Naruto Shippuden Episode 126 Recap: “Twilight”

Original Airdate: 9/10/2009

Toonami Airdate: 9/10/2016

So it’s been a couple weeks since we saw the blonde ninja and pals on here, and the last episode revealed the Akatsuki’s actual leader, who was Tobi, but not actually Tobi. It was another Uchiha. Yeah, we’re get to him later in the show. For now, let’s start with Jiraiya and Tsunade, for we are getting more of the Pervy Sage soon.

In the Leaf, Jiraiya arrives to tell Tsunade the info he has on the Akatsuki leader. She wants the info, but gets mad that he won’t reveal it, and want to take it slow and have a drink before he does reveal this. She doesn’t want to drink. Until she does and gets wasted. Yeah, way to go, Tsunade. Then we see Karin, who is still thinking of sucking off Sasuke, as usual. She feels something coming though. It’s the Leaf. Kiba is leading them still, and they are closing in fast, with dogs in tow, which tips the red hair ditz off that they are using scents to track Sasuke. As Suigetsu goes to get her, she barges in, literally having the door smash on the poor guy, and tells Sasuke to wake up. He does, and tells them it’s time to leave, even if he may not be fine. Which he is, cause of Orochimaru’s snakes. Since there are alot of people, the emo can tell it’s the Leaf and not a 2-manned Akatsuki group. He still says Itachi is the top priority, so they ignore the Leaf for now. But as they go, Karin wants Jugo to use his bird friends to help. She has one of Sasuke’s outfits, which even Jugo finds weird, and wants to use it to fool the Leaf. It does, since Kiba gets fooled into smelling Sasuke’s scent go everywhere. This tips them off a sensory ninja is with Sasuke, so Naruto uses his Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu to find out.

As Naruto goes ahead, he senses someone nearby. Someone who has a Sharingan. Is it Sasuke? Nope. It’s Itachi.


As he knows Naruto is there, Naruto asks if he here to capture him. He’s not, as Itachi just wants to talk. Naruto attacks him from behind with clones, but Itachi dispatches of them easily. Naruto remembers the rules of dealing with the Sharingan: 1-on-1 means run, 2-on-1 means attack from behind. And since capturing him means he might meet Sasuke, he won’t run. Itachi ask why Naruto is so obsessed with Sasuke, which Naruto applies “Cause’s he more a brother to me than you’ll ever were.” This actually makes Itachi smile. As Naruto attacks, crows appear everywhere, signaling he’s in a Genjutsu. Again, Itachi just wants to talk.



Jiraiya reveals that the Akatsuki leader is in the Village Hidden in the Rain. A place so strict, that even getting Chunin Exam participants info is a nuisance. There a bunch of shit happening there, including a civil war that split the country in two. It’s even rumored that the Leader is leading one of the sides. And the lands of Earth, Wind and Fire (LOL) won’t get involved in this. So, Jiraiya will go alone on this dangerous mission, even if Tsunade hates this. He’s mostly doing this cause he couldn’t get Orochimaru, who he chased for years. They then remember the good times, Tsunade’s big chest, and risking his life by fighting. And Tsunade just looks like she wants him, to be honest.

We go back to Naruto, who finally wakes from his Genjutsu state. Itachi still says he’s not after him, and turns into crows and leaves on more “important matters”. Kiba and the others arrive wondering if something happened to Naruto, who just brushes it off. Back with Jiraiya and Tsunade, who is puking in a back-alleyway (Again, real Hokage-like,) they get to a bench and talk. She’s worried how strong the Leader is, as Pervy Sage starts to leave. She wants him to come back alive, and doesn’t know what she do if he died. He promises it won’t be like how Dan died, and Jiraiya tells her to gamble on his life, since she sucks at gambling. He only kids about this, as Tsunade looks on in drunken blushfulness. (I may have may that word up. Oh well.) Tsunade tells him if anything happens to contact her through his toads, and she’ll be there. But Jiraiya doesn’t want that. She has to lead the village if something happens. They talk of people who would be better Hokages, like Kakashi or Nartuo in the future. Which gets Tsunade to see him in Dan and her brother. Cause they’re chasing after their dreams. Naruto also reminds Jiraiya of the 4th Hokage, Minato. He praises the 4th and says if he was Jiraiya’s son, he be very proud. Also, Naruto is alot like his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, from the Land of Eddies. He is like both of his parents, and Jiraiya sees Naruto like a grandson of his. The Will of Fire being passed down to him. Jiraiya leaves, but gives a warning about the “Foundation”. He gives her a thumbs up, as Tsunade is all in tears.

Overall, this episode was pretty boring and didn’t have alot of action. What else is new with Shippuden? HOWEVER, we basically got an info dump in the last few minutes with Naruto and his actual family. Yes, we now know his mom’s name. And it basically gives away that the 4th was actually Naruto’s dad. Of course, they gave hints at times, even as early as the original series that he was his dad. But hey, if this is a spoiler, you’ll find out about his family a bit later. And, to take a page from the Iron-Blooded Orphans OP, the stuff with Tsunade and Jiraiya just had them “RAISE YOUR (Death) FLAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!” Yeah, there were MANY death flags raised throughout, that you could practically see them on the Pervy Sage. The talk about coming back alive, and gambling on his life is just too much not to notice. Will this have an affect later? Well, you have to watch the episodes to come to find out. Which speaking of, we get a two-parter about Jiraiya’s past the next couple weeks before he heads to the Hidden Rain village. The “Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls” begin. As for this episode, 2 Crying, Drunk Big Chested Ladies/5.

Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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