2016 Adult Swim Singles Program, Week 16: Tim Hecker – “veil scans”

<—- Week 15: HEALTH – “Crusher”

Week 17: Jenny Hval – “Period Piece” —->

Hey everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest release from the 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program.

Ambient electronic producer Tim Hecker is no stranger to the Adult Swim Singles program, having contributed to the 2014 compilation, and he may possibly be a yearly staple of the series if Jason DeMarco’s ambitions come true. Off the heels of his newest album Love Streams which dropped back in April, he brings a new song titled “veil scans”. The song is definitely in line with the material released earlier this year, with its constant sense of weightlessness, presenting an all-encompassing contrasting mix of beautiful crystalline melodies and unnerving progression. The melodies of the tune are offset by long droning bass notes that play within the middle. This, along with the rest of the production, gives the song a very metallic sensation to it, almost akin to floating weightlessly through a derelict abandoned space station. You can stream “veil scans” down below, and be sure to download it and the other released singles right here.

Let us know what you think of the song down in the comments below, or tweet us @SquadSwim. Follow me on Twitter: @RobBarracuda.


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