One Piece Episode 362 Recap: “Slashes Dancing on the Rooftop!! Showdown: Zoro vs Ryuma”

Original Airdate: 7/13/2008

Toonami Airdate: 9/24/2016

The last recap had Usopp and Perona’s fight conclude, and it ended with Usopp faking being strong and scaring the ever-living spirit outta her. Which returned to her actual body too. At the end though, we saw that Zoro and Ryuma’s fight had come to an end. Ryuma was on fire, and Brook couldn’t believe how strong he actually was. What happened and why is the zombie on fire? Read and find out.

As seen before, we still see Ryuma on fire on the roof. The show takes it back 5 minutes in time at Hogback’s lab to what happened in the fight. Zoro and Ryuma are gonna square off, and Zoro says he’ll take the Black Blade, Shusui, away from from Ryuma, only alarming Brook to not provoke the samurai zombie. Ryuma notices that Zoro uses 3 swords, thinking it’s a “circus act”. It’s Zoro’s own style, the 3-Sword Style, but since one of them is broken, he’ll beat Ryuma with just two. Also, Ryuma can sense Zoro’s a beast. He can feel it in his bones (Even Ryuma still does skull/bone jokes.) They attack, and they destroy the place around. Ryuma used one of Brook’s sword thrust techniques, only it was a whole lot more powerful than Brook’s ever was. Hell, it put a perfect hole in the wall. But, the two warriors tied in their attacks, as Zoro’s own strength cut the wall across apart. As they attack again, Brook can see that with Ryuma being once a powerful samurai in the past, plus with his shadow controlling the zombie’s body and Brook’s moves, it makes Ryuma pretty good. But, with how strong Zoro is as well, their fight won’t last long, for they’re dead even in strength.




Ryuma uses the end of the sword with powerful thrust attacks on Zoro. He can see that Ryuma’s trying to break his swords with it. He uses the Demon Bear attack as Ryuma counters too, only stunning Franky and Brook with their power. As they go back-in-forth, the pillars get hit, causing the floor below to collapse soon, so Franky takes Brook from the carnage. The lab is destroyed, and the fight continues on the rooftop. Even with poor footing, which Brook warns Zoro about, the two swordsmen continue their epic fight.


They run on the roof, dodging and defending each others attack, showing the power that both process. But, both Zoro and Ryuma are out of breathe, and Zoro knows that if the fight goes on any longer, his swords from Ryuma’s skilled attacks will break. Ryuma can sense the fight’s almost done too, so they both go out with one last attack: Zoro’s “One-Sword Style: Flying Dragon Blaze” and Ryuma’s “Two-Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash”. The attacks cut the roof off, and send it to the ground below. Both get hit by each others attacks, but it is Ryuma who’s affected the most. His wound literally burn, setting him on fire. Ryuma can see his defeat, and can see Shusui will be satisfied being with Zoro, as we all go back to what happened at the end of the last episode.

The fight is over, and Ryuma drops Shusui off to Zoro. The samurai zombie feels shame for being defeated, but Zoro tells him that is what makes a swordsmen who lost, and wishes he could have met and fought him in his own era. As Ryuma’s body burns, Brook’s own shadow comes from the zombie back to him. At long last, after 5 years of misery, Brook got his shadow back. Brook feels so happy that he got his shadow back. So much so, he can feel his blood pumping in his veins. Not that he has any blood (YO-HOHOHOHOOOOOOO!!!!) As Brook celebrates, Zoro acknowledges to Ryuma that the fight with the Wano Kingdom warrior never happened.

RIP Ryuma. You were a magnificent warrior

Back in the mansion, Usopp is looking for his friends, so he can brag to them that he beat Perona. But, the other animal zombies are making their way to her, so he hides within a picture so they won’t notice. As they pass, he goes off again. Outside, the other Zombie Generals can see their fallen brethren at the hands of Oars. Hildon arrives and tells him Oars did it, and they wonder why. Maybe cause of his lack of obedience and size, plus with Luffy’s personality in tow, is why Oars did it. Anyway, Oars is coming, and even as Hildon warns them, the Zombie Generals are too proud to run away from the red giant. Plus, it was Absalom’s orders to take him down. Oars is about ready to pound them in too. But he stops. He forgot why he was gonna to attack, with his only mission to make it to Moria. As for Luffy, he’s tired from fighting Doppelman, and Moria is bored with him. Moria himself isn’t doing anything, but as explained again to Luffy, he’s gonna be King of the Pirates by having his minions do the grunt work. Doppelman body slams Luffy, only for Luffy to use the hole to dodge and Gum-Gum Rocket away, but the shadow dude gets him before he can fly off. It’s not looking good, especially since Oars is almost to Moria.

This episode delivered and then some with the Zoro/Ryuma fight. Sure, it should’ve been at least a bit more than half the episode only showcasing the fight. But then again, maybe it’s perfect this way since some fights that go on too long in shonen shows, One Piece included, just take up too much and ruin the feel of the fight going on for 1-3, sometimes more than 5 episodes. So I say a good half of two great swordsmen battling it out, giving all they got, was worth it. Plus, it lasted in the realm of being 5 minutes, and actually feeling like it too. Another show should take note of this. (I think you know which show I’m referring to, since it doesn’t need to be said again.) Overall, this was a great fight, and not only did Brook get his shadow back, Zoro has a new sword that will be sticking around for the rest of this series. Unless Oda decides to break the sword in a future arc. As for the other half of this episode, it was merely meh. But hey, that’s what he get when you have an epic fight go down. 4.5 Badass Warriors Going All Out/5. 

Now before I go, there is a scheduling shift that involves Cartoon Network taking the 8-9 PM slots, and Adult Swim starting again at 9 PM for the time being. Cause of this, Toonami is starting up again at Midnight next week, and this means One Piece is back to 2:30 AM. It sucks, since I liked this at 2 AM. But hey, it might go back again soon to 11:30, so One Piece will move back up. Or maybe we see it switch spots with another show? Who knows, it’s just me wishing the latter would happen, but it more than likely won’t.


One Piece can be seen starting next week at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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