Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio Episode 10 Recap: For Alba

We’re here people, the final HNSP recap I do (unless it gets renewed, in which case I’ll probably do Season 2. Honestly though, ratings are NOT good, especially compared to what killed China, IL Season 3). It’s been a fun ride, so let’s get right down to it!

  1. This is America with Father John Misty
    Father John Misty is here to explain to you the things you can do in America!
  2. Cool Therapist
  3. I’m Urban Keith
    and so are you.
  4. Let’s go to the movies
    I actually should watch Heat.
  5. Missionaries
    Explain white to someone.
  6. Uber and Out
    A girl goes to a bar. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Like, at all.

    Is that a werewolf?
  7. Leather
    She’s REALLY interested in leather.
  8. Things to be Afraid Of
    There’s nothing to be afraid of when you have God! But wait, what if you don’t believe in God? PANIC! But wait, what if panicing causes death?
  9. I Always See…James Bond
    This…might actually be the best one so I won’t spoil it.
  10. The ghost of a man who had lice but didn’t tell anybody
    That poor soul.
  11. World War WRONG
    Moar liek World War RIGHT AM I RIGHT?!

    If you can guess what the hell is going on out of context then bravo.
  12. Toy Story 5
    Remember all those questions you had about Toy Story? Here’s the, albeit disturbing, answer.
  13. Hard Ass Mother Fucker in a Flat Bill and Cheap Grill Crying like a Lost Child Outside an Outback Steakhouse
    I could show you a picture of the actual skit, but I think just showing you the title is good enough.
  14. Wiz of Oz
    A retelling of the classic story.
  15. The Real Voice of Tom Hanks
    The true story revealed.


The fact that this was the season (or series we don’t know yet) finale is kind of disheartening. Give Robot Chicken credit, at least they did something at the end of each season. This sucks because I think this is one of the better episodes. It’s no For Johansson, but it’s definitely in the Top 5 at least.

Final Rating: 8 Hard Ass Mother Fuckers in Flat Bills and Cheap Grills Crying like Lost Childs Outside an Outback Steakhouse out of 10

As for the season, while I can recommend a few episodes to the uninitiated, I don’t think I can recommend the entire series. It’s not a laugh out loud riot like it would have you think it is. When it got bad, it got really bad. When it got good, it got really good. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun.
So, one last time. Say it with me everybody:

Final Season Rating: 8 Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepios out of 10.

You can watch every episode (including this one) at the official [adult swim] website:

Or if you want, you can watch it on these VOD services.


Google Play:




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