The Eric Andre Show 4 x 6 Recap: “Warren G; Kelly Osbourne”

Get your George O’ Keefe paintings ready. It’s time for the 6th Eric Andre recap.

The opening has skateboard legend Tony Hawk join Eric in destroying the stage, then beating the shit outta Eric. Also, a mummy chokes Eric, and Snakey! Plus, Hannibal falls from the sky. So Eric wants to appeal to Middle America. He brings out Peppercorn Bing Bong, a dancing horse, to appeal to them. He also brings out racist, stereotypical puppets, the Eraserhead Baby, and Peppercorn Bing Bong reveals himself to be Eric’s “Loopers” (Remember that movie? Because I sure don’t!) Him and his Loopers get in a gun fight.

Laundry: Just a normal day at the laundromat. Until Eric appears from a washing machine naked, wanting to know what year it is. (My Alien Dad, directed by Ron Howerd, coming soon.)

Warren G Interview: Rap legend Warren G comes on stage, as Eric tells him he farted. Eric, like Warren G, can rap too. He starts rapping about his P-hole, as one of the band members starts to complain about life. Hannibal starts to freestyle verse himself, as Eric removes a tapeworm from his arm. But the real question: Would Warren G tittyfuck Martha Stewart? The answer? Yes. I mean, who wouldn’t? Soon, Kraft Punk appears yet again. And as he throws more cheese, he introduces another new show he has made.

The Kraftelor: Kraft Punk goes around asking random people (mostly women) if they’ll be his “cheese wife”, with a wedding ring ready. He may have premature e-cheese-ulated too. Yeah, let’s go with that. Also, he can’t die apparently. The hosts kick him off set, as Eric ends the Warren G interview scratching his desk with his sharp nails, wanting tapes.

And 1 Street Ball: There are people playing street ball for And 1, but Eric needs help from them to rescue his kid who is flying cause of the balloons he tied on him. He wants help, and his inner monologue wonders if he will be made a fool at work for this, if the players here respect him, and then a bunch of other crazy personal shit. Also, the baby is still floating.

Kelly Osbourne Interview: Daughter of rock and roll legend Ozzy Osbourne, and fashion expert Kelly Osbourne comes on, and Hannibal welcomes her in the seat, which Eric sees as chemistry. A new PA flies into the desk to start this interview off. Eric asks her if Ozzy ever ate feces on stage, which Kelly response angrily to, saying it was animal heads (Because that’s better?) She’s gets more annoyed when he asks her if she was in a group called the “Dazzle Girls” and if “Facists are fashionable”? She says “Fuck You”, which Eric interprets as “Fuck the Jews!”, with her and a Nazi logo with the quote up. Then it’s game time and it’s time to “Eat Out of a George O’ Keefe Painting”, with Eric licking a painting of a vagina. Kelly is done, as the Asian guy backstage fires a gun.

This is how desks get pregnant

Paramedic: Eric is trying to revive a dead patient. By having sex with them. He may need some help with this. Also, a woman died in jail, but she was the Terminator, so it’s ok?

To close, comedian Jim Norton is brought on to perform in a weird ass get-up, getting zapped by tasers, barked at by dogs, and surrounded by the Guantanamo Babes.

I liked this episode more than last week, mostly cause of Kelly Osbourne’s reaction. The best episodes are when the interviewees get so pissed off by his antics, that they want to literally kill him, and she was very pissed. It was great. Plus, Kraft Punk and Snakey returned, and they were awesome the first time around. See ya again next week, and please, someone save Eric’s baby from the balloons.


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim


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