The Eric Andre Show 4 x 4 Recap: “Tichina Arnold; Steve Schirrpa”

This recap of The Eric Andre Show is paid in adspace by www. GO-ARMY. AMERICA

The opening has Eric destroying the set/drummer, and having him auto-erotic asphyxiate himself and electrify his nipples with a cat battery. Then he cleans his destroyed set in a sexy car wash-like moment. Did it turn you on? Don’t answer. Cause I know it did. Anyway, Eric isn’t there to rant. But really he is, for Hannibal leeches off the people, the government, and off of America’s tits. (Hannibal DOES make more money than Eric.) Eric has had enough of this “Muslim Hermaphrodite” doing this, so he kills himself to go to heaven.

Officer Andre: Hey, you in the car? Didn’t you read the poorly posted sign? Officer Andre can pee on your car, no matter what. He has the law on his side to do it, so don’t beat him up.

Tichina Arnold Interview: The duo welcome Tichina Arnold on-stage, as the Asian guy screeches at her. Eric talks about her husband, and if she’s a freak like he is. Eric also had a prostate exam recently from a doctor in a back-alley. Who didn’t use his hands. Hmmm. Hannibal does some weird impression, that he gives up on. Eric talks of how she was on the show Everybody Hates Kikes (read as: Everybody Hates Chris). But enough of that, it’s time to play, “Time for Darkness”. In which the set goes completely dark. And a Yeti scares the shit outta her. Later, he’s shooting shit, and talks of her worst movie she did, which was a Spike Lee movie. Then the roaches come out from her cup. Yeah, she’s done with this show.

Eric on the Street: Which of the Erics of the 5 of them is the real one? Because who cares, you’re gonna get attacked by them all, and probably be held up in traffic by them crossing. He needs a new fake asshole to jack off to, so of course he gets kicked out of a sex store shop for all his troubles.

Join the Army!: Some guy is showing off his art of Hitler, Bin Laden and other stuff that isn’t very American. Eric enters to shoot up this un-American art. Join the Army to stop this unpatriotic art craze!

Steve Schirrpa Interview: Steve Schirrpa of The Sopranos fame joins, and is kinda disrespected by Eric, which he doesn’t like. He has a show on IFC, is selling his own pasta sauce, and cracking nuts that Eric gives him. After Eric tells him his story in college as “Dick-Sucking Joe”, he wants to do some commercials for Schrippa’s pasta sauce. Out comes the naked PA, and with a gun to his head, Eric tells him to dip his balls in the sauce, only to have his penis go in it instead. Schirrpa is thrilled by all of this, right? Yeah, no. He hates this and finds it annoying. It’s only after Eric says he loves Steve’s penis, that the guest kicks his ass.

Officer Andre, cont.: Officer Andre is still peeing on cars, and dances a little too. Also, Hitler reminds you to JOIN THE ARMY!!

To close it out, Ariel Pink performs. And then has some literal shit dropped on her to become “Ariel Stink”. She is joined by “Ariel Pink 182”, “Ariel Nysnc”, and “Ariel Black” (Who is definitely not Hannibal in a blonde wig and dress) in the performance. She basically loses her mind and destroys the set.


I have to say, this was so far the best episode this season. All the sketches hit well. The guest all hated him afterwards, and kicked his ass too. The performance at the end was ok as well, even if getting shit dropped on ya is something you shouldn’t want. Overall, this one was very great. See ya again for another recap in 2 weeks. Unless of course, I join the Army.


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim


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