Naruto Shippuden Episode 127 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/24/2009

Toonami Airdate: 9/17/2016

In the last episode, we saw Jiraiya leaving the Leaf with a teary-eyed Tsunade looking on. This was the start of things to come for him. But before we get to that, we have a look back to the time when Jiraiya was a kid through his teen/young adult years. It’s the beginning of how the Pervy Sage became who he is today. This is “Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls, Part 1.”

We are sometime in the distant past, where we see a distant pair of bells used for an exercise. There, we see young Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru trying to take these bells from their sensei, Sarutobi. AKA, the future 3rd Hokage. If Jiraiya gets a bell, he wants Tsunade to go out on a date with him. And as we seen before with a certain someone, this plan fails, and Jiraiya falls flat. Like young Tsunade. But after the jokes, Sarutobi tells her and Orochimaru to leave and he has a talk with the hopeless Jiraiya. It seems he is lacking purpose, so he shows him a Summoning Jutsu, and summons his big gorilla partner. This makes Jiraiya excited, and wants the big ape to be his partner too. I mean, yeah. Who WOULDN’T want Harambe as a partner? *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!* I’m sorry, I’ll stop using that dead meme. But, he can’t be partners with it, and can only find animal entity that only he can be with, and needs to train more for this. But this has Jiraiya find his purpose.

The Original Squad

As we see him train, we see Jiraiya wonder why he is doing this. Well duh, he wants to tap that sweet, flat Tsunade body. (Oh god, I just made myself sick typing this.) Sure, he gets the crap beaten outta him, like again, a certain someone we know. But it’s Jiraiya, and you know how he thinks with his dick. Cause of him wanting all the girls, he decides to see what happens when you do the Animal Transportation Jutsu without a contract. Sarutobi tries to stop him, but it’s too late. Jiraiya gets thrown into a dimensional wormhole and into another world. There, he sees a toad and snake fighting, and decides to butt in. He throws the snake off, and the toad, Butta, is impressed by this kid. Jiraiya has arrived at Mt. Myoboku.



Another toad, Fukasako, tells Jiraiya he’s arrived at last, meaning they were expecting him. In fact, their giant toad elder, who they make Jiraiya meet, told of it in a dream. The big old guy talks of him, saying he will get the power of the toad, and Jiraiya is the “child of prophecy”. What does the prophecy say? Well, the old toad doesn’t know. But Jiraiya will stay and train with the toads to get stronger. It doesn’t please the young perv, since he wanted girls.

But still, he trains at Mt. Myoboku anyway, as well as training in the Leaf at times. He trains to be a sage, and while he still has trouble training (and trouble getting Tsunade) he gets better as he progresses. He even signs a contract to be the toads’ partner. Years pass, and while he still ain’t getting any from Tsunade, or any girls for that matter, the old elder toad summons him cause he now knows the rest of the prophecy. He meets the elder, who forgets who Jiraiya is. Yeah, the old guy is senile, as Fukasako and his toad wife, Shima, argue about it. (The old guy also forgets who Fukasako is as well.) Anyway, as he becomes lucid, he tells him his dream he had.


Jiraiya will become a great, yet still pervy, ninja. He will take on an apprentice, who will bring great change to the ninja world. However, it will either be of “Great stability” or “Great destruction”, and Jiraiya will have to make a choice. Whichever choice he makes will have a great impact. But hey, at least he gets to travel the world and write a book.

So off goes Jiraiya, on his way meeting different folks to see if they’re gonna be his apprentice. As he goes on, the world goes into chaos, erupting into wars with people dying. At one of his stops, Jiraiya meets a guy with a baby. He tells the stranger of who he is and what he’s gonna be, and is about to give the baby some candy. Until the baby moves and it’s actually a puppet. There’s destiny talk and war coming and age of destruction. Then at a bar, he has a busty girl with him, and he talks with her, and she tells him to”change her” (Cause we needed some double entendres.) Then there’s a weird gambling thing Jiraiya interrupts, because I don’t know. He meets another stranger who hates life cause his nation can’t stand up to other nations. Some silver-haired shinobi talks too, and tells of how they can’t stop war and must teach kids about life and death and how to survive. Yeah, Jiraiya’s not finding any revolutionary figures easily.

He thinks he finds “The chosen one” in a village, with a guy rallying others. But as he talks to him, he just says how war is shitty and you must pray for it to end. Yeah, not him. In a forest, he senses something and finds another village burning. A shinobi attacks with a big ass shuriken, and Jiraiya can see he’s part of the Fuma Clan. There’s balance of power talk, destroying the village cause of a tip, and yap yap, fight you two!! They do, and are evenly matched. The Fuma guy tells Jiraiya to give up, but he doesn’t and slashes his head. More assassins will attack the village, so no peace will come from here. Because of all the fighting everywhere, Jiraiya had to put his journey on hold and return to the Leaf to help them with the fighting. After more shit we saw involving past events we seen (Tsunade’s brothers’ death, etc.) we’re told the 3rd Great Ninja War began, and the trio of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru eventually became known throughout as “The Legendary Sannin”.

This episode was basically a big pain. Yes, it did give us some good info on all that happened before Naruto and co. and what Jiraiya was like as a kid. But basically, alot of it was just Jiraiya trying to get a tap of flat Tsunade. Who beats him the fuck up. Come on, this is just Naruto and co., but you replace them with Jiraiya and them. Also, the 2nd half of this episode was just annoying as hell, but hey Todd Haberkorn as a ninja. So that’s a plus? Mostly, I have to say this: The toads may have been the best thing this episode. Wait, WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?! “But you hate the toads? Why would you say this?!” Because these ones don’t sing stupid ass songs that make you want to blow your brains out. Plus, some are important a bit later on as Jiraiya’s arc progresses. Sure, one was senile as hell. But overall, they may have been the best thing from this lackluster first half of Jiraiya’s past. Join me again for part 2 real soon. 1.5 Pervy Destiny Ninjas/5. 


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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