One Piece Episode 361 Recap: “Perona is Terrified!! Usopp and Untruthful Share the Same “U””

Original Airdate: 7/6/2008

Toonami Airdate: 9/17/2016

In the last episode, Usopp kept getting attacked and exploded by rapping ghosts. Or something like that. Then he got beat the hell up by a stuff teddy zombie. But he persevered with a little help from his friend Sniper King. After a bit, he found out that Perona’s body was a fake, and he found her real body after some time. Let’s get on with the rest of this fight.

As Usopp found her real body, he now knows why she is a ghost now, but wasn’t when he was chasing her. That was her physical body during it, but this one now is a duplicate. So Usopp won’t fall for any more of her tricks. Perona admits he got it right, but he is only 90% right. Her floating body is actually her spirit, which can fly free. But since that’s her spirit, Usopp decides to aim at her actual body. He shoots a Big Bang Star at it. But misses. He tries again, but Perona is prepared with a Special Hollow. This one is different from the Mini-Hollow. Cause it’s big as hell. And it can bite down on Usopp. As he’s struggling to get out, Perona’s spirit goes back inside her real body. Her heart starts again and her real self wakes up.


Back with Moria and Luffy again, Luffy is still fighting Doppelman. A Gum-Gum Bazooka and a Gum-Gum whip do nothing to it. He even tries biting it apart. Moria taunts him cause he still hasn’t kicked his ass yet, and he has to do it quick before “he” shows up. And by “he”, Moria means Luffy. Or more specifically, his shadow in Oars. Speaking of, Oars is looking for something, and he finally finds it after a time. It’s his stone hat. He can’t be King of the Pirates without it. And you know what you also need to be King of the Pirates? A cannon! He goes to find one, even if he doesn’t know what a cannon is.

In the dance hall, Robin and Chopper are still fighting Zoro’s ugly ass samurai zombie, and Sanji’s Dog-Pen zombie. Robin gets a hold of Zoro’s zombie with her hands, but he is very strong and breaks free. And we get a nice ass shot of Robin. Cause it was needed(?). Why yes, it was.


Hogback, just watching, thinks they should give up, as Dog-Pen wants Chopper to fight. He calls him Sanji, which Dog-Pen doesn’t want time to have Chopper explain, cause he wants to kick his ass. Only to have Zoro’s zombie nearly chop all of them down. This cause him and Dog-Pen to argue. It shows they have never change, even if their shadows are in different bodies. During this, Chopper gets a hold of Zoro’s zombie, and this leaves Robin to open his mouth and a chance to purify him with salt. But Dog-Pen won’t let her. Chopper points out that Robin’s a lady, but it doesn’t stop him.


He lands a devastating kick on her. So much so, that I think her spine got bent unevenly. (I’ll get to the animation at the end.) This shocks Chopper, cause Sanji doesn’t kick women. It also allows him to lose focus and cause Zoro’s zombie to German suplex him into the ground. It looks like it’s over for them.

In the forest, Oars makes his way as the other zombies flee from him. Oars still wants a cannon, but then he doesn’t remember what he is looking for. He also wonders why there’s a stone tablet on his head. All he remembers is him wanting to be a pirate. It’s then that Moria’s powers start to take affect. Oars now remembers what he must do. He starts to turn around. He needs to get back to his master, Moria.

Usopp is still in the big ghost’s mouth. And with only one snap, Usopp is finished. Perona thinks that Hogback will use him as a long nose zombie after this. As she calls out “Kamikaze Rap”, it explodes, but Usopp uses the Impact Dial he has to absorb the explosion. She can’t believe it, but as she tries to move, Perona notices she can’t. She’s stuck to the bed. Why? Cause that Big Bang Star that missed wasn’t that. It was a Sticky Star Bullet that got her. Usopp tricked her to make it looked like he missed. But then Lieutenant Hippo appears, and is about to cut own Usopp. However, Usopp uses the Impact Dial on Lieutenant Hippo and gets him good (with the side effect of having Usopp’s arm feel like it broke.)

Usopp then uses a Shiny Black Star on Perona. The attack hits, but falls on her lap. Only to open and have cockroaches pop out. Naturally, Perona freaks out at this, because roaches. Wouldn’t you if they got all in your clothes? But Usopp isn’t done. He brings out a DA HAMMER!!! This starts to freak Perona out more since the hammer weighs 10 tons. There’s a reason why Usopp is (his words) “the strongest man in the East Blue.” He struggles to lift it up, but he eventually lifts the 10-Ton Hammer. Perona begs for him to spear her since she’s in her real body, but Usopp isn’t having it. Here comes the Usopp Golden Pound!!




As you can see, the hammer pops. Turns out, the hammer wasn’t an actual hammer, but a balloon. And so was the stick attached to it. And the cockroaches? Just toys. He fooled Perona good, and she is out cold till sunrise from this. Usopp wins this fight.

Back on the rooftop, Ryuma and Zoro are fighting, and Zoro get flung off onto a part of the building below. Ryuma is looking at him, and he’s on fire. As Ryuma says something to Zoro, Franky wonders what is going on. Brook knows. He says the fight is over. Basically, Ryuma didn’t even use a fraction on his strength on Brook, and couldn’t believe the fight he witnessed between the two swordsmen.

Overall, this was a satisfying way to end the Usopp vs. Perona fight. I did here some say that this wasn’t a fun way to treat Perona, mostly cause of the cockroaches and other stuff. But hey, it’s typical Usopp flair. This is what he does. He lies his way to get a fake out enemies sometimes. And plans/schemes like he did with Perona are basically what he does. Plus, he was thought ahead with that Impact Dial. Fun to see that get used every so often. Now to the bad part: The animation. Yeah, this is typical Toei, where sometimes the faces and other parts just … don’t look right at times. And no, it’s not just random stops at spots too. Even if this Luffy face just screams WTF?!


As I said with Robin above, that kick made her body look weirdly shaped. Of course you could say that for much later episodes involving her, but we are still far from that. This one, animation aside, was still a fun episode. An Usopp win is always a delight. And who won the fight between Zoro and Ryuma? Well, you’ll find out soon, starting in the next episode. 4 Usopp Giant Pounds/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


*This recap was updated to include the shot of Robin’s ass. Because fuck it, I’ll add whatever the hell I want to my recaps.


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