The Eric Andre Show 4 x 5 Recap: “Jesse Williams; Jillian Michaels”

Yo, we haven’t had our fill of our insane talk shows void for 2 weeks. Let’s get on with it

The opening has Eric as usual starting to destroy the set, but before he can, he get thrown into the vacuum of space via a wormhole. He gets sent back through it and lands on one of the band members. He then charms a snake, gets bit in the sack by it, and likes it. And finally, a scientist (or a doctor?) is making a cure for something. So Eric beats the shit outta him, as Hannibal arrives by kayak.

Eric monologue is “Words, words, words, Punchline!” He broke down the basic essentials of comedy. Some dancing goths arrive as they all dance to this, and so does magician Penn Jillette, who joins him with his own version: “Magic, magic, magic, Atheism!”

Grocery Goofs: A guy walks in just wanting to buy something. So yeah, let the fuckery begin. Just remember: No swearing, be cool, and relax. And don’t mind the naked sex slave hostage. He’s there for-where ya going?

Jesse Williams Interview: Actor Jesse Williams comes on, and Eric can see his eyes are nice. So nice, they pierce through his urethra. He asks him if he had sex with the Asian girl from Grey’s Anatomy, and how he looks like a cross between Bill Cosby and “Jared from Subway”. Eric then starts to say a bunch of swear words, but it’s for his audition for the “Tourette’s Movie”, which they show him doing, in some random shop. As a fat guy comes on stage, we get EXTREME CAM!!, where Williams gets multiple camera placed on him, and SLOOOOOOO-MOOOOOOO!!! Eric takes a shit on the desk, then gets shot to end it.

RANCH!!!: In another of the Ranch It Up!! installments, Eric is still spreading the goodness of Ranch, with appearances from Lady Godiva, Halal, and Bangkok Dangerous. (They might just be random people on the street. Who knows.) Now go finger Robocop and #LegalizeRanch this upcoming election.



Jillian Michaels Interview: Fitness guru Jillian Michaels comes out to be interviewed, and she and Eric are both in great shape. So that’s good. Now the real questions: Is she actually a Chinese dude in effects make-up? And did she star on Sassy Cathy? These are legitimate questions. Plus, Hannibal gives his impersonation of Bradley Cooper as the racist, former owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling. It’s pretty good. And he gives birth to jeans, as Eric gives birth to Jazz. Anyway, it’s time to get vaccinated! As a needle comes on stage, which of ya’ll is ready to get autism? Later on, as Eric is taking about his “jacked-up” desk, it gets lifted, and hey, there they all are. It’s them, but as little people. They all banter back and forth, and even the band has some tiny dudes with them. They match-up word-for-word, with Michaels just wanting to go home.

Eric’s Car Place: Eric arrives and wants a part of his car fixed, only for it to somehow, that has nothing to do with Eric at all, being destroyed on the spot. Who messed up his car, he wonders as he drinks gasoline.

Hostage TV: Hey, it’s the sex slave hostage from earlier. As his naked body runs (and farts) his way through the streets, he talks of being exploited, and being interviewed by Hostage TV, while also wanting to be saved. He also shows a stranger a pic of himself.

To close, we have a Hot Dog Eating Rap Battle between competitive eater Tim Janus, and rapper OG Maco. OG Maco tries his best, but throws up at the end. Also, ATHEISM!!

Overall, it wasn’t as good as the episode that was on two weeks ago, for that one was pretty great. Still, this was a very good episode, and a welcomed return form the 2-week break we had. See you next week as Warren G comes on as Eric ask about doing “things” Martha Stewart.

The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim


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