One Punch Man Episode 6 Recap “The Terrifying City”

Original Airdate : November 8, 2015

Toonami Airdate : August 20,2016

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome back to another recap of One Punch Man with the sixth episode and this episode is “The Terrifying City” 

Let’s get this recap started.
The episode begins in Saitama’s apartment and it’s been five days since Saitama and Genos became official heroes. While Saitama is being lazy and reading some manga, Genos is studying his training methods which annoys him. Genos also reminds Saitama that since he is a Class C Hero he must do some activity as a hero in a week or else his name will be removed from the Hero Registry. Realizing all he has been doing in the last five days is nothing but being lazy, Saitama decides to go on patrol.

Saitama then runs through the whole city to find any bad guys but the city seems to be safe for the day. Luckily he has one day left until his name gets removed so he decides to go back home.  

The next day, it seems to be quiet in the city once again which worries Saitama. Speed O Sonic then finds Saitama and challenges him to a fight, but Saitama decides to ignore him as he is busy. Mad that he declined his challenge, Sonic attempts to attack Saitama with his word, but Saitama bites the sword in half and threatens to punch Sonic. 

A girl then points that a dangerous man is on the loose and is with hero named Tanktop Tiger. At first Saitama thinks the dangerous man the girl is referring to is Sonic, but then Tanktop tells Saitama she is actually referring to him. Tanktop seems to be recognized by the public while Saitama isn’t since he just started being a official hero. He tries to encourage Saitama to fight him just so he can be more recognized, but then he gets taken out by Sonic’s exploding shuriken which makes the public realize it’s Sonic that is the bad guy.

In order to have a fight with him, Sonic decides to attack the city so Saitama will be forced to him. Now realizing he has found a bad guy, Saitama then goes behind Sonic to give him a huge hand chop to easily take him out. 

Meanwhile at a Hero Association facility, an investigation is being set up at the abandoned area in City Z. We are then introduced to a green haired woman with a black dress named Tatsumaki who wants to be the investigator but she then is told that this isn’t a Class S type investigation and instead two Class A heroes are being sent.

The two heroes whose names are Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball arrive in City Z. According to Mustachio, compared to other cites City Z had the most monster related incidents to the point that residents had to move away from certain parts of the city.

While the two heroes are investigating, a seaweed monster named Kombu Infinty is walking around the area waiting for people to come at him. The two heroes see the monster and attempt to attack him. Golden Ball uses a bullet, but Kombu dodges it and attacks Golden Ball. Mustachio tries to attack Kombu with his sword but he is dodging all of his attacks. Realizing how powerful he could be, Mustachio decides to call for reinforcements. Accepting his request, the Hero Association tires to find a nearby hero.

Mustachio is now weakened by Kombu and is knocked out. Just after that, Kombu sees Saitama who seems to be walking back home from shopping. Kombu attempts to kill Saitama, but is killed by him off screen. 

At his apartment, Saitama is cooking up some Kombu soup which seems like it is the remains of Kombu Infinty. 

A group of heroes investigate the ghost town area of City Z and are amazed by a destroyed building which gives them an idea that there might be more monsters in the area.

After the end credits, Genos tells Saitama that his rank went from 388 to 342. Genos finds out that he is voted number 6 in popularity which makes Saitama jealous.

As for the episode, I thought this was good. Tatsumaki seems she will be an interesting character and I liked the scene where Genos annoys Saitama with trying to study him. I’ll give this episode 7 punches/10

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami at 12:00AM Saturday 


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