Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio Episode 8 Recap: For Johansson

I know what you’re thinking. “Ian, why the hell did you have a TV rating be the image?” Well, because that TV-14-LSV caught me by surprise. And as we all know, all good things are TV-14-LSV.

Robot Chicken: Kiddie Pool
The Venture Bros.: Twenty Years to Midnight
The Eric Andre Show: Scott Porter / Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio: For Johansson

  1. The Mystic Adventures of Young Fluvia
    I don’t really feel comfortable watching this. I’m a couple seasons behind.
  2. Hippie Hair Businessman
    This man needs to check his privilege.
  3. Kitty in a Close-Up
    I need to see these songs uncensored.

  1. Most Popular Girl at the Party
    Rockin that sax!
  2. Morphers
    Ah yes, based on that book series.
  3. I Always See Taylor Swift
    You know, I don’t really care what you think of Taylor Swift. But I’m tellin ya, Jonah Hill’s givin me some weird looks!
  4. How to Order at Sizzler
    Some secret deals goin on here.
  5. iJet
    Can’t wait for iJet 2, when it’s 7% faster!
  6. Top Kids at School
    Ay look, it Dog Dog!
  7. Buyer’s Remorse
    Fuck everything, amiright?
  8. Jaws’s Second Term
    Look, Vice President Crocodile from Lake Placid is the real hero here.
  1. White James Brown
    The difference between democrats and republicans.
  2. Who Doesn’t Love a Good Hike?
  3. Fuck Your Pink Box
    Peirton fucked up REAL BAD. Now they gotta set him up straight.
  4. Once upon a time…
    A very passionate love story about a man and an aunt’s past.
  5. TV Guidance Counselor #3
  6. I Love to be happy
    Just two flies chillin.
  7. It’s like my daddy used to say…
    He gon tear dat ass up.
  8. Fruit Blood: Holes
    Fruit Blood is here to talk about that hole.
  9. Senate Vote
    Don’t blame me, I voted for them to carry French fries.


I can’t believe it. They did it. They made an episode better than For Knowles. At this point I had given up. And then For Johansson came along and…I have to give it a 10.
Now I have a rule when giving either 9 or 10. I ask myself a question: Did it do everything I wanted and then some? For For Johansson I went in expecting nothing. Nothing but dogshit. But not only that, but I didn’t see a single sketch that was bad. Now there were some OKAY ones, but none of them were flat-out terrible. Even For Knowles had it’s share of bad sketches.

Final Rating: 10 Kitties in Motherfucking Jars out of 10.

You can watch this episode and more at the official [adult swim] website:
Or if you want, you can watch it on these VOD services.
Google Play:


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