One Punch Man Double Recap Episode 8 and 9 

Original Airdates 

Episode 8 – November 22, 2015   Episode 9 – November 29, 2015

Toonami Airdates 

Episode 8 – September 10, 2016 

Episode 9 – September 17. 2016

Hey everyone this is PersonaSoda here. In case if you were wondering why there wasn’t the recap for episode 8 of One Punch Man last week, well lots of stuff happened that took away free time for me like school but now that I’m here this recap will be a double for episode 8 and 9. Let’s first recap episode 8 and this episode “The Deep Sea King”

The episode begins with a giant sea monster sending a message to a city’s citizens that the Seafolk are coming to invade the city. Saitama then walks to the giant sea monster and of course kills him instantly. A hero names Mumem Rider comes late to the scene and it amazed on how the monster was killed and on Saitama after looking him up. 

The Seafolk have arrived and come to destroy the citizens, but luckily a Class A hero named Stinger has came to the scene and challenges the Seafolks to fight him.

Meanwhile in Saitama’s apartment, Genos tells Saitama that he has moved to Rank 2 in Class C and that he is close to going to Class B. Saitama turns on the TV to find the Seafolk have invaded City J and that one hero, Stinger, is nearly weakened while fighting them.

I Despite being damaged a bit, Stinger was able to kill sea monsters that were near him. Unfortunately he then gets punched severely by Sea King, the leader of the Seafolk. 

Saitama and Genos are now heading to City J to deal with the Seafolk. Genos splits from Saitama to scout ahead. Meanwhile Mumen Riger is heading to the city as well. He sees a group of Class C heroes in a truck and they tell him that Class C heroes can’t handle a situation like this.

Seaking seems to be insanely overpowered as he easily took out and destroys a hero names Lighting Max. Just as Lighting Man falls after being defeated, a prisoner named Puri-Puri Prisoner saves him from falling to the ground. He is also with Sonic who has escaped from prison. Puri challenges Seaking to a fight… naked with his angel style. 

Despite his strength, Puri is taken out by Seaking. Now realizing that Seaking is very powerful, Sonic challenges Seaking to a fight. Despite his fast speed and strength, none of Sonic’s attacks have no effect on Seaking. Sonic decides to retreat and tells Seaking he will be back for him next time with his weapons to destroy him.

Seaking breaks into the shelter where all the citizens are at trying to be safe along with some heroes. The heroes in the shelter attempt to fight Seaking, but are easily taken out by him.

Meanwhile Saitama is with Mumen Rider to find Seaking. Saitama then notices that Sonic is running very fast and decides to go after him. Mumen receives a call from the Hero Association for the directions to the shelter and goes to find to it right away while accidentally dropping his phone. Saitama finds Mumen’s phone where it receives a call where the Association asks who is the one answering and Saitama replays by saying it’s him.

So now that we got episode 8 out of the way now it’s time for episode 9 “Unyielding Justice” 

This episode begins with Genos arriving at the shelter to fight Seaking. He charges up so much to super punch Seaking. At first everyone in the shelter thought the day was saved, but then Seaking comes back, who seems to have no damage from the attack, and rips off one of the arms of Genos.

Genos tells everyone to escape while he is fighting Seaking. He charges up to his maximum power and was able to do some damage to Seaking. While they are fighting Seaking attempts to spit acid at a little girl, but Genos saves the girl. Unfortunately the acid went to him and he is now severely hurt. 

Just as Seaking was about to kill Genos, Mumem Rider has arrived to fight Seaking. Of course Mumen is easily defeated by Seaking, but refuses to give up. The people encourage him to not give up and to keep on fighting, but Seaking punches Mumen.

Saitama then catches Mumen and tells him that he should be proud of himself that he did his best to fight. Seaking goes after Saitama and punches his head, but it has no damage. Just as Seaking was gonna give Saitama a mega punch, Saitama counters it with a kill with just one punch. Seaking is finally defeated and the people cheer for Saitama.

The next day, Saitama and Genos receive fan letters from the Hero Association. One letter that Saitama receives says that he is a cheating bastard which angers Genos. A flashback is shown that takes place after Seaking’s defeat. Everyone is cheering for Saitama, but then a man with a green jacket says that Seaking was not really all that tough and makes fun of the other heroes who risked their lives to protect the people from the threat. In order to save the reputations and the effort the other heroes had made, Saitama says to the people that he was just lucky and that he wants to cash in all the work the other heroes have done to himself. All the people now call Saitama a fraud and accept the efforts from the other heroes. 

Back in the current time, Saitama opens another letter and it says that he can be promoted to Class B. At the City Z Hero Association Office, Saitama is with the people from the Association discussing the promotion. Saitama has an option of going to Class B 101st rank or staying in Class C. He accepts the former.  

Later at night, Saitama goes to eat at oden shop. Mumen Rider is also at the shop and offers to buy Saitama food to celebrate his promotion. A flashback shows on Saitama meeting Mumen for the first time when they are searching for Seaking to which makes Saitama remember him at the shop.


After the end credits, a fortune teller predicts that the earth is doomed to a Hero Association person.

I thought both episodes were really good. Seaking really must be overpowered, but I liked how the heroes tried their best to stop him especially Genos and Mumen. Mumen also wanting to fight the Seaking , (even though he is too strong for him), to save the people was really nice. I also liked how Saitama didn’t want the other heroes’ effort be worthless to the people. I’ll give both episodes 8.5 punches/10

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami Saturdays at 12AM


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