launches a Gum-Gum Gatling at him, but Moria blocks them all with Brick Bat. A bunch of shadow bats come out and attack/bite Luffy while chasing him down. He gets away for a moment, before they come back to him.

EP 358 4

The animal zombies are still chasing Usopp, as he wonders how to beat Perona and deal with them. She still can’t comprehend how Usopp can negate her power and yet the other Straw Hats couldn’t. Usopp thinks of a way to beat the animal zombies. He trips up, but the zombies know it’s a trap, and cover their mouths as Usopp fires some more stars. Except they’re not Salt Stars. They’re Pepper Stars, causing the zombies to cough and leaving their mouths wide open for a Salt Star. Usopp is the king of sniping and liars. (I don’t believe he is the king of sniping though. Cause that honor goes to Sniper King. Hehehe) Usopp then launches a Firebird Star, which misses the animals. They attack and land a blow on Usopp. But this was another ploy, as the Firebird Star hit the chandelier above, and causes it to drop on the zombies, catching them on fire.

He has an opening on Perona now, but Kumacy gets in the way. She runs away, saying she hates Usopp so much and doesn’t want him to follow. But Usopp does follow. With Kumacy following him. It’s a 3-way chase between them. Kumacy doesn’t want Usopp to touch her, so he launches at full speed at him, missing Usopp, but destroying a pillar nearby. It shows how powerful the big teddy bear zombie is. Usopp runs some more, as Kumacy chases him all around the pillars. It all looks very familar.

Hell, they even go around a pillar in circles too. It’s as Kumacy says: “This is stupid!!” Kumacy just barrels through the pillars going after Usopp, but this causes him to catch up to Perona. She screams how she doesn’t want to fight anymore and wishes he leave her alone.

As we see the aftermath of what Oars did to the Zombie Generals, the big guy himself is going through the forest, as the other zombies (including the ones Luffy recruited to join) run for their undead lives. He gets to the ocean front finally, and puts his feet in and kicks the water. This causes the water to go over the wall. Poor Cerberus is just trying not to drown. He yells how he’s gonna be King of the Pirates again, and this roar is to much for the zombies, as some hide underground. At the wedding, Sanji happily twirls and skips to Nami. He violently kicks the zombie holding her and catches her still unconscious body. The Knight has finally arrived.

EP 358 3

Oars is just stretching out, ready to go into the ocean. He wonders why his muscles are so stiff, thinking it’s been a long time since he’s moved. Anyway, he jumps in and does a perfect cannonball. This causes a giant tsunami to form and gets a bunch of the zombies. Some do escape to higher ground. As for Oars? Well, he obviously can’t swim, and struggles to get back on shore, with Hildon arriving and scolding him for doing something so stupid. He can only swallow a little salt water being so big, but so much will hit his weakness. Oars also gives us these words of wisdom: “Water sure is wet.”

As the zombies are shocked to see Sanji here, he’s too busy seeing Nami in her wedding dress. She’s so beautiful, he mistakes her for a Goddess. But it’s still Nami. Then he looks again, and sees a Princess. But still, it’s Nami. Yeah, he’s in la-la land.

EP 358 5

Absalom goes in to stop him, but he gets distracted by Nami too, thinking she’s an angel. It scares him, and the two lovesick bozos actually start agreeing with how they see Nami. But Absalom finally had enough, and uses his hands to makes an explosion, which Sanji dodges as he carries Nami away. He doesn’t like that he nearly got her caught in it as well. Absalom sees that Sanji doesn’t have a shadow, and now knows who his shadow belongs in now: The dog-pen. He thinks Sanji isn’t that strong since his shadow wan’t put in a General. But Sanji isn’t paying any attention. He’s still too busy being distracted by Nami’s beauty. Absalom is pissed, wanting to kick Sanji’s ass so he can kiss his bride, but Sanji does the ass kicking himself.

EP 358 2

EP 358

The two other zombies are shocked at Sanji’s strength, since Absalom weighs over 600 pounds. No human has ever done that to Absalom before. He tries the Hands of the Dead again, but Sanji dodges/gets on top his arms. He’s pissed cause he knows Absalom is the pervert who licked Robin and peeped at Nami’s naked body earlier. So Sanji delivers an assortment of moves on him, beating him up. Absalom tries to turn invisible, but Sanji has the Salt Stars Usopp gave them, and fires them around, eventually hitting him. One more shot gets Absalom good. Sanji reveals that he is pissed (so much so, he explodes again), but not just for what Absalom did to Nami, but because there is another issue that Absalom did way before this.

This episode was probably one of the more goofier episodes of One Piece in this overall arc. There are other episodes that have more stupid moments than this one, but yeah, the comedy aspect is some of the best stuff of the series. Sure, the Scooby-Doo chase of Usopp and Kumacy, and Sanji and Absalom agreeing with each other was stupid. But stupid in a fun way. (Well, Sanji and Abaslom agreeing with each other was probably just more stupid-stupid.) Same with Oars still being a gigantic Luffy clone and trying to swim. But overall, a good episode that leads us to the biggest question: What does Sanji have against Absalom that isn’t about Nami? And why does it go way back? It can’t possibly be for any stupid reason, can it? Just find out next week. 3.5 Orange-haired Goddess Princess Angels/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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