Naruto Shippuden Episode 125 Recap: “Disappearance”

Original Airdate: 9/3/2009

Toonami Airdate: 8/27/2016

Welcome again to the Naruto Shippuden recap, where last week, things were a bit explosive, to say the least. Well, the last 2 weeks have been that. But the last episode ended in big bang of epic proportions with Deidara and Sasuke. This is the aftermath of said explosion as we now continue on with the story. Let’s see if it delivers.

We start with a recap of the last moments where Deidara went KABOOM!! The nuclear-like explosion not only gets everything in its path, including Sasuke and Tobi, but it’s so big, it can be seen from miles away. Sakura, Karin, Kakashi, Naruto and the others all see it. Some wonder what it is, Kakashi knows it was Deidara who let off the explosion, while Naruto’s group go with him to check out what happened at the explosion itself. Sakura’s Awful Replacement Shinobi Karin thinks the blast got Sasuke, since she can’t feel his chakra anymore. Suigetsu thinks so too, since it happened near the rendezvous point. They (including Jugo) all go to see what happened to their leader. The other Akatsuki see the explosion and report. They think Tobi is dead since he was near the blast radius. They know Deidara is dead since he caused it. They know it was Sasuke who was behind this, and think he’s dead as well. Because of Deidara’s sacrifice, they don’t have to deal with the trouble of Sasuke. Also, Deidara’s not replaceable in the Akatsuki line-up, but Tobi is, even if Tobi did “lighten the mood”, according to Kisame. So sad. At least one of them will mourn for Tobi, while the rest will mourn for Deidara.

Back at the river, Suigetsu has a summoning scroll, and some of Sasuke’s blood. Apparently, Sasuke gave him this, just in case. So let’s do a Summoning Jutsu. Before I move on to what happened, here’s this subtitled pic.

NS 125 3

And with some reactions to it what happened as well.

So what happened, you’re wondering even if you already knew? Well, the Summoning Jutsu brought with it Orochimaru’s old friend/pet/giant snake Monda. Who, if you remembered from past episodes, wasn’t too fond of being controlled or toyed around with. Well, Sasuke used the Sharingan on him, and basically used him as a damn shield from the blast. Monda is pissed that he used him as such, and used those damn eyes on him. But Monda is weak now. So weak, he dies right there. As Jugo and Karin arrive, Sasuke tells of how he didn’t have time, so he used the Transportation Jutsu with Monda to move, but didn’t escape the blast in time, and it’s why Monda is dead now. So yeah, that happened. Sasuke needs to rest now. Also, Karin’s still a whore.

As it rains where Itachi and Kisame is, Itachi goes out in it. He just stands there, thoughts to himself. Kisame doesn’t know what he’s thinking, but it looks like he’s crying. Maybe cause he is now the last surviving Uchiha member? Nope. Because Sasuke isn’t dead, and Itachi knows it. The rain stops suddenly.

NS 125 4

The Leaf Ninja gather at the blast site, and they wonder what happened. Kiba can smell that Sasuke was there, and the other doggies can smell others were here as well. One of them was the scent that was in town where Sakura was, and there’s more than that, so they know Sasuke is in a group. Since Kakashi knows that Deidara blew himself up, and knows that the Akatsuki run in 2-man teams, there are only 3 Akatsuki groups left. Since Sasuke used the Transportation Jutsu, his track ends there. But his scent is picked up by Kiba, so he leads the way to him. In the Land of Rain, Pain gets word from fellow member Konan about a person who wants to meet him. He gets word from this guy that Sasuke is going good and his time will come soon. And for Naruto? They will hunt him too. The guy won’t tolerate failure, as he is the leader of the Akatsuki.

NS 125

Back in a nearby village, Sasuke gets bandaged up. Karin just starts to bitch at Suigetsu and others, as usual, and it’s annoying. Sasuke just wants info on Itachi, which Karin doesn’t have. Suigetsu has a bit on the Akatsuki, as they’re going after people with “special chakra” (AKA Naruto) and Jugo got word from the animals about there being hideouts nearby, since the animals can sense nasty chakra. Which Suigetsu says Karin has. She does, by the way, and shows this by stomping on Suigetsu head repeatedly. Water is going everywhere, and the fighting causes Jugo to start to lose it. Suigetsu and Karin try to calm him, but it’s no use. Sasuke has to use the Sharingan on him to calm him, and everything goes back to normal. Sasuke passes out from this, so they need him to rest. As they say who’s at fault at first, they then come to the realization that they could leave Sasuke whenever they want. But cause of their intentions with him, good or bad, they all know to stick around.

Kiba and Akamaru are leading the group to Sasuke, as he can sense he stopped in town to rest. Naruto thinks their paths will cross yet again. And back in the Rain Village, the leader knows how powerful Naruto is now, since he took down Kakazu, and knows of his friends and their strengths. But Konan assures him that Pain has never lost before. The leader tells them to get the Jinchuurikis ready, since their goals will be met soon and everything restored to its rightful place. But who is this Akatsuki leader? Why, it’s none other than Tobi. But Tobi isn’t his real name. His name is Madara Uchiha. It ends with Konan saying the sky is weeping.

NS 125 2

Well, this episode was full of talking again. And no, not the kind that is spectacular and makes the characters interesting. Although, the reveal at the end with Madara is the big stuff. He is here, and we are done with Tobi now. Yes people, there is another Uchiha, but we won’t get to him till a bit later. For now, just know that he is the Akatsuki leader. And bye funny Tobi. You will be missed (at least by me.) Other than that, too much talking and that bullshit with Monda too. Along with Karin being wet again just made this episode terrible. To end this, this episode can be summarized like this.

Nothing is all I got from this too. Along with everyone needing to shut up. Oh well. Next week is the One Punch Man Labor Day marathon. The caped baldy takes over, and that will be fun. As for this, 1 “You thought it was Tobi, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!! ANOTHER UCHIHA!!”/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami




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