One Piece Episode 360 Recap: “Save Me, Hero!! My Enemy Is The Immortal Princess”

Original Airdate: 6/29/2008

Toonami Airdate: 9/10/2016

Hey, it’s been two weeks since we last saw an episode of One Piece on here. Here’s a quick recap of what happened last.

  • Perona can fly
  • Luffy kicked Moria’s ass. Literally
  • NUDE GIRLS!!!!

Yeah, I think that about covers it. Anyway, the individual battles are starting now, and we begin with Usopp vs Perona. Let’s start this.

In the mansion, Moria is still mad that Luffy got a blow on him. So much so, that he became an internet meme!

Moria tells him that he’ll hurt him worse, but Luffy’s being smug, and say he’ll just kick his ass again. He launches another Gum-Gum Stamp, but Moria is ready and grabs him. He has another Brick Bat go at Luffy, but Luffy counters with a Gum-Gum Fingernet (it is as it sounds) and smashes the bats to the grounds, turning it back into Doppelman.

Onto Usopp and Perona, Usopp can see she is flying. He wonders why she is brave now, compared to a few minutes ago where she had no confidence. Shown in flashbacks from a couple episodes back, she still can’t believe a person with Usopp’s negativity could exist. But there’s only one thing to tell that person: Cheer Up! For Life is Good! Usopp hates this, so he reveals his new weapon, Kabuto. Which isn’t really new, cause it’s been on for awhile. But anyway, he tells all of Kabuto’s special features, strengths, and what not to her. Except during this, Perona disappears. But hey she is right behind him. Just a little different.



Perona is now a giant, which freaks Usopp out, of course. Even if he wonders what she is, it doesn’t stop him from attacking her. He shoots out a Butterfly Meteor, which Perona dodges by reverting back to her normal size and flying around. A Mantis Meteor from Usopp also misses, as does a bunch of other attacks, for Perona can’t be hit. And then, this happens.


Alot of men would be happy that a girl is inside them. Wait, that’s supposed to be the other way … never mind. Her hands go into his chest, and he feel like it hurts so much, he might bleed to death. But Perona tells him that he she hasn’t puncture him, but he will die soon. Cause she will pop his heart with her own hands. Usopp doesn’t want to die, and begs Perona to spare him, but she grasps her hands around his heart. And that’s it for Usopp, he’s dead. Goodnight!


I’m joking. And so is Perona, cause she can’t actually do that. The bluff makes Usopp fall backwards and bump his head. If she could do it, he already be dead, as her body passes through the floor. Perona reveals she can pass through anything, and even as Usopp tries another attack, her body again goes through him, grossing him out. So since anything can pass through her, she can’t hit her. BUT, Usopp surmises because of the earlier thing with his heart, she can’t harm him. Yeah, no. Enter the Mini-Hollows. Like the Negative Hollows, but tinier.


And also with one big difference: They explode. Through the words of “Ghost Rap”, and the snap of a finger. And as luck would have it, one lands on Usopp, and one Ghost Rap later, BOOM! He gets up and shoots a Firebird Star at her as a distraction to run away. But she’s right with him and in the way, blinding him from the pillar he crashes into. Perona makes more Mini-Hollows to get on Usopp, and with multiple snaps of Ghost Rap, they explode, making him scream in agony.


As Kumacy makes his way to the fight, still pissed on the fire trick Usopp pulled off, Usopp is getting depressed thoughts, thinking he’s pathetic. Kumacy arrives, and Perona says he’s “stronger than the average bear” (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBOO!!!!!) Kumacy starts to beat him up good, as Usopp thinks he’s failed. It was his chance, and now everyone is gonna be captured by her, since he can’t do it. He thought he could do it, but now he needs help. He needs to be saved. He needs …. SNIPER KING!!!




You know what that means? Bring on the theme song!!

(Note, this is the Japanese version. Want to see the dubbed version? Find it on Youtube or somewhere.) As seen above in the pics, Sniper King has returned, and he put his hand with a salt star in Kumacy’s mouth, purifying him. This upsets Perona, and it upsets her more when she thinks that it’s Usopp behind the mask and not actually Sniper King. Anyway, Usopp runs away, cause that is all that he is good for (his words), but then a voice appears in his head. It’s Sniper King! He tells Usopp that he can still win, even if the situation looks bad. Sniper King tells him to remember Perona’s odd behavior from earlier, and why she is acting confident now, instead of running away like before. Even as he gets attacked by more Mini-Hollows, Usopp still tries to figure out what’s happened, as the mask of Sniper King comes off, revealing Usopp (*GASP!!) Usopp believes that during his fight with Kumacy, it triggered the change in her sometime within that, and he knows now she might be hiding somewhere. Usopp scans the place he is in, looking for a hidden room. He finds it, and gets on to her little game. He aims at the room, which makes Perona fearful. One Atlas Comet later, and the door is destroyed. Usopp smiles, cause he has found Perona’s real body.

2 weeks off, and we’re back to a nice fight full of explosions, and trying to get a character who has trouble with self-confidence dealing with it. Yes, Usopp is very cowardly, got his ass beat good, and did need help from his inner-persona for this fight. But he still stepped up when needed to. This is what makes Usopp pretty good. He steps up in the clutch, even if he doesn’t seem like he will. Besides, we also got to see Sniper King again, and that is always a treat. This was a fun welcome back, as next week we see the conclusion of this fight. 4 Sniper Kings, the Greatest Hero of All Time/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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