One Piece Episode 359 Recap: “A Clear-Clear History? Sanji’s Stolen Dream”

Original Airdate: 6/22/2008

Toonami Airdate: 8/27/2016

On last week’s One Piece, Sanji came into the wedding, and was amazed by Nami. And so was Absalom. They laughed and shared in her beauty. Only to then kick each other’s asses. It was mostly Sanji doing the ass-kicking, but there was something else too. Sanji was mad that Absalom stole something from him. What was it? Find out by reading on.

So Sanji is still on fire, Absalom is beaten bloody, Nami is still out cold, and the other zombies are amazed at Sanji’s strength still. As Absalom gets up, he wants to know what’s wrong with Sanji hating him. According to Sanji, Absalom’s a thief. For not only taking Nami, but for stealing “his dream”. No, he didn’t find the All Blue. He stole another dream. Absalom has no idea what he’s talking about, but he will blow Sanji away with his Hands of the Dead. But Sanji tell hims to take off the bazookas that are strapped to his wrist. He still doesn’t want Nami to get hurt, cause if he does, he’ll make Absalom “twice as dead as the zombies” in the room. Absalom doesn’t listen and fires, and Sanji kicks at his hands, which reveals the bazookas. His ability turned them invisible, just like it can with his body. But Sanji knows that’s all it does, for he knows of the Clear-Clear Fruit and Absalom’s powers. Sanji as a boy looked through the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia (Yes, this is a real thing) but didn’t care for any of the fruits. Except for one. He declared if he found this fruit, he would accept its curse and eat it himself. But if anyone else found it, it would kill his dream.

Sanji wanted to become invisible. He wanted to help the wor-


I mean, he wanted to protect oth-


He just wanted to-


EP 359

Okay yeah. Sanji just wanted the damn fruit to peep on women. He’s mad at Absalom for this stupid reason. The zombies can see he’s a pervert (who also think he and Absalom are the same), and so can Absalom, to which he calls him that. Only to get a mega-face kick from Sanji. Absalom gets mad now. He tells of how much he is made of (Jaw of a lion, elephant skin, Harambe’s muscles. All of which Hogback made up) and how the Clear-Clear Fruit was basically extra. Doesn’t matter to Sanji, for Absalom still peeped, and gets kicked again for it. The zombies agree with this too.

EP 359 2
“I’m a beefed-up messed. But I will still Steal Yo Girl”

Even so, Absalom knows Sanji is strong, but will weaken soon. So he goes invisible again, and Sanji realizes quickly he’s after Nami. He grabs her and lifts her in the air, and tries to find where Absalom is, even though it’s pointless. Absalom, using the “power of the jungle”, attacks Sanji with all he’s got. Sanji is wide open holding Nami, but will sacrifice himself for her sake. He still holds on after getting multiple kicks/punches everywhere. So Absalom decides to do something else: Throw a knife into Sanji.

EP 359 5

EP 359 4

Feeling the effects of this, Sanji drops Nami. He’s sorry for doing this, but he didn’t want to stain her beautiful dress with his blood. He also see the Clear-Clear Fruit’s harsh reality, and doesn’t want it anymore. For he can peep just fine without it! (Yeah, still a pervert.) As Sanji removes the knife from his back, Absalom moves in on Sanji to finish him, but there is blood on the ground, and he steps in it. Sanji sees this, and grabs Absalom’s leg. Absalom tries to get him off, even beating him some more. But it’s no use. Sanji unleashes a barrage of kicks on the invisible beast. He gets one last powerful kick in that sends Absalom flying right into the wall. He wanted to get married. So he can now pronounce you Man and Wall. (That was a bad joke written there, it makes me wonder if Tatum wrote it.)

Back to Luffy, the shadow bats are still attacking him. But hey, at least they don’t drink blood. He punches them off, turning them into blobs on the wall. But they turn back into Doppel Man. Another Brick Bat forms, attacking Luffy again, as Moria is bored with this. Luffy Gum-Gum Gatlings them, with the shadow guy forming again. Moria just laughs it off, pissing Luffy off. So Luffy jumps off the ledge, and comes back up with a Gum-Gum Stamp, getting Moria. He got his ass kicked, and it makes Moria angry.

EP 359 3

The Perona, Usopp, and Kumacy chase is still going on, as ghost girl and long nose try to figure out how to finish each other off while having the other, or in Usopp’s case, Kumacy, stop chasing them. As they run some more, Kumacy attacks again, launching at Usopp and just missing. He does it again and again, as Usopp dodges each time. Usopp makes a turn, and Kumacy runs into a pillar, making a big mess. Usopp thinks it’s over, as he “pokes the bear” to see if he is done, but nope. Kumacy won’t give up on his master. Usopp runs again, but remembers his special attack he has. He uses a Flameball, which hits Kumacy and catches the teddy bear on fire. He’s weak to fire like the others, so Usopp uses some oil to make a fire line that Kumacy can’t cross. He goes off to look for Perona, but can’t find her. She actually tells him with her voice where she is, which leads Usopp to a window outside. There, he sees her floating. He asks what her powers are, but it’s a secret. Perona does now have a way to beat Usopp.

Usually, these One Piece episodes have been pretty good. And while this one was still funny, it was basically a one-trick pony you more than likely saw a mile coming. Sanji is a pervert, we know this. But this just solidified it here. He tires to hide it, but can’t. It was really obvious that this was gonna be the outcome of why he was mad at Absalom. But still, he did deliver an ass beating to the other pervert, so that was good. Plus, the whole chase thing with Usopp/Perona/Kumacy was getting pretty old as it went for an episode too long. But hey, at least it didn’t go on longer than that. Cause there are some that have stupid shit like this go on for more episodes. *Stares at DBZ Kai, Shippuden, and later One Piece episodes* Overall, the weakest episode since the filler episodes. But still good enough to be okay. 3 “NUDE GIRLS!!!!”/5. See ya again in 2 weeks, for it is Labor Day Weekend next week, as we begin the Perona vs Usopp fight.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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