Naruto Shippuden Episode 129 Recap: “Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain”

Original Airdate: 10/8/2009

Toonami Airdate: 10/1/2016

The last two weeks saw a look back at Jiraiya’s past and how things set up to the present day of the ninja world. Now, we are at the start of the Pain vs. Jiraiya arc. This short arc, along with the next one, are gonna basically set up what’s down the road.

In the Hidden Rain village, we see a toad in the water. And from the toad’s mouth, out pops Jiraiya. He has infiltrated the Hidden Rain, but it just seemed too easy. Know what was also easy? Questioning how he popped out of a tiny toads’ mouth.

As we scurt on by anime logic, Jiraiya’s infiltration didn’t go unnoticed. Pain himself can feel that someone very powerful has entered the village, cause he can feel it through the rain. Now in the village, Jiraiya arrives at an old woman’s restaurant to get info and pork buns. She has never seen him around, and he tells her that he is a traveling writer who writes about cuisine. She tells of how peaceful it is in the Hidden Rain now, all cause of Lord Pain. They’re grateful he has stopped the wars going around. Jiraiya wants to know what happened to Hanzo of the Salamander, but the old woman can’t answer that. As he goes on, he sees a weird figure. This figure is of “Lady Angel”. It’s said to bring good fortune to anyone. He can see that the place is not divided by two leaders and not being led by Hanzo like before, so he needs more answers. So those answers will be found at … a shady bar. He’s still a perv, through and through.

As he gets served by a busty waitress who reminds him of a certain blonde woman in the Leaf (mostly in 2 places) she wonders where he came from. Jiraiya says Hanzo hired him, but the woman immediattely tells him to not say Hanzo’s name. Whoever knows Hanzo will be killed by the Leader. He doesn’t take this stuff lightly, and she also got this info from her husband. Yeah, she’s married. You ain’t getting any tonight, Jiraiya.

“Sure, you may be married. But want me to show you how to come out of a toad’s mouth? It might be your fetish.”

Anyway, she says that Lord Pain also controls the weather, and that the village is under his watch. So watch what ya say. Later on, she gets a note from her husband, saying he’ll be home with a present soon. She throws it away, but Jiraiya was hiding under a transformation jutsu, and gets said note. As for Pain, he tells Konan to get rid of the intruder as soon as he stops the rain.

We meet up with two random guys who want to go to a bar in this heavy rain. One of them is the bar waitress’s husband, and he wants to drink before he gets home. They arrive at a weird bar and enter. As they order from the bartender, who isn’t at all Jiraiya in a bad mustache, they wonder if it’s Sunday, since Pain lets up the rain then. They wonder if he went to another nation and kinda complain about this, but can’t really since Pain gives alot back to the citizens. They do complain about their order not being served, but Jiraiya does have something for them. A “Club Frog Torture Special.” The husband tells his buddy to run, but it’s too late. The bar is now a toad, and they are captured. Pain does stops the rain, and Konan starts to turn into flying origami butterflies.


Jiraiya can see the two are underlings, loyal to Pain. Since they’re now in the Toad’s stomach, no one can find them. He takes out a feather, and uses it on the husband’s buddy, and starts to tickle him. I can’t make this up. This is really his way of getting info. The dude really is ticklish, but won’t spill the beans. So Jiraiya will use one more trick: He will turn them both into frogs. Which also leads to a very crappy joke.


The two are resilient, and won’t betray their comrades. So Jiraiya has no choice. He uses Ninja Art: Toad Transformation on the buddy, and ta-da! He’s a toad. This immediately causes the husband to snitch. Jiraiya wants everything. The husband says Lord Pain is a mystery. Some say he’s a Fuma clan person. While others think he doesn’t even exist. Lord Pain is a God to them, while all the orders from him go through Lady Angel. Jiraiya also wants to know about the holdovers from the old Hidden Rain. Those people actually tried to infiltrate the land, like Jiraiya did. However, they were all taken out, making Jiraiya one of the lucky few to enter the Hidden Rain. As for the Civil War rumor that was spread? That was it, a rumor. The war ended awhile ago, as Pain conquered the Hidden Rain village. Hanzo was the leader at one point, and was very powerful. But also very paranoid. He kept bodyguards everywhere, and did body searches on everyone, even kids. That still didn’t stop Pain from beating him, even if they don’t know Pain’s real power.

A flashback to the last episode of when Hanzo anointed Jiraiya and co. the “Legendary Sannin” makes Jiraiya question how Pain could beat Hanzo. It’s cause he’s a God, of course. But the real reason to fear Pain is cause he is cold-blooded. Not only did he kill Hanzo, he killed his all his family and everyone related to him, and killed everyone associated with him, like in politics and whatever else. This is what makes Pain “God-like.” This just makes Jiraiya question more why Pain is here in this village, which the husband doesn’t know. He also doesn’t know anything about the Akatsuki, but if he’s lying, the toad stomach he is trap onto can hear his heartbeat. So he needs to spill it. The episode ends with Pain in a weird place with a bunch of tubes. He enters one of them, and another person wakes up. They have the Rinnegan, and Pain tells them to hunt the intruder.

We got a bunch of info on this episode. From Hanzo, to Pain being a God, to the “next Pain up” at the end. Yeah, it was a bunch of infobombs. But here’s the thing. This. Episode. SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! When the first good thing that happened was people questioning how an old dude can come out of a 1 foot tall toads’ mouth, this episode was not good. When seeing Todd Haberkorn’s character get tickled to death, as Patrick Seitz watches out of fear is the 2nd best thing, this episode was not good. When the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure promo that was only 90 seconds long was, more exciting than a 24 minutes of this, then this episode sucked. When I can use this pic from K-On! to tell you how I and others felt watching this.


Again, you know. Last week was good without any action. This week felt like trying to walk in quicksand. Maybe it’s to get us ready for what’s to come. But man, it was a terrible way to begin. To close, I believe most of y’all don’t know (or actually care) that the 350th episode of the Naruto series is next week (220 from the original, 130 from Shippuden) and they had a thing on there that I don’t know if Toonami is gonna show. But I found this looking for pics of the episode (sorry I don’t screenshot it like others) and thought you should enjoy it this week. So have this pic of Bunny Hinata as I end this awful recap. 1 Pervy Sage coming out of a Toad/5.



Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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