Naruto Shippuden Episode 128 Recap

Original Airdate: 9/24/2009

Toonami Airdate: 9/24/2016

We continue on from the first part of Jiraiya’s past and onward through more of it, where we meet 3 kids who change his life forever and see a novel that gives away an important name. This is “Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls, Part 2”

Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade are in a battle with Hanzo of the Hidden Rain, and they are just beat up. Hanzo tells them the Leaf will win, and he’ll let the 3 ninjas live. Not only that, they fought so well, he now names them as the “Legendary Sannin”. So I guess they’re victorious, in a way. Jiraiya wonders this too, as he ponders if he’ll go on another journey. Tsunade thinks it’s best he stay in the Leaf, but Jiraiya still hasn’t found his destiny yet. Just then, they sense people nearby. They can sense they’re not a threat since they’re Hidden Rain kids, so they tell them to come out. Out first pops an orange hair boy named Yahiko. He just wants food and tells them their parents were killed. He motions the other two, Konan and Nagato, to come out too. Tsunade and Jiraiya do give them the food they have, which they take all of. As the Sannin leave, the 3 kids follow them, which pisses Tsunade off. Konan gives her an origami flower as a gift. But Yahiko has one more thing to offer: He wants Jiraiya and co. to teach them ninjutsu. Orochimaru just wants to kill them, so they can be put out of their miserable lives. Jiraiya decides to take care of them himself and train them himself, since he thinks it could be his destiny.

As they have a cabin now, the 3 kids are all his students now. Nagato, the red head, starts to cry, thinking of his family who got killed in the war. Yahiko scolds him for being a wimp. Jiraiya believes this war will be over soon, but Yahiko thinks that’s bullshit. They all lost families and all share the pain from these endless wars. And he also hates the rain, cause he thinks the land is “crying and is cowardly”. The three want to know ninjutsu so they can change the Hidden Rain.

It’s later on (who knows how many days or months went by) we see Jiraiya writing a novel, but coming up short on any ideas. Then, Konan arrives and tells him Yahiko and Nagato are in trouble. They go and see a chunin from the Hidden Rock attacked them, but he’s dead now. Apparently Nagato did it. Jiraiya looks at Nagato and sees something that shocks him. It’s his eyes. He doesn’t have normal eyes. He has purple, multi-ringed eyes. Nagato has the rarest of all 3 Perception Jutsu: The Rinnegan.


The story of the Rinnegan is that it came from the Sage Of Six Paths, one of the most powerful ninjas in this world’s lore. Basically, if the Six Paths guy came to this world, it would create lots of destruction and shit. But Jiraiya remembers from the old senile toad that he would find someone who could change the world, and Nagato could be that revolutionary. He decides to teach the 3 ninjutsu, but only in self-defense. As we see them train, we see Yahiko apologize to Nagato for saying he’s weak, even though Konan blurts out that Nagato is actually stronger than Yahiko (He did kill a freakin’ Chunin!)

Later on, Jiraiya wakes up and sees that Nagato is gone. He’s outside crying, and Jiraiya listens to him. Apparently, Nagato only remembers the guy attacking Yahiko, but he doesn’t remember how he killed him, cause he got so angry, that he blacked out. When he came to, the Rock guy was dead. Sure he killed a guy in blind hatred, but Jiraiya assures him it’s okay since he protected his friends. He gives Nagato a talk on hatred, being human and growing up, which Nagato doesn’t fully get. But he does want to protect his friends, no matter how much pain he has to endure. This, along with training them, does give Jiraiya some novel ideas.

3 years pass, as Jiraiya trains them well, and they learn some good ninjutsu. So well, they can take down Jiraiya’s Shadow Clone. But, since they can now defend themselves, Jiraiya decides it’s time to leave to go back to the Leaf. He knows they will be sad without him, and there will still be hard times turning their Rain Village dump into a great place, but he believes in them, and knows they grown up enough to make a change. They thank him as he leaves.


As the War wages on, the Sannin continue to make their name in the war, but it’s still not ending. There might be no way to stop it, as “hate breeds more hate”. Jiraiya still thinks that peace will come. But, one of the toads comes with a message for Jiraiya. He reads it, and it shocks him. The 3 kids he trained all died in the war. He thought he did the right choice leaving them, but he may have been wrong again.

Orochimaru: “I told ya I should’ve killed those kids. But no, you wouldn’t let me.”

The war went on, but one of Jiraiya’s pupils, Minato Namikaze, helped end the 3rd Great War finally. Since it’s now done, Jiraiya wonders what to do. Go on a journey and find another apprentice? What is his destiny? As for Orochimaru and Tsunade? Well her’s is to get drunk and gamble for the most part, and Orcohcimaru’s to master all jutsu and be a total creep trying to find human immortality.

Sometime later on in the Leaf, Minato is reading a book. In the story, a guy is fighting another and looks defeated. The guy is not giving up, and his enemy thinks no peace will come to the ninja world. But the MC beats his foe, and tells him he won’t give up on the world, and he’ll break this curse by himself. Who is this guy? His name is …. and that’s where Minato stops. It’s Jiraiya’s first novel, and it feels more like an autobiography of Jiraiya’s than an actual novel, since the character is like Jiraiya. Or course, the novel never sold well. Minato tells him that he wants his kid to be like the character in the book, and wants to name him after said character. It’s a weird name to give the kid, since Jiraiya came up with the name only by eating ramen. What is the novel characters’ name?

It’s Naruto.

Minato’s pregnant wife, Kushina, thinks it’s a wonderful name. Plus cause of it, this basically makes Jiraiya Naruto’s godfather. After this, Jiraiya continued on his journey, for it be a long while before he meets Naruto.


So yes, that is how Naruto got his name. Yeah, it’s a very stupid way of getting it. At least I think so. It’s also pretty ironic that Jiraiya got that name from eating ramen, and well, you know what the little blonde idiots favorite dish is. Is this a good time to tell ya that Naruto is actually a part of the meal in ramen? Cause it is. No for real, go look it up. But yeah, Jiraiya knew about Naruto all the way back, and there was a reason he had a connection with him in the original series. He’s basically a step-grandparent to him in every way. Sure, it’s not the best practical use to getting to here, but overall, it does work.

Oh, and those kids. It was a ok way to introduce the 3 kids, even if leaving them to fend for themselves so early on was a stupid idea. Oh, by the way, those kids aren’t dead. This would be a spoiler, except if you watched a couple episodes ago with the Akatsuki leader being revealed, the blue-hair chick was called Konan, just like the girl there. And Pain himself looks too much like Yahiko. This will all be explained real soon in the upcoming arc with Jiraiya and Pain. Their story is to come soon enough. And before I end it, I have to say that even though people have their problems with Vic Mignogna, I really like him as Nagato. More so than him as Obito. He sounds more in tune being Nagato here than he ever was being Obito. I might get some flack for it, but oh well. That’s how I feel. The 2nd half was better than the first half of this past tale, so it gets a very good (in Shippuden terms) rating. 3 Blonde kids named after food/5. And another note. If you didn’t know yet, Toonami is going back to Midnight later this week. So Shippuden is moving back up to 2 AM. So see ya next time as Jiraiya enters the Hidden Rain.


Naruto Shippuden can now be seen starting this week at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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